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Founded by Ray Sidholm around 1990, Merchant Services Inc. began as a small provider of merchants accounts and POS terminals. It grew steadily over the next twenty years, following the trends of the industry, becoming EVO Merchant Services in 2003, and eventually utilizing a large salesforce of independent office and agents. In 2012, Sidholm stepped down as CEO and took on a chairman role, giving the position to James Kelley, former Chief Operating Office of the processing giant Global Payments. At this time EVO has rebranded itself as EVO Payments International, showing their plans to take on a larger international clientele. Currently, EVO services about 500,000 merchants processing over $50 billion per year.

As EVO expands, their direct-to-customer marketing shrinks. Most of the public information EVO provides involves recruitment of sales agents and sales offices, not gaining direct sales. This sort of thing confounds the review process. Since so many independent offices and agents resell EVO’s products and services, it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate overall assessment. EVO does not seem to make a concerted effort to standardize its offerings across their many sales agents, so sales tactics and fees vary widely. Even the products and services themselves vary.

EVO offers services in the US, Canada and Europe, making the review process even more complicated. I’m yet to see any reviews coming from Europe, but I have noticed a definite negative trend when it comes to Canadian accounts. Looking at the comments on this page alone, you can see a disproportionate number of complaints coming from Canadian merchants. That said, EVO seems to have an average number of complaints overall for a processor of its size.

I can’t recommend that you do business with EVO. While I think that they get the job done as a processor, their salesforce has rubbed enough merchants the wrong way to take them off my list of qualified candidates. Not to mention they have a $295 early termination fee and no reviews listed on their site. They get a generous 3.5 stars for now, reflecting my hope for a brighter future for EVO.

Check out the full review for more information, or take a look at our comparison chart to see the account providers we consider the best of the best.

Products and Services:

EVO tries to do as much in-house as possible, so you’ll find a lot of proprietary products and services in their offerings, which include:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Payment gateway
  • Accelerated funding program: For a fee, EVO can promise you next-day funding. While I think it’s kind of wrong to ask merchants to pay extra for fast processing, it’s also kind of nice to have the option instead of not offering it at all.
  • Billing program: Called EVO eZpay, it offers everything you’d expect from a good quality billing service.
  • Integrated payment platform: Called EVO Snap* (the asterisk is part of the typography, not an indication of a footnote). This software just recently made it out of beta, and is now available for full-fledged use. I haven’t reviewed it in-depth yet, but it looks neat.
  • Check services
  • Gift card/loyalty program

Fees and Rates:

While you won’t find any talk of rates or fees in the advertising on EVO’s main corporate site, you will find an inconspicuous link labeled “Pricing” on their sales agent recruiting site. When I clicked on this link, expected to find some asinine sales gimmick or outrageous pricing model. Well, I was pleasantly surprised.

If you click that link, you’ll see a really nice and understandable description of interchange-plus (cost plus) pricing. If you’ve read much on this site, you know that interchange-plus is our preferred pricing model for almost all businesses. So you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I saw these sentences:

Our pricing structure is a cost plus model. This is our only pricing model.

Uhh, yes please! Don’t you hate it when you’re all nice and primed to dislike someone, but then they go ahead and compliment your new haircut? That’s the feeling I was left with after reviewing their excellent copy on this pricing page. They go on to say that:

When comparing merchant accounts on an interchange plus pricing model, don’t become fixated on the provider’s interchange markup. There are many different ways that providers can make money from merchant accounts. Becoming fixated on the interchange markup can cause you to miss other inflated charges such as monthly fees, transaction fees and cancellation fees.

That’s pretty solid advice, really.

I was able to get in touch with a sales agent (it took some effort on my part, since they clearly don’t get many sales directly through their website), and the rep pitched me an interchange-plus plan that had fair rates and fees. Overall, I found the sale experience impressive. No high-pressure tactics, no gimmicks, just business.

While this is all good news, I’ve heard a wide variety of pricing experiences with EVO, so I’m not ready to give them a major endorsement. It depends entirely on your processing needs and the specific agent or office you get in touch with. I will say, though, that EVO is at least moving in a good direction. If only they could do something about that early termination fee.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

Based on reviews I’ve read and my own sales experience, it seems that early termination fees and contract length vary depending on your agent and your business. There’s little standardization here.

I’ve seen a number of one-year contracts as well as the more standard three-year contracts. Both usually have auto-renewal clauses for one-year periods after the expiration of the initial contact. You will have to put in a request for cancellation about 90 days before your contract expires to avoid the early termination fee.

Cancellation fees seem to start at $295, but I’ve heard various fees from merchants. While I absolutely recommend finding a contract with no early termination fee (we’ve reviewed many processors offering month-to-month contracts), $295 is on the low end of the industry standard.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

Like most merchant account providers who rely on poorly regulated independent agents for the majority of their sales, EVO Payments suffers from a severe lack of sales transparency. Most of the complaints you’ll read about EVO highlight undisclosed contract terms and fees. This is the definition of poor sales transparency. Sure, corporate can always cry ignorance, but that doesn’t fix the problem.

As far as advertising transparency, EVO payments doesn’t really have a whole lot of advertising out there. They don’t advertise rate or fees, and they don’t have any sales gimmicks. So I guess you could say that they have good advertising transparency – but really they just have minimal advertising.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

EVO offers 24/7 customer support (and 24/7 agent support, if you were wondering). That said, I haven’t heard wonderful things about their support. As far as having a point of contact in your sales rep (“account executive”) after signing – well, that will depend on which rep signs you up.

If you’ve had a good experience with EVO’s support, let us know in the comment section at the end of this review. Let us know if you’ve had a bad experience too, of course!

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

EVO has a lot of complaints against them in relation to their size, but not a huge amount. It’s difficult to quantify the exact amount, however, since they’ve changed their corporate name a few times in the past decade and also because they employ so many sub-ISOs, many of which do not operate under the EVO name. I can tell you that they have about 44 complaints listed on Ripoff Reports, and 64 complaints listed on their main BBB profile – although they have several peripheral BBB profiles for sub-ISOs. This is actually a fairly reasonable number.

Of the complaints I’ve read, the follow seem to come up the most:

  • Undisclosed contract terms: This includes a variety of fees (including the early termination fee), their auto-renewal clause, contract length, among other finer details. Unfortunately, we live in a world where you just can believe anything a salesperson tells you. If you let your guard down, you often end up paying for it – literally. On Merchant Maverick, we can point toward honest companies, but at the end of the day the only way to protect yourself is to carefully review your contract or have someone help you with it.
  • Bad leasing agreements: I don’t think there is any such thing as a good lease agreement, but when these already crappy terms go undisclosed – it leads to some very unhappy customers. Check out this article before you decide to lease a terminal from anyone.
  • Difficulty closing an account: This goes beyond the early termination fee and auto-renewal clause. A number of merchants have had their termination requests “lost” by EVO, and many others have closed their account only to continue being charged fees for months after. This is bad news.

I’m also very worried about reviews like this post on RipOffReport from former EVO sales agents claiming systemic use of unethical and illegal practices, including forging signatures.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

I couldn’t locate any positive reviews or official testimonials for EVO Payments International. If you know of any, please leave a comment for me!

Final Verdict:

EVO has a ways to go before I can recommend them. I do like their interchange-plus pricing model, but why don’t they put this kind of information on their main site? EVO needs to standardize its sales practices a little bit. I understand that diversity helps to make sure merchants have options, but they need to actively work to prevent complaints by removing bad agents from their salesforce and making it clear to new agents what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

Maybe their rebranding as EVO Payments International will give them a fresh start to build a new reputation. I really hope they do. I think EVO has good ideas – but their offerings might favor agents over merchants. They need to provide more useful resources and more meaningful marketing directly to their customers. Until I see some substantial changes to the EVO reputation, I can only give them 3.5 stars, and that’s being very generous I think. But I hope to revisit this with good news soon!

In the meantime, definitely check out some of our highest rated processors like CDGcommerce, Flagship or Dharma Merchant Services. You can also take a look at our credit card processor comparison chart!

Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    The Positive: Money gets deposited into your bank account within 48hrs. Thats about it for the positive.

    The Negative: The RUDEST possible customer service in Montreal, QC. Its as if they want you to close your accounts with them. Most CS reps have no clue what they are talking about and the 100% + YOY change in reps just to the frustration in dealing with them. Their contracts are filled with loopholes and traps designed to rip you off. READ contracts very very carefully. Your contract with them renews unless you give them 90 days cancellation notice. they collect $500 if cancelled without notice. Ive been with them for 5 years and they still charged me $500 because i dint give them non renewal notice. spending more than 10 years in the trucking industry ive met alot of rude, careless people, but this company is at the very top of the list. They do not care about their customers, only their paycheques. be very very careful.

    sam kohan

    the worst compony in payment processing : they promise you 1.3 percent you end up paying over 3 percent, you will receive many calls almost on a weekly bases about advertising with them , google adword through 411.ca or even website design for only 99 dollars per month lie after lie and the funny part is you accept it or not still they charge you then you call back asking for refund ,good luck getting it .long story short ,do your self and your compony a big favour just don,t work with them , ps, they are going to hook you up with a leasing compony for your equipments then you are stuck with them for 5 years you can use the new code of conduct to get rid of them but the lease is payable in full .delinquency on the highest level . for more info just send me an email ( info@mypizzahouse.com )

    Hanna Tran

    Please advise people to stay away from EVO. It should stand for EVIL. They are a lousy company to deal with. They rip small business off. All you mention in your bad business practiced is correct with the automatic renewal and termination charge. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write in your blog for people to stay away from them. Very angry and dissatisfied customer of EVO Canada.

    Hanna Tran

    RatingNot Rated
    Fran Grig

    This is an absolutely terrible company. Have been trying to get out from their hold for about two years. have not used it for about two years. they just take money out of my account every month. have called and tried to get it cancelled to no avail. my store is closed and has been for about three months. class action suit against this company would be welcomed.

    Sanchez Powder Coating

    BEWARE they are not TRUTHFUL!!!!….was told not going to be charged to cancel service when new owner took over, not only DID they NOT cancel the service they charged $65.89 for November when it was to cancel October they did reverse that charge but then charged $295.00 to cancel the service.

    RatingNot Rated
    Lisa Teisseyre



    Evo Canada will smile and offer you the best of services and rates….until you sign that contract. Then they drop you like yesterdays trash! There is absolutely NO support after you are locked into the contract, with small print that will scam you out of your rights.
    I attempted to contact the Evo Canada sales team to upgrade my terminal, after customer service could not assist me I left multiple messages on several sales representative voice mails (thinking that they would actually call me back if they thought I was a NEW customer).
    Three weeks passed and I received zero response. I change merchant service providers. After I contacted EVO to request a cancellation I was told someone would call me back.
    I received a call back and the woman I spoke to [Name Removed] was confrontational and rude.
    I explained I was getting better service from my new provider and she said it was only because I was a new client and this would not continue. She continued to argue in an abrasive, confrontation manner (never in all my years in business has anyone ever spoken to me in this fashion). I finally said goodbye because she continued to talk over anything I said. If she is so confident that the service I am going to get from my new provider is going to be equally if not worse than EVO (as she stated) why would she not be more pleasant, on the off chance I would come back as a client! EVO should be ashamed of this woman representing them, I hope her supervisors get a chance to listen to that tape!

    Susan H.

    I would never recommend EVO to anyone. I had nothing but trouble with the machines and the customer support was no help at all. They blamed me for all the trouble with the machines. And cancelling the contract? No way. Then I had to continue to pay the lease on the machine itself. So yes, the undisclosed contract terms you have to watch out for. Nothing good to say about this company.

    RatingNot Rated
    Brad Walker

    I have been scammed by EVO Canada and 411.ca, which operates in a partnership with EVO Canada. Despite never having agreed to anything with EVO, they started withdrawing money directly from our bank account. I don’t even have a record of a relationship with EVO Canada, and have never received any kind of invoice, statement, receipt or anything to show what the charges were for. The charges apparently relate to some crappy 411.ca listing, and EVO directly withdrew $2,552 from our bank account over 2013. I have been trying repeatedly to get some kind of information from EVO to substantiate the charges, but all I could get was a post-facto invoice with incomplete information, incorrect amounts, and a fudged GST number. I have yet to be able to confirm the GST number provided is in fact valid.

    I would stay as far away from EVO Canada as possible.

    They continually promise to provide information, and continue to lie. People in the call center called me a liar when I said I was part owner, and I have been told that supervisors no longer want to talk to me.

    RatingNot Rated

    I would advise you to first go to your bank and demand a reversal withdrawal from your bank due to unauthorized withdrawal. Ask for a stop payment where you will only receive deposit only ( no withdrawal). Once you receive your money, close the account and open up a new once so they don’t take your money again

    RatingNot Rated
    ron archer

    the worst of the worst! do not go by anything told to you verbally as it is all lies. they do not make deposits into you account next day. you must close out your machine by 6pm est daily,,it you don’t it could be up to 3 three days to see your money deposited into your account. they take money out of your account before they provide any type of statement. when you call customer service to question these practices [Name Removed] will laugh in your face. this company needs to be officially investigated for their questionable practices.

    RatingNot Rated
    Cathleen Coleman

    Evo claimed that they would save us a lot of money. On the fist statement, they were actually higher than our previous company. They added on an interest charge for not taking the fees on a daily basis. They did agree to take that off, but when I decided to change back to my previous company, they gave me a fax number that didn’t work (I faxed the cancellation sheet 10 times, called several times to make sure I had the correct number and then finally called to get an e-mail address. I asked for confirmation of receipt which they never supplied. The agreement on the equipment is also a rip off. They never supplied instructions on where or how to return to them. You only have 10 days from cancellation to get it back to them or they automatically charge your account.

    Cecelia Wilkerson

    This company contact is one to stay away from. They cover every loophole so getting out of your contact even when it’s fulfilled GOOD LUCK! I just did what they asked and was told because of how I worded it they took it as early cancelation and charged me 395.00 on top of 30.00 a month for four months i didn’t use they’re services. . It might be a free machine and supplies to start with but trust me its not.. Then try talking to the employees of this company, you get offered no help. . This company is crooked as the day is long. STAY AWAY! BEWARE! It’s a reoccurring bad dream..

    RatingNot Rated
    Scott Rose

    Thanks for the information, unfortunately too late for my bad experience with EVO Merchant Services. I would never recommend them to anyone. I never had a contract and am unable to get them to stop charging even though I’ve never used their bank card services. They used the information on my application to begin the charging process. Cancelation requests using their form remain unanswered. They even added a second account and are billing my business each month for both. The ACH rules require me to catch the charges within 48 hours of submission so I’m 2 months into this and hope to stop the pain this week. They are into me for $267.80 so far with no usage due to the end of year processing and minimum transaction fees…

    RatingNot Rated

    I currently use Evo Canada with my ecommerce store which I’m in the throes of selling so need to cancel. I will update as I go through that process///not expecting it to be easy or fast. Some important notes –

    -Evo’s cancellation fee is now $500. Please update as I think potential customers would want to know

    -Evo’s customer support is horrendous. Here’s the problem – Evo uses Global Payments – however if there’s ever a problem with your money being released from Global. Global won’t talk to you because you’re not a customer of there’s and Evo can’t answer your question because “the problem is with Global”.

    Evo is just the worst kind of company, especially to be dealing with small business owners who are hustling everyday to make ends meet.

    If you’re reading this and about to sign on the dotted line with Evo. Stop. Keep looking – there’s better options out there.

    Jessica Miljour

    We have been with them since Sept 2012 and have had nothing but problems. Machines not working and still being charged. Our monthly fees are 50$ but between Dec 2013 and Jan 2 2014 we have been charged 316 in fees!!

    Were you able to cancel your contract for $500? We were tricked by our agent into signing the 3yrs Evo/global payment/ contract but then also tricked into signing a 5YEAR contract for the rental of our two machines from First data merchant solutions (she said this was a three year contract). Any help would be appreciated. We want to cancel our contract but are really afraid since they have told us they will charge us the full rental and fees for the next 5 years!


    RatingNot Rated
    Barb Duncan

    We used an EVO machine at a merchant in Canada. The transaction went through twice but said failed retry. The money came out of our account twice. Now EVO refuses to give back the money to the merchant or ourselves. Don’t use these debit machines. These people are thieves.

    RatingNot Rated
    Mike s

    It seems like I’m reading a hunch of complaints on the fact that people don’t read, or don’t comprehend what there reading. In my opinion if you don’t like a contract don’t sign it, and if you sign a contract then figure out that in all reality you signed something that isn’t made for your needs, then it’s your own stupidity . You wouldn’t sign a contract for the house next to the one you want then why sign a contrat for a provider you don’t want ??

    Read into the fees and into the contract , and if you don’t understand legal talk then consult a lawyer..

    In my opinion it’s poor choices and poor business skills that makes you think your getting ripped off. Do your research and you would be supprised

    RatingNot Rated

    Hi Mike… I completely understand what you are say… but when a EVO rep comes knocking on your business, making bogus promises and you sign because you believe them. They also took my signed contract and did not leave a copy, I requested a copy and they say they will send me one, which they never did…. this is illegal.


    Scott Givens

    Hey, this is a great website! I’m just in the beginning stages of being courted by these people. One thing that’s interesting is that they will NOT give me pricing before they look at the statements from my current provider. They say it’s because they want to prove we’re legit, but we’ve been a brick-and-mortar store for over 11 years… I’ll keep you posted!

    RatingNot Rated
    Pinnacle Lists

    To correct your post, I was just told by EVO Canada that their cancellation fee is $500!!! I was told that I have a 3 year contract with them!! I will NEVER EVER sign on with a merchant services firm with a contract or cancellation fee!! Please make sure your readers are aware of how scummy a company this is!!!

    Kip Dixon

    Prossesing with EVO was not as promised. You need to abide by you’re contract but they do not need to abide by their contract. Just add a little note in your statement and add another fee every time they feel like it. when you complain there is nothing that can be done. Until you finally switch Processors then they can magically drop these fees and match what you have. In my business I Reward my good Customers not punish them. Then after you switch they will not take their equipment back because it has been over a few days so they bill you. If you call customer service with a complaint some one will have to call you back but never Does. A COMPANY WITH NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

    Kip Dixon (Partner)
    Dixon Mechanical Electric LLC

    Brad Jeffrey's

    2 more points to make! Never lease a terminal that you can purchase for $200-$300 and Check out First Data and the other big processing companies complaints. eVO’s complaints will look very tamed after you read. The other companies complaints!

    RatingNot Rated
    Brad Jeffrey's

    I started working for EVO about a year ago and I have not had any issues with them. My customers are happy and receiving the savings/rates we provided them prior to signing. When there is an issue, it’s resolved immediately. EVO has been great to work with both as a rep and as a customer. One of the bigger complaints here are the minimums charged to a customer. Reps do have the flexibility to lower these if they want but there is also a cost of having credit cards available for your customers. All companies have this fee. Also, EVO is very rigid when it comes to contracts and all your information needs to be correct of them to process an application. We even have the customer sign a W9 form and get a copy of the owners driver’s license so fudging
    a contract will be difficult!

    The stuff I see here against EVO is small compared to our What our competitors do to their clients. If you get a rep who is legit and cares, you will be fine whoever you work with to process cards! eVO is legit folks or I would be working for someone else!

    RatingNot Rated
    David Jollymore

    I am about to start training with EVO Ca. for a position as Regional Executive Rep(Sales).
    Most of what I have read here seems to be incompetent business owners who do not properly due their due diligence at the start. Coupled with quick sell sales people ( which is most of the sales force in all industries) the result are some complaints. When I consider the number of clients EVO has and the small number of complaints (even though it appears lengthy one has to remember the number of clients) I think of Mercedes Benz, who most would think of as a quality auto maker. They often defend in up to $50 Million in law suits annually. The bigger and the more visible you are, the more you will get attacked. With success comes liability. Get used to it.

    RatingNot Rated
    Norita Balloni

    For me this company has been a nightmare. I joined EVO July 13, 2011 and have yet to receive any credits to my account. Numerous calls to the company and the salesman have provided no answers. And customer service says I am getting credits in my account WHICH I AM NOT! I am a small business and need whatever money I can get in so I can pay my vendors. Shall I tell Verizon and Time Warner and NYSEG that I can’t pay them?

    RatingNot Rated
    Don Dubeky

    I have contract with EVO CANADA
    Global Payment Direct, Inc
    I can say: never to choose this Company because:
    – Total lack of respect to customers
    – Any time they arbitrarily charge our account any amount they choose without warning and proof of earning such amount.
    – Different answers to same question
    – Bad management, lack of professionalism.
    Since four months I asked to cancel contract but it is impossible, they never answer.
    For me this company is a nightmare.

    RatingNot Rated

    I used EVO up until about a year ago. I was upset with the fees that they charge and that it would take between 8 – 10 business days to post a credit to my account. I found a less expensive and more timely service to handle my credit accounts. About 8 months ago I called to cancel my account and even though I had been a customer for 4 years, my contract had not yet expired. It was easier to just pay the monthly fees on the account until my contract terminated in January 2011. I stopped receiving paper statements when there was not any activity on the account and I never agreed to receive statements electronically. Quite frankly, I forgot about EVO. That is until January, when a charge for $120.00 appeared on my bank statement. I contacted EVO regarding the charge and was told that it would be handled once they receive a fax to that effect. I prepared the fax, according to what I was told and sent the fax later that day. I didn’t expect a expeditious resolution to the situation and regularly checked my bank accoint for my refund. Instead I found that EVO charged a $21.00 monthly maintenance fee in February. I called again and discovered they did receive my fax but because the fax was not signed it was ignored. I was not contacted regarding the missing signature. After contacting EVO again, I was finally directed to a supervisor, [name removed] After describing the situation, she told me that none of fees I had paid were refundable. I feel that if EVO had continued to provide me with statements even though there was not any activity on the account, I would have realized that I needed to formally cancel the service. To change my statements to online without notice and authorization is a clear act of deception if not fraud. To charge mew for services that they obviously are not going to provide and to reject my termination fax without notification and then to charge my account again I believe clearly reflects the unethical way this company is run.

    RatingNot Rated
    J Phillips

    I’m certain that there are better and worse companys out there, but I agree with the original review – they’re average. I haven’t heard a peep from the sales rep who promised me a long and healthy relationship with proactive management of my account, blah, blah, blah. On the flip side my rates are pretty darned good. For November 2010 I processed $12,272.67 and my total fees/amount debited from my bank account was only $268.85 or slightly less than 2.2%. I am a little confused by the fact that my statement says Merchant Services Inc and the only reference to EVO was a blurb about complying with IRS regulations, but I get my funds within 48 hours and there is never any downtime with the processor. Occasionally, there are some funky things that occur with VOID transactions, but never extra costs for me or my customers.

    Rick Peerenboom

    I believe EVO Canada is a fraudulant Company that everyone should avoid like the plague. The sales rep told me that my rates would be much better than the company I was using to process my transactions and explained to me what my monthly fees would be. I read the contract and agreed to the terms of the contract.The sales rep said that the application would be sent in and upon approval, I could expect my New terminal would arrive 4- 10 days. After a week , I received a call from Evo saying that my application for the terminal lease wasn’t approved due to bad credit (?) that my company had and that they had a different lease company that would approve me.When they faxed out the new lease companies application, it was at a much higher rate than I was quoted by the sales rep and I told them I wasn’t interested at that rate. I told them to cancel the contract application because they couldn’t deliver the services at the rate promised in the contract.They said they would. At the end of the following month my bank account was debited for $190.30. I called them several times and they finally told me that it was done in error and it would be credited back to my account on the next billing cycle. At the next billing cycle they debited my account again for $35.00 with no explaination. Again I called and they claimed it was done in error.Now they are saying the $35 will be credited to my account at the next billing cycle along with the original $190.30. I believe they are stealing from my company and I will be contacting the R.C.M.P. and filing a fraud charge against them if they don’t credit my account as they claim.

    RatingNot Rated
    Rick Peerenboom

    A follow up from this story.After numerous phone calls to EVO ,and a stop payment being placed on my account,I finally received a payment back for the full $225.90 on Feb 25th,2011 from EVO

    RatingNot Rated

    **BEWARE **
    There are plenty of good Merchant Services providers out there. This is not one of them.

    EVO Canada is the Canadian brand this company operates under. EVO is nothing more than a sales front. Global Payments is the back-end service provider, and they refuse to talk to EVO’s customers, even though my account statements have Global Payments’ name at the top.

    My dealings with this campany have been a nightmare, to say the least. A brief summary of my ongoing battle follows:

    – Funds are not being deposited to my account. My first (and only) deposit took over a month to appear. Nothing since.
    – Calls to EVO yeild no results, no answers, no details, no returned calls.
    – Customers are being double-charged, and the funds are not being passed on to me.
    – I’ve been locked out of my virtual terminal, and can’t view details of these charges, nor can I refund the customer, as I do not have access to my account. EVO will not refund the charges for me, as they have now closed my account without explanation.

    At last count, I have placed 35 calls to EVO. While no solution or concete answer has ever resulted, I have been promised a call back at the end of nearly every one of these calls. To date, EVO has called me back three times, but only to say “We’ll call you when we have a solution”. I am frequently told something to the effect of “the person who handles that is not in the office right now”.

    I’ve run out of both options and patience trying to deal with EVO. I am currently seeking resolution through the Better Business Bureau. Perhaps this will at least result in a reply.

    RatingNot Rated
    Ebben M Aley

    I am a regional Sales Manger for EVO Merchant Service, please give me a call and I will see if there is something I can do to help you. 803-744-7995

    RatingNot Rated
    EVO Sales Rep

    I am a sales rep for EVO and I have been for 10 years. While I would not doubt that a rep wouldn’t tell you the whole truth, I find it hard to believe that you would sign a contract not knowing about a monthly minimum.. it is right there on the fee schedule part of the contract. It isn’t some fine print or anything like that (which I have seen on other companies contracts) it is really right there in front of you.
    Like stated above, If you have a bad interaction with one sales office it doesn’t make the whole company bad.. you should know who you are signing with and know enough about processing to know at the very least what these rates mean.
    Interchange rates are posted on Visa/MC’s websites.. matter of fact.. when I go to merchants I take my laptop and show them exactly what we pay for the processing.. there isn’t a more fair way to set up these accounts..
    Moral of this post.. don’t go killing an entire company’s reputation over a bad sales office.. there are hundreds of offices throughout the country, there are bound to be a few bad ones.. there is no way around that.
    Also, don’t get into contracts without knowing what you are signing.. if the rep has a problem allowing you to read the fine print before you sign then you should seek out a different rep.

    RatingNot Rated
    EVO Sales Rep

    One more thing.. Interchange Plus has no minimums.. unless you are a serious low ticket merchant (under $15 per transaction) then make sure you are on Interchange Plus pricing and you don’t have to worry about a monthly minimum.

    RatingNot Rated
    Mike Kyser

    Please contact me by email. I am looking at entering the Merchant Services Industry as a Sales Rep/Account Manager. I have my first phone interview with a local EVO manager scheculed for this week. I would like the perspective from a veteran in the industry. Thanks in advance.

    RatingNot Rated
    Rick Leclerc

    So what kind of response did you get? I too am looking at this company. need some feed back ASAP!


    RatingNot Rated

    I dont care what fees any company is charging, high or low. Do you read what you sign? Even if they had a rep that didnt explain every line to you (which I hardly believe they didnt do their job), why didnt you read what you signed? If I am wrong on this, can EVO please respond to these last 3 complaints. All 3 seem to be irresponsible and unprofessional business owners. All 3 of you type like high schoolers.

    RatingNot Rated
    Merchant Maverick Admin

    I think what Mike is trying to say (in so many words) is that it always pays off to do your due diligence before you sign into any agreement, especially when it comes to such an important, and potentially expensive, business endeavor.

    For the record…

    All 3 of you type like high schoolers.

    This was an unnecessary addition to your comment. I’m trying to keep this place free of flame wars that can boil up due to these kinds of comments, so for future reference, please keep that stuff out. It doesn’t belong on MerchantMaverick.com.

    RatingNot Rated
    Sam Driscoll

    I signed a contract after continued visits by an EVO Rep. which finally agreed to a flat $50 statement fee plus interchange rates. Everything on my contract shows “0”. No other fees agreed on or shown. I did agree on a 15 cent per batch fee and a $5 electronic access fee. I expected to pay standard retail interchange fees as everybody pays and only a $50 statement fee. This was an exciting new twist to having me switch my processor out, never seen or heard of. The twist was on me, I got my first statement that had all these IP fees and minimum charge fees and everything was just wrong. I called my Rep and EVO. The Rep called EVO, and then took a copy of my statement with him. I called EVO again and they said my contract they have doesn’t match the one I signed. Now they are talking BS to me. I fax my contract, than I fax my previous merchant statement showing my low rates I had before I switched. I wanted the $50 flat statement fee as I signed. EVO tried to redo my contract and I said no. They said they can’t honor my signed contract because my salesman was not allowed to do that. Now I asked to cancel and faxed a letter not to be billed a cancel fee. It took awhile for a response and I didn’t sit on this. I mailed a letter and it took another 30 days to wait for the next statement where I was supposed to get credits for all the wrongful fees. I did not get my credit and I got billed again for the exact same fees which made me even madder because I canceled and went back to my old merchant half into the second month. EVO did nothing. No credits issued outrageous fees. It has been 4 months now and still haven’t seen my wrongful charges refunded back to me. I do not recommend EVO at all and I advise anyone thinking of switching merchants to keep your old one as I did until your happy with the new one. I never canceled my old one and I had 2 merchant company machines in my store. I knew that if EVO did not come thru as promised because I been down this path before, I can easily stop using EVO and swipe thru my original processor still plugged in live. Do not get fooled into lowest rates guarantee or calls about promising money if they can’t beat your current rate. This is all fake. They just don’t get back with you if they can’t beat the rate.

    RatingNot Rated
    Mark Scrivani

    The above story from North Carolina is almost exactly as it happened here in Kissimmee Florida, with a salesman, [name removed], making fantastic claims about cost savings rates, that when billed, were anything BUT “saving”. For one month, I had only a $ 100 charge, and when I received my statement after Evo took out all their “reduced” fees and charges, the disocunt rate ended up being 35%! Three months of incorrect billing and non-contracted rates, calls to salesman, home base promising to take care of the problems, prompted me to cancel my account for Breach of Contract on their part. They then had the gall to charge my bank account $ 417 for the cancellation. Not only was that fraudulant charges, but a felony. Do NOT do business with this merchant servicing company. Nothing but problems and incorrect billing issues from day one. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to get a resolution on this and hopefully keep others from becoming a victim.

    RatingNot Rated

    TO Mark Scrivani

    With 99% of credit card processors, there is a monthly minimum around $25. That means, the total processing fee have to be greater than $25. Looks like your credit card volume for the ENTIRE month was only $100. With most credit card processor, there is a monthly minimum around $25. The 35% is probably the $25 minimum surcharge & $10 monthly statement fee. The only problem I see here, is you’re not meeting the monthly minimum. The sales rep should’ve warned you about the monthly minimum when analyzing your credit sales volume.

    RatingNot Rated
    Tommy Truong

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EVO. They should be called EVIL Merchant Services. They are a major rip off. I own a small smoothie / frozen yogurt shop called naked Swirl in Raleigh NC. I was with First Data and switched over to Evo.

    naked Swirl batched a total of $262.71 on dates Feb 1 – 4, 2010 with Evo, and the TOTAL charges was $33.32 which calculates to be a staggering 12.68% rate. Of course, we’ve closed our bank account so that Evo could no longer bilk us any further.

    In comparison, naked Swirl batched a total of $925.20 on dates Feb 5 – 28, 2010, and the TOTAL charges was $36.44 which calculates to be 3.93% rate.

    The sales person said Evo could cut our costs anywhere from 35% to 60%. The truth was that our cost doubled…even quadrupled depending on how much we batched in a month.

    After the sale, the salesperson [name removed] repeatedly dodged my phone calls. The only person who kept badgering me was her regional sales manager, [name removed]. He was like a used car salesperson. Every fact that I presented to him, he would counter with something else with a spin that Evo offered better services than my current processor First Data. First Data’s rates were fair, but not great. Evo’s rates were lower than First Data by haft a percentage, but what drove my costs up were the hidden fees never mentioned to me when I sign a 3 year contract. The hidden fees where a $20 minimum charge and the MC/Visa interchange charges. The $20 minimum charge would add up to be $240 / year — that’s ridiculous.

    When I called to cancel, [name removed] was quick to threaten me that if I didn’t pay the $395 fee, my account would be turned over to a collections agency. I said bring it on. I even told him that naked Swirl would be happy to resolve the whole ordeal in court.

    The bottom line is that they created so much headache than savings for naked Swirl. If any of their sales rep walks through your business doors, just send them right out the door. Don’t waste your time. Otherwise, you will waste more time fighting and bickering with them down the road. Their salesperson will provide to you a very general quote on how their rates can be better than your current provider. This is the first indication that you are dealing with a sham company. The quote will not be detailed….it will be VERY generic….just basic rates, but what I will make their money is on the hidden charges….monthly minimums and charge back fees. They will nickle and dime you to death.

    RatingNot Rated

    To Tommy Truong from Naked Swirl,

    Your processing charges was always over $25 with First Data so the monthly minimum surcharge never kicked in. After Evo lowered your rate, the processing charges was less than $25 and the monthly minimum surcharge applied.

    With 99% of credit card processors, there is a monthly minimum around $25. That means, the total processing fee have to be greater than $25. Looks like your credit card volume for Feb 2010 was only $925.20 for the entire month. $925.20 divided by 23 days in Feb=$40.22. So you’re only doing an avg of $40 in credit card sale a day. With most credit card processor, there is a monthly minimum around $25. The only problem I see here, is you’re not meeting the monthly minimum.

    If you have Naked Swirl shops in all 50 states, and a customer post a negative review online pertaining to your New York store & to never buy anything from Naked Swirl, would that be fair to you? It’s possible the employee was not properly trained, right?. The sales rep should’ve warned you about the monthly minimum when analyzing your credit sales volume.

    If you had a bad experience with a doctor at a hospital, it doesn’t mean ALL the doctor working in that hospital are bad.

    RatingNot Rated
    louise donkers

    I am having nightmare since i went with evo Canada or moca what ever they name there self over a month ago and they tell me i can’t cancel my contract. I think i may lose money but they will lose another unsatisfied customer. I should remain with moneris who at least deposit the money in my account those guys are holding my customers payments.

    RatingNot Rated
    Elisabeth Sliney

    THe complaint in this listing are not currently valid. EVO has multiple on-site security features, including VeriSign. They are fully PCI DSS compliant. They have multiply disavowed the INDEPENDET offices listed in the above complaints, and none of the people involved are associated with the company in any way.

    It is interesting that the most serious complaint listed above is 19 years old, within weeks of the gonvernmental de-regulation of the credit industry. As one of the very first independent acquirers, of course they have the longest track record, the most former associates, and the most potential for early mistakes.

    If 1% of all of EVO’s 200,000 current merchant clients were unhappy, that would still leave 2,000 unhappy merchants. Do the rest of your homework, gentlemen. EVO is not perfect, but is rated A or higher by the BBB in 35 states. They have the lowest merchant attrition in the country. And they are not affiliated with any bank involved in a bailout.

    No, I don’t work for EVO. I do work in the industry, and have for 7 years. If they were hiring in my area, I’d be on it like white on rice. When I go to a merchant and try to get their business, if they are with EVO, they never change. These guys must be doing something right.

    RatingNot Rated
    The Merchant Maverick


    Thank you!! This is what I was waiting for. Someone with constructive criticism about my reviews. See, if I review a company poorly, and then that company fixes some of their issues, I get to increase their score, praise them, etc…, etc…

    However, although you’ve put up a valiant effort, I still don’t see much that would change the EVO score. Which complaint is 19 years old? From the dates shown on ROR, they look newer to me. Also, did you read this part?:

    I usually take the rants of former employees with a grain of salt, and this one isn’t the exception, but it’s still a bit of info that all merchant’s should be aware of. The possibility of it being true is all that matters, so keep your guard up if you plan on dealing with them.

    That’s why EVO received a 3, because if I were to take that complaint about them as 100% accurate, then EVO would’ve received a ZERO. Not a 3…a ZERO.

    Clean up the 9 different BBB company listings, so I know which one has the “A” rating…as you claim. I chose the listing in New York, because from what I’ve read, that is where EVO is headquartered.

    As for the on-site security; You’re right about that one…congrats! :) It would be nice for it to be displayed more prominently on the application page (that’s where it matters most), but you’re right nonetheless. That’ll bump you up an extra .5.

    For someone who doesn’t work for the company, you added quite a bit of zeal behind that little rant. In my book, a 3 out of 5 is average, aka not below-average…that’s not too bad. So, even though you “don’t” work for EVO, can you relay a message for me? Tell them to plaster their whole site with tons of tesimonials, so they can prove me even more wrong.

    Have a great day.

    RatingNot Rated
    Davidson, Ursula

    I have been with EVO, they don live up to what they promise. Like they would match any offer and lower the offer. When you submitt the Offer from a another Competitor they don’t reply. When I received no reply I cancelled and what slapped with twice $ 395.00 early cancellation Fee, which wasn’t disclosed by the sales Person by the Name [Name Removed] or his Assistant [Name Removed]. Both most be no longer with EVO. Please beware of EVO, special if you are a small merchant like me, it can cause a financial hardship. Let me assure you Evo doesn’t care, if people have to fold because of them. There should be National Warning out, against CreditCard Processor like this

    louise donkers

    i am very unhappy with evo or moca what ever name they are using

    RatingNot Rated

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