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Madison, IN


When doing my research on Card Payment Solutions (CPS), I found some conflicting information. On the one hand, it looked like CPS is a great company, but once I started doing a search for complaints, I found quite a few (see below). But, as I kept digging, I noticed something that I haven’t encountered before. There are actually two different entities, located in two different states with the same name.

The Card Payment Solutions ( that is the focus of this review is headquartered in Madison, Indiana. The other Card Payment Solutions ( is located in Santa Barbara, California.

Interestingly enough, most all of the complaints posted online are for the California based company, which brings up a good point. Had I not read all of those complaints, I wouldn’t have noticed that they were not for the Indiana company, and I probably would’ve given them a bad review. Even worse, if I was a potential prospect, I wouldn’t give them a second thought. I’d move on to another merchant service provider.

With that said, I think the Indiana based company is actually very reputable. They’ve been in business for over a decade, they have a great score on the BBB with only a few complaints, and if you throw away all the negative reviews for the California based company, you’re left with only 1 for the Indiana based company.

I’d definitely like to see them update their testimonials section, and adding a Twitter and Facebook account will give them the opportunity to clear the misunderstanding that they’re obviously not paying much attention to right now.

I’m gonna give CPS (Indiana) a 4 out of 5 for now.

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Parent/Partner Company:
Doesn’t look like Card Payment Solutions is a subsidiary of any other company.

Registered ISO/MSP.

Acquiring Bank(s) (Acquirer):
HSBC Bank.

Payment Processor(s):
Global Payments.

Payment Gateway(s):
Plug’n Pay, Authorize.Net or Global Transport.

Trust Symbols:
The Card Payment Solutions BBB profile has an “A-” rating as of this review, with only 6 complaints in the last 36 months.

Negative Reviews:
So, if you do a search on RipOffReport for “Card Payment Solutions,” you’ll get about 4 complaints. There’s also a thread here on At first blush, It looks like CPS might not be a good company to deal with, but if you read all of the complaints, it looks like there are two companies by the name “Card Payment Solutions.” The one that I’m reviewing is based out of Madison, Indiana (, and the one that most of the complaints are about, is in Santa Barbara, California (

Common Complaints:

Verifiable Testimonials/References:
There are a few verifiable testimonials on the CPS site, but they’re pretty old. I think an update is in order. :)

The CPS online application is secured by Thawte.

Customer Service:
Have you worked with Card Payment Solutions before? Feel free to leave us your review.

Contract Duration:

Cancellation Fee:
The cancellation fee will be calculated by multiplying the fees for the remaining months in your contract.

Interchange-Plus Pricing:
Interchange-plus is offered by CPS, but you do have to be an established merchant that processes no less than 10K per month.

Seasonal Downtime:
Seasonal downtime is also offered by CPS, but your account will be required to be shut down for at least 3-months, and you will not be able to charge any transactions during that time.

Product/Service Offering:
Retail (Credit/Debit), Internet (e-Commerce), Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO), Mobile/Wireless, Check Processing.

Product/Service Specialty:

Don’t forget to leave your review and rating in the comment section. :)

Amad Ebrahimi
Amad has worked in the eCommerce and online marketing world since 2002. He started as an eBay seller, then slowly graduated to building & marketing his own websites and consulting others to do the same. He founded Merchant Maverick out of frustration with all the misinformation and shady tactics that he encountered when trying to find a merchant account for his and his client's businesses. He's the man behind most of the merchant account reviews, and articles posted on Have any questions related to credit card processing? Talk to him.
Amad Ebrahimi
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    Reece Crawford

    Card Payment Solutions from Indiana is now based in a friendlier business state. An office in Florence,South Carolina is in place and we just started processing with First Data North which is the top processor in the USA. From the top down honesty, integrity, and putting the needs of the merchant first is our goal. This company is here to stay and I am fortunate to work as an agent with CPS.

    RatingNot Rated
    Steve Brown

    Not legit. I smell issues. No. Pack your typing skills and keep looking. I entered some information, but only to try it out out. I expect nothing to come of of it.

    RatingNot Rated
    Michael B

    So did you end up taking the opportunity to see if it is worth it?

    RatingNot Rated
    Jane Smith

    Interesting information above, but I’m still confused, are the job offers from this company a scam or not?

    RatingNot Rated

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