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As we revisit North American Bancard in 2015, it appears that some things haven’t changed. North American Bancard’s web presence is still a mess! The most useful information is contained on an outdated primary website, and while the secondary site looks great, it has next to no information available. The generally inconsistent advertising will have your head spinning if you try to approach them online. Last year, it looked like North American Bancard was in transition. Now it feels like that has fizzled out. Finding any information still requires going out of one’s way.

With a track record reaching back to 1992, Marc Gardner’s North American Bancard (NAB) has deep roots in the industry and continues to grow each year. It works under Global Payments Inc., serving 250,000 merchants (according to the secondary website, and processing about $24 billion annually — which suggests something is working as it should, at least.

Last time, we mentioned PayAnywhere, which is North American Bancard’s new mobile processing service. We recently reviewed that POS at 3.5 stars, citing customer service issues and overall average capabilities (check out the full review). NAB seems to be trying to keep its main merchant services separate from PayAnywhere, since it doesn’t use any cross advertising. In fact, it has a separate mobile card reader through the primary NAB site, called “Phone Swipe.” (Great name, right?)

Also worth mentioning is NAB’s acquisition of Electronic Payment Exchange, a credit card payment processor, which it claims will help NAB expand its business and improve security.

For the sake of this review, we’re going to look primarily at whether it’s followed through on the changes we saw in our last reviews. NAB has corrected some big problems with its sales tactics, and you can now expect no termination fees, no annual fees and no setup costs. This addresses many of the complaints the company has received. In many instances you can expect no monthly minimum for low-volume merchants, as well. Their in-house customer service is a nice touch, too.

Unfortunately, NAB still seems to suffer from all of the standard problems a big processor faces when it employs many independent sales organizations and agents to resell their products. Overall, you’ll find many complaints about failure to disclose fees and contract terms. My advice here is to contact the corporate office directly if you want to get the fairest deal possible from this company, and then carefully review your contract.

My major complaints are as follows:

  • Inconsistencies with advertising and sales experience, even at the corporate level.
  • Unresponsive sales office, depending on what email address or phone number you use.
  • Overall confusing marketing approach.

NAB is still moving in the right direction, but seriously needs to tie up some loose ends. It still feels like a brand with too many different faces, and poor marketing to boot. The company needs more transparency and more consistency. Because we haven’t seen the changes that are so desperately needed, and because of the seriousness of the many complaints in our comments section over the last year, we are lowering North American Bancard’s rating to 3 stars. Until NAB can bring better consistency to its service, its rating won’t be getting any better.

Feel free to check out the full review below, or take a look at our highest rated processors.

Products and Services:

NAB offers pretty standard fare when it comes to products and services, delivering all the features you’d expect from a big processor. There’s no proprietary POS, however, aside from the mobile system, but offerings include:

  • Third-party payment gateways/virtual terminals: Provided through Authorize.Net.
  • Terminal leases and sales: NAB claims to offer “free” terminals. Nothing is free, of course, and especially not in this industry. For the best no-nonsense terminal experience, you’re probably better off buying your own. Check out our article on terminal leasing to learn why to avoid it. Also, just like any product, make sure to shop around before you buy.
  • Mobile services: NAB has a mobile card reader and app called “Phone Swipe” that connects to your iPhone, iPad or Android device to your merchant account for processing on the go. (Not to be confused with PayAnywhere mobile processing.)
  • Cash advances up to $500K: Usually not a good idea, but might work out for some merchants. Basically, you get a loan and have to pay it back through the money you make from credit card payments.

Other Services:

  • ATM services
  • Fleet card acceptance
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift card acceptance

Fees and Rates:

Absolutely no fees, rates, dollar figures, percentage points, or any other concrete data exists on the primary North American Bancard site. This is disappointing, because the industry seems to be moving toward the disclosure of some flat-rate options and basic fees. On the other hand, NAB still seems behind the times when it comes to direct-to-consumer marketing. As far as setting up big businesses with processing, the merchants really couldn’t care less about a processor’s website. They just want to negotiate a deal and get the service promised. Selling to the average Joe (or Josephine) takes a little more finesse and flair — two things the NAB site definitely doesn’t have.

On the other hand, the new site located at does disclose some fees and rates, namely:

  • 0.29% rate (presumably in an interchange-plus setting; it claims to be the lowest rate anywhere)
  • No cancellation fees
  • No startup costs
  • No “hidden fees”

I like the sound of that!

However, the 0.29% rate is the lowest possible rate, not a guaranteed one. Any business with low prices makes up the difference in volume — that’s basic economics. To get that whopping low rate, you’re probably going to have to do a lot of business… I think it’s more likely you’ll wind up with higher rates.

To find the best deal for your unique circumstances, you’ll have to ask around. If you need help, feel free to give us a call.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fee:

With the standard NAB contract, you’ll find similar contract features to what I consider the industry standard:

  • Three-year agreement.
  • $295 minimum for early termination fees (could be much more).
  • Auto-renewal of contract for one-year increments if you don’t provide 90 days’ notice of intent to cancel in writing.

They will let you out of the contract if you provide written notice within 45 days of signing and return all equipment, a feature they don’t seem to advertise but that is actually better than most will give.

NAB will let you out of the contract if you provide written notice within 45 days of signing and return all equipment, a feature it doesn’t seem to advertise but that is actually better than most will give.

Wait a second. Doesn’t that contradict all the information we just covered in the Fees and Rates section above? Well, yes. Yes it does. But it’s true. You can even check out their standard contract here. Given this, I urge you to be sure that a signed waiver of the termination fee is attached to your contract before signing with NAB or anyone else. Almost 100% of standard contracts have a termination fee. If there is no signed waiver, there’s likely a fee for leaving.

Sales and Advertising Transparency:

I don’t care for the sales or advertising style offered by NAB’s primary site. I found it difficult to communicate with them as a prospective customer, and found the information provided on their website lacking important details and overall transparency. Their new site is a little better, but not perfect. Kudos for including actual information about contracts and terms, but there’s no knowledge center. There’s no search bar. There’s nothing of any value, content-wise.

Sales Department:

My first qualm with the sales efforts at NAB is that I had a hard time getting a sales rep on the phone through their primary website. When you call their main number (1-800-BANCARD), you’ll find the automated system has no option to speak with a sales rep. But if you want to become an independent sales agent, you can be forwarded to that department. (When a company treats its prospective ISAs better than prospective merchants, it’s not a good sign.) If you hit zero to get to reception, you’ll be told that the best way to deal with the sales department is to fill out their online form. NAB doesn’t offer any chat-based sales support. It’s almost like the company doesn’t really need your business…

If you call through their new site, however, you get much quicker service. Originally, we mentioned that finding the secondary site was a challenge. This time, a Google search of “North American Bancard” turned up both sites in the top search results spots.

Advertising Gimmicks:

If you’ve read a few of my reviews, you know that I dislike sales gimmicks. So when I heard that NAB would give you $500 if you can beat their rates, I just rolled my eyes. This is not an original ploy. For instance, Velocity Merchant Services says  it will give you $1,000 if you can find better rates. It’s just not possible that all of these companies have the best rates in the industry.

The truth is that NAB will not give you $500 (and neither will VMS). It’s serving 250,000 merchants, and giving out $500 to even a small percentage of them would make for a large expenditure. This claim is supposed to instill confidence, but it just makes me wonder what loopholes have been set up to avoid giving out any money (especially considering that their rates aren’t great).

If you visit this page (please let me know if this link stops working), you’ll see a special promotion not listed on the NAB site. I found this link through a Google Ad. This offer includes a “free” tablet to process on, as well as $5,000 of “free” processing during your first month. (Notice my use of quotation marks.) It also promises 1.69% flat-rate swipe processing.

Online Sales Materials:

On the primary North American Bancard website you’ll find large blocks of text in a small, gray font that is guaranteed to make your eyes ache. Some useful information is mixed in, but overall it is very bland and not very well thought out. The blog posts are incredibly short and very general, or put in another way: not helpful. They look like they might have been outsourced to someone with only minimal knowledge on the topic. Some of the online resources were possibly meant to have links to additional resources, but there are no links present.

Something also interesting to note is found on the ISA website: Cancellation fee reimbursement. In fact, the exact wording is “Free new merchants from their existing contracts with cancellation fee reimbursement.” Yet this isn’t mentioned anywhere else. It feels very gimmicky — a sales tactic to rope in unsuspecting customers.

The YouTube videos are borderline embarrassing, with acting and graphics you’d expect to see in a cheap sales commercial from 10 years ago. (Worth noting: The videos are 4-5 years old at this point, too.) No truly useful information appears in the videos, but they’re good for a laugh. Half of them are directed at prospective sales reps anyway.

The new site looks much more contemporary, but it doesn’t have any information of value. Check it out to compare it to the old site.

Social Media: 

NAB does have both a Facebook page and a Twitter account, with a paltry 746 likes and 1,540 followers, respectively. There’s no engagement on the Twitter account, and hardly any on the Facebook page. For a company that claims to service 250,000 merchants, NAB doesn’t seem to really grasp…well, any sort of marketing technique of the 21st century. Oh, and the Twitter description? “We are currently hiring.” That’s not a consumer-facing business.

Customer Service and Technical Support:

North American Bancard offers a 24/7/365 in-house help desk at no additional charge, which I like to see. I didn’t find this company very responsive in my own experience, however. Other reviewers have also mentioned problems with customer service.

Have you worked with North American Bancard? Feel free to leave us your review. Don’t forget to read the user review and comment policy. We’d love to hear from you!

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

NAB serves about 250,000 merchants, so you’d expect to see quite a few complaints. There are a few recent complaints on ComplaintsBoard, but most are several years old now. The company has 1.5 stars on Yelp (there’s a second page that comes up for a Harbor City office of North American Bancard that has 3 stars on 5 reviews), 63 complaints on Ripoff Report (up from 51 last year), and 344 complaints through the BBB in the past three years (down from 426). It’s worth noting that NAB is accredited and has an A+ rating with the BBB. Still, I think this is a lot of bad press, even for a big processor. Sure, it makes the effort to resolve complaints, but why not do something about eliminating the most common causes of complaints?

Common complaints include:

  • Undisclosed 3-year contract with cancellation fee: This is probably the biggest issue that merchants are having with NAB, and I’ll tell you why. North American Bancard relies on a large pool of outside sales reps that push their products. Some of those reps are going to be ethical, and others are going to be bad seeds that feel it’s solely YOUR responsibility to review your contract. Many sales reps feel totally justified in whatever they do since they have a legally binding document with your signature on it, even though they essentially tricked you into signing it. Make sure you get everything in writing. If you call the corporate offices, all of your phone calls are recorded. So for the sake of keeping all parties honest, I’d recommend you call them directly.
  • Undisclosed PCI compliance fee: PCI compliance is a relatively new thing to merchants. They don’t understand it just yet, so you can imagine how surprised some merchants were when NAB added a PCI compliance fee of $79 to their list of already existing fees. It’s not an outrageous fee, though, as long as it is disclosed to you. The sales rep I spoke to did disclose it without any coaxing, so that’s a plus. Spend some time on the PCI Security Standards Council website to see what level of security you’re responsible for. You may not need to pay that $79 per year after all.
  • Automatic sign up with MyBizPerks: This is basically a Merchant Club program. It includes a terminal warranty, “free” terminal supplies, some additional discounts and various other perks. It might actually be a good service for you. The problem is, NAB automatically signs you up for a 60-day free trial, and then automatically charge you $10 per month thereafter. The only notice you are given is in your merchant statement (did I mention that you should always read your statements?). A number of merchants are pretty upset about this, considering they paid for the service for many months before realizing it. You can avoid this by carefully reviewing your statements.

Noticing a trend here? Let’s add to that the fact that 163 of the BBB complaints are related to billing and there’s definitely a pattern.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

You’ll find a handful of confirmable testimonials on NAB’s Success Stories page. For a company of this size, I’m not really impressed by their handful of paragraph-long testimonials. Other big processors have video testimonials and comprehensive case studies to show me their customers really are satisfied. I did like that NAB discloses full names, business names, and city/state information for their reviews.

Other than the testimonials on the company’s site, you’ll have a hard time locating more than a few positive reviews on the web. NAB does seem committed to addressing complaints, though, since their BBB complaints were resolved, mostly to the satisfaction of the customer.

Final Verdict:

At the end of the day, North American Bancard’s services leave me conflicted. I feel like it could give you good rates and good service. I even feel like NAB is trying to give you good rates and good service. I’m just not sure it’s happening in practice. NAB need more consistency and more transparency. I think it’s great that the company dropped their early termination fee and started disclosing some rates, even if they’re not 100% accurate.

It seems like North American Bancard has noticed the trends in payments processing services — and marketing — and tried to bring that to NAB. Unfortunately, it also seems that the company’s abilities to follow through on an idea or execute it properly are just lacking. For one, there’s the lack of integration between NAB and PayAnywhere (I still don’t understand why there’s a separate mobile solution). Then there’s the lack of a flat rate, the communication issues, the lack of a good knowledge base, the poorly done blog… If NAB can get it together, that would go a long way toward making this processor a contemporary contender in the direct-to-customer merchant account game.

We are currently seeing a lot of complaints from users that contradict North American Bancard’s marketing. We gave the company a shot to prove that it could live up to its promises, and it seems like NAB can’t do it consistently enough. Because of that, we had to lower its rating to 3 stars. Until NAB’s services match its marketing, that rating will not increase.

In the mean time, please check some of our favorite processors to get a merchant account with interchange-plus pricing and no early termination fees from an honest sales staff. Use NAB at your own risk.

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      Closed “no early termination” account 10/15 after 2 years (opened 1/13), and was charged a $385 early termination fee, as well as MBF Leasing has taken an extra couple months of leasing fees of $28.50 for equipment they acknowledge as retuned. Hours of calls to get to a live person.


      Beware of North American Bancard, Global Payments and Wholesale Processing club. I called to cancel my account on Aug 25. I was told I had to return the terminal and a termination statement by mail. The terminal belonged to the company I worked at. I had no responsibility with it. Needless to say I returned both to avoid the fee they threatened me with. I also put a stop payment on Global so they couldn’t take a malicious fee out of my account. The other people I work with have continued to have fees taken from their account months after a count closure. I hadn’t because of the stop payment up until they took a fee out under a unknown to me company name Bancard. Up until this point I have never heard of Bancard. When I called Bancard about the fee I spoke with Mr.Hall. He admitted that they went under a different company name to withdraw money from my account. He said I owed them more money but would not tell me how much or send a statement. He was disrespectful and rude. Now. They should have received my letter to terminate by September 10th. They have up to 30 days to close the account. I haven’t used their service since July 12th. In August they charged me. September should have been the last charge if they continue to charge without the use of the account. This man told me I still owe money. They took 72.99 from my account for September. They received my cancellation by September 10th. I would like to know why and how much money I supposedly owe them but I don’t because the man I spoke with would not cooperate with me and wanted to yell at me. If anyone is planning on filing a lawsuit against this company please include me and email me at

      RatingNot Rated
      Paul Davidson

      Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a Cancellation form?

      RatingNot Rated

      I am thankful that I found this article and comments prior to signing with NAB. I will most likely be keeping our current Merchant Service provider but I do have a question — NAB sells credit card terminals outright, are there any negative transactions in regards to simply just purchasing a terminal from their company? It would save our company about $300 compared to what our provider is charging. Thank you so much for any feedback!

      RatingNot Rated
      Katie Sheridan

      Be weary of this company. Without notification and without receiving equipment from this company – somehow they got my bank account information and withdrew $499.75 without my permission. It took several days to track down who was withdrawing monies. After submitting a forgery affidavit with the bank officer notarizing it stating I did NOT open nor authorize them to steal my money. Even after proving it was not me, I have yet to receive my money back. Truly amazing how a bank can commit LARCENY and not think much about it. Now today, I had to complete another form requesting them to stop stealing my money and they would put in the request. They best not try and withdraw any more of my money.

      RatingNot Rated
      Katie Sheridan

      UPDATE: Be VERY careful with this company, North American Bancard- somehow this company received my banking information and without my permission STOLE $499.75 from me. Today they called and stated no worries they will no longer charged me nor make me pay a cancellation fee nor charge me for their equipment they said they mailed of which I never received. All in all their Risk Management Department stated since they had my banking information (even without my SSN nor my legal name) they have a right to keep my money. It took 3 days to find their contact information in order to ask why they think they had LEGAL justification for taking money out of my checking account without permission. Even after I faxed a forgery affidavit and still they refuse to return my $499.75. They never emailed me, nor did they check to see if I received their equipment, nor did they call or email to see why I wasn’t taking payments from clients. If a person had done this he/she would be charged with LARCENY. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB and will be contacting the U.S. Attorney General and other law enforcement agencies about their illegal tactics along with informing others of this company’s questionable business practices.

      RatingNot Rated
      Jeannette P.

      Less than 1 star. Please never sign with North American Bancard, its the worst company i have ever dealt with. never let the sales people go into your company to offer their services, they are the biggest liars in the industry. they will try to sell their services saying “No Contract and No cancellation fee” do not trust them! When i called to cancel the service, because it was a lot of hidden fees, and obviously more expensive than the other company we had, the representative told me that we can not cancel because we have a contract, i had told them we never signed any contract with your company, he told me that we did have one and I asked him to send me a copy because we don’t have anything in our files. He sent me a bunch of papers via E-mail. supposedly it was a contract with no signature. Now I have a $395.00 fee per cancellation or pay $40.00 monthly per three years, or my credit score will be affected by them. Moral of the story: If You need any kind of services for your business, do not trust on companies that knock your door, go by your self and look what you need by your own.

      Sheryl Larson

      North American Bankcard is the WORST company to deal with. I signed up through Office Max because my daughter was working there. I was NOT made aware of their 3 year contract or early termination fees. I cancelled my service with this company in October of 2014 and they are STILL TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT! I called to complain and was told I would receive my refund within 4 days. That was a blatant LIE and I still have not received my money back. I would rate this company as a big ripoff, on a scale from 1 to 10 I’d say it’s a -10

      RatingNot Rated

      We have a small company and were recently contacted by a company seeking our credit processing business . everything sounded good-fees-equipment-terms . so I decided maybe I should check it out to see if there were any issues or complaints I should be aware of . The company that I was researching was not the one in this review , but may be somehow be affiliated . I was surprised to find that there are resources like yours to get information regarding credit processing companies . I appreciate your service and feel better informed of what to look for . we have been in business for 30years ,and still learning . THANK YOU .

      George Ashley

      Do not do business with this company. In July 2011 I signed an agreement with NAB which was operating as Payprotec. In Nov. 2011 I called and told the Sales rep. that I was going to have to close my business. He sent me the documents to stop their services which I signed and sent back to him. He said he would take care of it. This would have give them the 60 day notice they required. Now launch forward to 2015 I am shocked when I start getting collection calls from a 3rd party collection company and now it is on my credit report as a unpaid debt. So I contact the company (as my sales reps phone number no longer goes to him) about the issue and I am wondering how this could have gone on for so long with out contacting me. I did sign an individual guaranty which had my personal contact info on there. I had closed the business and I was told they attempted to collect through my former business address. They never contacted me through my personal information that was on the form. They say that they never received the signed documents and that I still owed them the fees, but it had been turned over to 3rd party collections and I had to deal with them. Do not bother contacting the BBB of Detroit & Eastern Michigan as it appears they work for their client. I put in a complaint wanting to speak to a senior person in their collections department. I received a phone call from an analyst that I could tell was just speaking pretty much from a script.
      I could not talk to anyone in collections to find out why or how this went this long and this far without contacting me at my personal number. They responded to the complaint in writing after I got off the phone with her. I rebutted their response and it did not take long for the BBB of Detroit & Eastern Michigan to send me this response The Bureau has judged that this complaint has been adequately resolved. So my rebuttal did not even get back to NAB. Go figure. I ensured that I closed my business owing one any monies and all customers were taken care of. ALL I CAN SAY IS BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY.

      RatingNot Rated

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do business with this company. They have complete lack of transparency with fees and charges (I have never once received an invoice or statement to explain the seemingly random charges they put through my account), disappear when you try to follow up on issues, and have no compunction about bald-faced lying. Seriously, run the other way. The only way they are ‘doing something right’ is by luring people into scam contracts and then coming up with all sorts of ever-changing requirements to terminate. If I could give them negative ten stars, I would. You might as well take thousands of dollars and send it right to NA Bancard because once you give them access to your account (for ‘deposits’) they will simply start taking money from you and good luck getting your bank to block it…the amount is different every month making this impossible, apparently.

      Alina Mrzakhanian

      I filled out an application with them in May 4th but canceled in 23 days. Per agreement I had 30 days to cancel. Which I did. I still have signed letter emailed to the sales person on May 27th. I receive early termination fee of 1195 debited from my account in December 9th. I emailed them the letter that I sent to the sales person (on May 27). They are not refunding the charges. They are claiming that they have an agreement!!!! There was no services provided, nothing was set up. I just filled the application and they had my bank information.


      After 11 years and years of suffering, I couldn’t take it no more so I cancelled with them.
      They then stuck me with a $99 annual fee that I disputed since I never signed up for and never was aware of.
      They said it was in my monthly statement which I never received in 3 years even after asking for it for 3 years.
      They kept my statement from me so that I don’t see these added and hidden charges. I’ve been paying $135 extra at times for fees I never was made aware of.
      I asked to speak to a manager after pleading with the CSR and so she left me on hold for 15 mins and then hung up. I hope they spend all my money on psychiatric medication.


      I still can’t believe it!
      I have been with NAB for about 4 years. On 12-2-14 my bank account was suddenly debited $37,146.! Yes! That is 37 THOUSAND! I immediately called to get this cleared up. I was told it would take 24-48 hours to investigate. Then the email confirmation I received stated that I was told 24-48 hours AND THEN 3-5 business days to credit my account. I was NOT told this at all. That was 2 weeks ago and not only is it not resolved but they have kept all of my deposits and applied them to this $37k negative balance. So, by the time I figured out what they were doing, they had kept $6450. that should have gone into my account.
      So of course I called again. Again I got the email saying it would take 24-48 hours to investigate, then 3-5 business days to credit my account. I asked if they had figured out what the charge was for. They said their records show that I had swiped 1 type of Visa card over 240,000 times and another type over 19,000 times! Now if each transaction took 1 minute that would take a person 6 MONTHS, 24/7 to process! One customer service rep even asked me if I was there when the swipes took place!!!!
      So why hasn’t it been reversed? Well because they have to figure out how many swipes I really owe them for before they will reverse the $37k! (I probably do about 60 credit card transactions in a month).
      So, now I have to run my business and also find the time it takes to research and figure out how to handle this. It is time consuming and I need to access my deposits to continue to run my business.
      Also, my rep disappeared a long time ago. So, no help there either.
      Any suggestions?

      RatingNot Rated
      Tom DeSimone


      Wow. I have never heard of anything like this happening. I have no idea how this could happen (computer error? fraud?), but it’s clear that NAB seriously mismanaged this situation. If their records indicated this kind of unusual processing in your account, they should have flagged it immediately and contacted you to clear it up. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist in the risk department to figure out that 1,000+ (let alone 240,000+!) charges from an account that usually does about 60 per month is a major red flag for something not being right. I can’t believe they just debited your account like that!

      The bad news here is that there isn’t much you can do about it at this point aside from just staying on top of them about it. This is their mistake and/or mismanagement. How easy this is to resolve will depend on what caused the error. It could be a simple fix. I’ll be hoping it is.

      Please keep us posted on the outcome of this.

      Take care,

      RatingNot Rated
      James Petersen

      Anyone wanting to do business with NAB beware! Our small museum signed up with a contract that had written fees (1.99%) for MC, Visa and Discover. We’ve hung on for a year, but a very small fraction of the cards are charged this amount. We see fees of 2, 3, 4, and even 4.98%. The statements don’t show why cards are charged that amount and we rarely enter card amounts by hand. Furthermore, the $99 annual fee, gateway charges, network charges and all the others end up that we see total fees approaching 10% of our small monthly volume. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

      Judy Holland

      I am with this business also, and they are feeing me to death I am a small business owner with a low volume of credit card use. They just took the pci fee and told me that they are also taking a 99.00 regulatory fee. I cannot afford this. I still do not have a copy of the contract and they said my contract was over. but now Im not so sure. Can anyone tell me just how exactly to get away from this company without them taking money from them like they are doing to the people I read about? Im sorry but this gets no star rating from me!!

      RatingNot Rated
      Terrence Marino

      The rating given by this review of 3.5 is a joke … these people (NAB) are crooks, just read the reviews by actual customers. What ever rate they promise you is changed within 2 months. Do not sign any contract with them they will cheat you blind. They billed fluctuating charges on an account we had closed with them for 12 months even though there was no activity. they offered a 3 month refund if we would sign another contract.

      RatingNot Rated
      Aloha Cafe

      ZERO RATING! DO NOT DO IT! Leave the trusting to all of us who have experienced the nightmare.

      I have edited this comment so it is not so long but MUCH MUCH more than what is listed here has happened to us. I filed a complaint with the BBB today.

      On 8/6/14, I contacted NAB about merchant services offered to Office Max customers. I was connected to Mike Beauregard, Senior Account Executive. After several days of negotiations, an agreement was made with NAB that was to save us quite a bit of money by switching from our current service with TransFirst.

      A cc processing machine was sent to us that was supposed to be EMV ready and would allow us to accept all major cards – MasterCard, Visa, Discover & AMEX. Mike explained that NAB is a full acquirer so we could accept all cards with next day funding in 1 batch just like I have with TransFirst. The machine we received was not EMV ready so Mike sent out another machine to replace the one sent to us in error. He said he would send us a return label for the machine sent to us in error.

      Unfortunately, we were unable to use the replacement machine since it was not setup for us to accept AMEX. Eventually we discovered that Mike Beauregard had setup our account incorrectly so we were unable to process with the parameters he promised on the platform he set us on. We have been waiting since August for all of these issues to be resolved including the label for the machine that was sent to us in error. I have called and spoken with Mike regarding these issues no less than 4 different times.

      Finally, on 10/22/14 I sent a firm email to Mike saying that I was disappointed that to that date he still had not resolved the issues so we could make the transition to NAB.

      On 11/1/14, a funds transfer I initiated from our bank account was returned by my bank. When I investigated this return, I discovered that on 10/23/14, NAB drafted $895 from our bank account causing a major overdraft. Since I was busy running my business, I had no idea until 11/1/14. After filing a dispute with my bank and reaching out to NAB, I was able to find that this charge was for the cc machine that was sent to me in error in August. To this date, Mike Beauregard has not called me back. After screaming for almost a week, I was finally sent a return label.

      NAB received BOTH their machines on 11/11 and still no refund.

      NAB needs to refund the $895 they STOLE from us along with the nearly $600 in fees charged to us by our bank.

      We never had the chance to actually become a customer as they seem hell bent on being a scamming company.

      I just don’t get it. We are a VERY small business who JUST opened this year. Our credibility has been nuked by this company.

      For what purpose?? This is not a case where we decided to cancel the service, we never even got started!

      RatingNot Rated
      Richard King

      They lied about their cancellation fee’s.I cancelled and now they want 875.00 . I was told the fee would be 400.00 which was a blatant lie !! Their partner in crime Logical Lease is even worse.Stay far away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      mike proto

      This is the biggest scam ever by any one they should have to pay back all their costumers for them misrepresenting what they do they called me up told me they work for the state of new jersey and they will help to increase volume in costumers by using the EBT card that they give to low income people for food. for only a 10 cent fee per transaction no monthly fees and all free equipment just for signing up. Well 6 months later NOT ONE transaction but noticed they were debiting my acc. $54 every month. called and canceled now they took out of they already collected $400 dollars and did not refund anything back. went to my bank signed paper work to stop them from taking any moneys out six months later went under another name and took out another $2500 dollars for early cancellation fees and equipment. first never said anything about early cancellation fees second NABcard does not work for the state and third sent me application to fill saying its from state welfare card merchant center. How is this bank NOT SUED YET and put on the news for fraud you tell me michael p

      RatingNot Rated
      wm. d. mccreary

      They reply to an reply I sent in and got several reply’s. I, am a small company , and i answer most of the calls. They started our relationship out with a lie, so i looked further and found you. . “Thank you for your interest in North American bankcard. I’m sorry to have missed you over the phone. ” Lie, Lie, Lie! i did not miss any calls. I am in the limousine business and cannot afford to miss any calls! They got a pass by me! Not good sales approach. bill Can I fax you his letter or give me your email address

      RatingNot Rated
      Bill Wingard

      I signed up with North American Bankcard and I went back to Chase Paymentech within 24 hours. The salespeople will be happy to tell You whatever You want to hear. However once You sign up, the screwing begins. When I made my first two charges, both said “declined”
      I found out later that both had actually gone through, which created some humiliation between myself and a brand new client. I immediately sent a certified letter to NAB to let them know I wanted out and my account closed immediately. My letter was ignored and I didn’t notice until these thieves had added another $40 in illegitimate charges onto my account. Trust me, there is a reason why a legitimate credit card company charges the amount they do. North American Bankcard will steal much more money from You than any honest company. Remember I told You, if you do go ahead and become greedy as I did. You will rue the day my friends, if you sign up with these bandits, just as I do now.

      K Reid

      This company is undoubtedly the single-most scheming, conniving, and borderline criminal (to say the least) firm with which we have ever dealt. After closing our account because I was retiring from business, we received no statements, no emails, and had no communication of any kind from NAB. Two years after we terminated our account (we can merely hope that it’s cancelled at this time) we received a letter FROM A COLLECTION AGENCY saying that we are in arears to NAB in the amount of $147.90. It took us three days of calling to finally reach an actually living being at NAB and when we asked the reason for the $147.90 charge, the rep hung up on us. Four days later when we finally reached them again, we asked them the same question. We were told that they don’t have that information any longer, and they had turned it over to the collection agency. When we questioned why we should pay a bill that even they couldn’t explain, they hung up on us again. At the time of this writing, we still don’t have clue as to where to turn with this issue. We are very worried about our credit scores which are above 775.
      In short, I am sorry there is no rating below 1 star. If you are considering using this company, you will regret it for a long time to come.

      Kevin Kendall

      These guys are a bunch of crooks. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. We cancelled an account with them to switch to a different company. Three years later we realized they had not closed the account and were still charging a monthly fee to our bank account – due to confusing names, we thought it was our new company. During that time they never sent a single statement, via regular mail or e-mail. On closing for a second time, they insist we pay $156+ in back fees, for a service we have never used. They are completely unresponsive – their entire reason for existing seems to be to charge hidden fees that they hope you will miss in your monthly bank statements, even when you are no longer an active customer.

      RatingNot Rated
      moving and storage company reviews

      The company offers low cost service and makes shipping process convenient.
      As I am communicating services, Practical goal referring to the switching your property from stage A to suggest M.
      They usually provide long distance mover provides services to the customer who wants it
      from them.

      RatingNot Rated
      Tim H

      I signed on with NAB through Sekure Merchants. Immediately began experiencing issues with multiple deposits made daily even though we were settling once per day. Plus, the deposits didn’t add up to equal the transactions we’d settled. They were small amounts, usually less than $100 which showed up the next day. Still, it was a bookkeeping nightmare. We complained & they made some changes.We still got the multiple deposits but they were adding up. Sekure Merchants was very responsive through all of this and actually handled the emails. Then we got into our busy season in May and everything blew up. We were settling $4000-$6000 per day and getting deposits of up to $3000 less than the settled amount. We have been waiting for the deposits to catch up but they keep falling behind. After 5 days, they are over $10,000 behind in what they owe us. We have had multiple emails with our software support offering to help them with the set up but although they say they are interested, they don’t seem to be available by phone. I’m not to the point of labeling them as crooks but at best they are incompetent.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Alan Ein

      Upon realizing that I was cheated and deceived by NAB I attempted to terminate my contract and after days of frustration I have been unable to do so. I would like to initiate a class action suit against them. Anybody interested can contact me at 818-998-6655, Ext. 29. They need to be stopped from doing business.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Susan Thompson

      I completely agree there should be a class action lawsuit. I have never seen anything like this dishonest, scamming, company. How have they even been allowed to continue to be in business?

      RatingNot Rated
      Anthony Mittag

      I am writing a review for North American Bankcard. I am not currently a business processing with North American although you would not know it by the debits from my business bank account. I went through the process of switching to North American Bankcard. They had promised in their sales presentation that they could provide the same services that my current processor was providing (POS compatibility and POS support at no additional cost). When they were not able to provide these services, I did not hear from them again. Then last month I saw that they were debiting my bank account for processing fees. Now they are trying to have me sign a cancellation letter that includes a termination fee of over $1000. They are not anything like they promise.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Tom DeSimone

      Hi Anthony, I moved your review to our North American Bancard page. That is an incredibly frustrating situation. It sounds like your sales rep had you sign the merchant agreement without disclosing that doing so would initiate a legally binding service contract. Since new contracts with North American Bancard should not have any termination fee (or at most $295), the $1,000 is very disconcerting as well. I’d recommend getting in touch with the NAB corporate office to see if they can help you out, even if a reseller signed you up. Best of luck.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Mark K

      This company is horrible!! Stay away from PayAnywhere! I’ve lost $600 thus far, and instead of admitting to receiving two of my faxes demanding they stop the service I never used, they sent an email sating I wanted to activate my account. That isn’t even including how they pushed me over draft twice costing me another $100.00 and being late with my rent, costing another $125 late fee. They don’t care.

      Here is the email from them after I called to verify if they received my fax.

      I also asked what all these random charges were totaling so much?

      The “gent” said to log into the account, he would email me instructions…


      Mark called for assistance with logging into Advised merchant to activate account by entering the full merchant id number beginning with xxxxx90. Advised once information has been entered and accepted an email containing further instructions and the temporary password will be sent. Advised the initial password is only valid for 24 hours so must log in to site after email is received to change the password.

      Advised there is no indication on the account that the signed cancellation letter has been received.
      *Sensitive information has been removed from this note.”

      They are a predatory company and rip people off. I”m sick and beside myself with how they conduct business.

      I just looked at the BBB site, and they have a lot of complaints but an A rating? What the hell?

      Add one more complaint. Mine.
      Can I give them less than one star? They are crooks!!!!


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Heather Lamere

      Beware they are crooks. I have never done business with this company but yet they sent me to CFM collection agency. According to both companies I owe them $1200.00. North American Bancard refuses to help me figure out why nor do they care. Asking to speak to a supervisor gets you no where. CFM people are rude and bullies. I have waited two weeks for a contract I supposly have but yet no response from CFM. I was told they have been sending me letters for a year now, but of couse they were sent to a job I have never worked at.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Trevor Holman


      Sorry to hear about you ordeal. How did or have you been able to get it straightened out?

      I’m in the exact same situation now.

      Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

      RatingNot Rated
      Renee K. in WI

      Hey All,
      UPDATE!!!!!! Yes…I did everything that I said I was going to do, but the only thing the NAB did was offer me $100.00 to shut me up. Now, I just received an email from another merchant in the Chicago area that just went thru the same ordeal…AND WITH THE SAME SALESMAN!!!!! OMG! REALLY….this guy has got some really big coconita’s. Anyways, if anyone has had any dealings with [edited: name removed] of Preferred Merchant Processing (who is an independent contractor of NAB), please contact me. If the name of the Salesman is blocked out, leave me a message and we can figure out a way to find out if we are dealing with the same person. My Salesman is around 50ish, 5’8-5’9 , full silver head of hair, thin…..and looks like a RAT!
      Hopefully this website posts all that I have written.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Amad Ebrahimi

      Thanks for the update Renee. Per our policy I had to remove the salesman’s name. I understand you’re trying to help everyone, but we’ve always opted to stay away from the name dropping. Things get personal, and we’d rather focus on the companies instead of individuals.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Renee K. in WI

      OMG! I’m still under the 45 days, and I’m going to cancell this immediately. I have been going thru the same process as everyone else, and so has another shop owner in my area. There must be some sort of Civil action that can be done about this. I still haven’t received any paperwork. I will be contacting the BBB and my state about this.
      Thanks Everyone and Good Luck!! If I can find anything else out I will post it.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I have very little respect for Merchant Maverick for giving this company such high ratings. It is a horrible company and they are completely ripping off the merchants by using trickery and lies.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Amad E.

      3.5 isn’t a very high rating.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Tim Seay

      They sure nailed me! Undisclosed three year termination for which I was just quoted $698.60. Lots of lessor lies too plus amazingly creative monthly junk fees totally over $60.00 per month even when I have no sales running through that month. If fact they will charge an extra fee for no sales during a given month. The company will not disclose who the originating sales rep was.To me that says a lot about their ways of snaring people. I feel like such an idiot these people are pure crooks and good at their game!


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Susan B

      Imply in their adds that cost are $5.00 per $10,000. They don’t mention daily discount on interchange. In fact, they imply there is no interchange. Service is almost non-existent.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      After thumbing through all the negative reviews I would just like to say that most of the issues above were problems more likely due to a bad rep than bad service on the part of NAB. That being said, you had to have signed paperwork with the pricing schedule and you agreed to whatever was finally charged. That being said I would suggest that you take the time to quiz your rep about all the items. Don’t let him double talk through his presentation and ask him for the names of a few of his customers. Call him a couple times and see if he answers. Don’t agree to what you don’t understand. Lastly, get it in writing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS. I will get more customers if you do and those customers will be extremely happy with NAB and me.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I can’t thank the people who took there time to review this company. As a result I passed on the services they offer. I ask for a quote that includes all fees and they send me the following:

      No set up fees, no application fees, no long term commitment required. Month to month service establishment/no cancellation fees.

      Ecommerce Site (Interchange Rates)* – *100% Keyed In transactions*

      Visa/Mastercard/Discover Qualified Debit Rate 0.05%

      Visa/Mastercard/Discover Qualified Credit Card Rate 1.80%- 2.00%

      Visa/Mastercard/Discover Qualified Reward Rate 1.95% – 2.05%

      Visa/Mastercard/Discover Non Qualified Rate 2.05%- 2.65% (Corporate Commercial, Government & International Card Transactions)

      NAB Profit Margin – $0.50 per $100 in processing

      Authorization Fee – $0.10

      Monthly Basic Service Fee – $5.00
      Monthly Internet Gateway Fee( $10.00

      Makes me a littler worried I would be going down the path of the reviews

      thanks again


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Andrew Redmond

      I just got off the phone with NAB in reference to a chargeback..In addition to paying a huge fee for non qual charges, apparently I also signed off on them charging a flat $25 fee for ANY chargebacks that occur. So today I receive a note from them that a customer has disputed a charge and claims there was no refund given. I did indeed give the refund, but the customer apparently had already started the dispute, and didn’t bother to call off the dogs.
      After spending the whole day trying to find the paperwork(as there is no name attached just the card #) I finally found that the refund was given, and called to be sure the money disputed and the $25 fee were refunded..Got the refunded amount back, but the fee… through no fault of my own mind you..Is Nonrefundable! Ugh what a terrible policy!

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Kim tu

      All the reviews above is so true, do not use this company.I can’t wait to get out the contract. please tell all the people you know about this company.I go on Facebook and tell all my friend , hope nobody choose NAB

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Robert Owens

      After being roped into using this company by the lure of a $100 sign-on bonus that was to be shared between the referring person and myself ( a lie), we used the company successfully for one weekend–three days at a vendor fair. We did not use the machine any more. Did we cancel? No–we were told there were no “monthly” fees associated with the machine (another lie). After a few months of noticing an unusual charge on my bank statement, I called NAB to see what was going on. They kindly explained that I was being charged about 41.95 a month to use their service. I asked for the service to be canceled becaue of the excessive fee…one of their slick representatives (I have the email with the name) talked me into switching to a “no fee” monthly agreement (Option B pricing). Under this pricing, the per swipe fee was higher but there was no monthly fees associated. She emailed me the papers, I signed them and returned them to her–all is well with the world. WRONG! They “did not receive” my fax even though I have a transmittal log that says the fax went through good on my end. The fax was sent in January and my account kept being charged through the end of July! Basically, I have donated NAB over $250 as a stupid tax for the use of their services for one weekend! They could not, of course, refund any of my money because they were providing a service to me, whether I used it or not. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT IS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE!


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Mitch Moses

      I work as an agent with North American Bancard and we do not have a cancellation fee anymore or a contract .There are going to be dishonest people in any business that do not disclose all the terms.We still have a 45 free trial and I sign all my merchants up with Interchange Pricing which if you are on the Merchant Maverick site will tell you that is the only way to be set up for credit card processing . I have 90 merchants signed up and North American Bancard is making them very happy. The best reason to work for them is that they email every time they talk to one of my merchants to let me know what issues they are talking to my merchant about so I can assist them if I need to do so. Sometimes its about their batch or a terminal error. Whatever it is I know about it.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Dear Mitch,
      I read your posting and see that ther is no longer a cancellation fee or contract! This was the presedent of signing with NAB, but after several months of terrible service in all aspects, I tried to cancel the account and was surprisingly told that I not only had a 3 year contract but a $930.00 cancellation fee as well! I signed up in late November 2012. What can I do? You sound like an honest man, too bad you didn’t come to my business. Can you help me?

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Jeffrey Poehlmann


      Just for clarification, NAB does have a standard 3 year term, but honest agents / reps will let their merchants know that the cancellation fee can be waived with a single signed form. That form MUST be signed and submitted with the agreement. And it does not apply to all products. For instance, with the new PhoneSwipe pilot program offering the free iPad2 placement, there is a 3-year term and standard cancellation fee and it cannot be waived for that product (to ensure the cost of the iPad and accessories are covered).

      I applaud you for offering Interchange Plus pricing and no cancellation fee to all your merchants. That is the way I have been doing it for years and feel that all accounts should be set up that way. Unfortunately, the industry is pushing for higher pricing on these types of accounts, so it is very important for merchants to work with trustworthy agents who will offer additional support and work on their behalf to resolve issues as they arise.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Wayne Edelman

      I should have cancelled my agreement with them as soon as I figured out that they would not be able to interface with my processor and POS system.
      Long story short we never processed 1 cent through them but our bank account has been debited monthly since 2009. My staff has tried to rectify the issue with them numerous times to no avail. I tried myself to call the 800 number and after 2 transfers they finally transferred me to the representatives cell phone who signed me up and has done nothing to fix the problem. I would not recommend anyone using this company.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Barry Rothberg

      I am so embarrassed. I have an MBA and over 30 years of senior management experience, but I started doing business with NorthAmerican Bancard, LLC without checking them out first. I was wowed by their PhoneSwipe app for the Iphone and just signed up. Their sales person, [edited: name removed], was very nice and he helped me get installed and up with the application. He said that it would take a day or two for them to check me out and approve my account. It and when it was approved, I went live with it and put through a test transaction of around $2. I was surprised that it took several days to hit my account, but I attributed it to the fact that it was a start-up of the account. Then I started to accept charges. I put several thousand dollars through their system and all were accepted, I waited a few days, and no money showed up. When I asked where it was, they said, well, we need a copy of your last three months bank statements to be assured that you can afford it if any of these transactions need to be reversed. That was terribly intrusive, since I do on line banking. That would give them information about my religious affiliations, political contributions, every organization that I belong to and every person to whom I have written a check to in the last three months. I told them no, that was too intrusive and if they didn’t want me as a customer, just let me know and I will continue using the mercahnt account that I have been using for the last 12 years. They emailed back and said, that they did not want my account. I responded, no problem, just put my money in my account and I will continue using Bank of America. They always have my money in my account the next business day. I called to ask why my money had not been put into my account and they were concerned about my bank balance. I emailed them scans of the first page of my last three month statements, showing an average balance of over $30,000, but apparently that wasn’t enough, because it has been three weeks now, they took a half a month of my gross revenues and have not put a penny into my account, however, they have taken money out of the account.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Tyler Acer

      I’m honestly pretty surprised this company has gotten so many negative reviews. My experience with NABancard has been great. All employees that I have dealt with through customer service have been helpful and friendly (although I did wait a bit on hold one time). All fees that I’ve been charged have been transparent and rightfully added on to my bill…I never felt as though the company had anything to hide. I personally find their rates to be very competitive.

      These reviews are making me somewhat nervous that I’m going to run into issues in the future, but I’ve been with NABancard for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully those with negative reviews have just been in contact with a bad sales rep. I have always felt NABancard was dedicated to me as a customer.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Pat Grieb

      This company is a con they will use any way to get your money Stay away from them. They used the Sate of California to sign me up and Idid not need them at all had my own comp. So now I get charged for nothing. They could not even make there own equipment work????

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Tom Geer

      DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY! In a nut shell, there is not an employee from the sales representatives to the senior account representative that is honest. You will not be pleased with this company.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      al wanamaker

      Might as well pile on. This company employs reps of highly questionable if not plainly unethical business principles. That NAB would allow themselves to be represented by such associates is reprehensible. They distance themselves by the apparent belief that they can’t control what is done on their behalf. I’m constantly vigilant in the hopes that they will be sued possibly in a class action effort. They are ripe for that.

      My hope in posting here is that more prospective customers perform due diligence before signing ANYTHING from NAB.

      And NEVER give a rep a voided check unless you actually plan to sign and agree to the contract. If their sleazy reps get your check, and later in the interview you decide not to sign, they’ll process the papers and you’ll be liable for the cancellation fees.

      Their rep lied to me. And called his supposed ‘manager’ who swore to the same lies. I had to close my account to get them to stop hounding me. Be forewarned—this action does not always work. Depends on your bank and the tenacity of the processor.

      GOOGLE and the Internet is your friend. Do your research. Don’t believe ANYTHING that is not pre-printed on the contract.

      AND, don’t sign any contract without ALL THE PAGES PRESENT. Lastly, DON’T give a voided check at the first meeting. Use the interim time for RESEARCH.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I have a new complaint to add and I’m sure you will all find this interesting. I worked with North American Bancard until around six years ago when I canceled my account and switched my processing to Wells Fargo. Fast Forward to April 2012 when I receive a bill from North American Bancard for $101 that has already been automatically removed from my checking account! I called their customer service and explained to them that I do not have any account with their company and was told that my account had never been canceled?! The three customer service representatives I spoke to repeated over and over that I would need to fill out a request for cancellation form and return it to their company. I refused to do that because that would be somehow acknowledging that their was any merit to their argument.
      I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision and I hope that any other company with a similar problem will do the same. When you work with a Credit Card Processor, they have access to your personal information including direct access to you checking account. This information should not be hanging around in their files for them to use as a slush fund whenever they desire. One more point I would like to make…As a merchant I am required to secure my customers data, you would think a processing company would be required to do the same!

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Misty Smith

      We cannot get anyone to answer the phone or to call us back. We have left messages the last 2 days and sent emails too, to no avail. Now our customers have called us and complained that the company has double charged them. And as if that is not bad enough they have not been depositing our credit card charges in our account. This has been going on since November of 2011. We need help to track this company down. If anyone has a number where we can talk to a person please email us. If they do not call or email us in the next 24 hours I am calling my attorney general and notifying the BBB.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Elisse Cortez

      When an agent from North American Bancard came to our salon, we were promised that it was only a $7 monthly fee, 1.59% rate. I asked specifically if there were any other fees or charges and was told no.
      We did not get copy of the original contract. We were told it would be sent and it never was. We were told the reason they could offer a great rate is due to a standard (turns out not to be standard) 3 year contract. Upon bill review there were fees for everything. Debit use fee, batch fees, PCI compliance fees and more. PCI compliance is if you are using a PC and we are not.
      When I called the company to complain about these issues, I was given the run around with a fast talking agent. After a very frustrating conversation I was sent an altered copy of the original. I was told the only way out of this was to pay $960.00. A co worker was told buy out was $200.00 before signing.
      I know there was a fee for low or no use, but that exact amount was not given. They stopped sending statements and I could not access my account on their online site. It stated that the merchant acct # does not exist. The fee was $37.00 a month for non use.
      I and about 15 of my co-workers are all very unhappy. We are independently contracted small businesses. We cannot absorb these types of fees.
      I tried to write a letter and thought they were going to be nice and close the account without further trouble, only to be surprised 2 days later with a email saying they were debiting my account for early termination without my approval.
      It is a misfortune for this company that we are being so badly treated. If they had been reasonable, many of the employees would have embraced using the company for their transactions at the front desk. We have 60 stylists and many other employees that would benefit from this. I discourage every new employee and recommend they get Square now. The money that this company, had they been honest and fair, would have been great with this big a group. It is beyond me why they think that doing bad business is better.
      Now I will be sending out a warning on every blog site that I can to help others avoid this trouble. I am happy for those that like it but for the small merchants that are being taken advantage of I must speak!
      I have noticed a note on some complaint boards for a class action lawsuit. Does it really have to come down to that for this company to be fair and competitive in the market?
      I have no idea why they get such a high rate from BBB when they are the worst business that I have ever in my 30 year career, had to deal with.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Sue Bagwell

      Besides the feeling that they were trying to find new and creative ways to rip me off whenever I spoke to a person in management, what really convinced us to no longer process credit cards with them is the cost of doing so. We were quoted seemingly low rates at the onset, but later realized there were deductions coming out of our money BEFORE it went to the bank, as well as deductions and charges coming out AFTER it was in the bank. You will not see these charges added up anywhere! So, for one month we added up all the many, many charges, before and after. We found we were actually paying 4.6% to process credit cards with NAB. ‘Nuff said.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Merchant Maverick Admin


      Thanks for the comment. What your describing is called “Enhanced Billback” billing. It’s probably the least transparent billing model that can be used by a processor. I plan on writing about it very soon. Check back here for the link.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Statements being billed like this are not difficult to figure out. You add the amount deducted from your batches from the totals on Page 1 with the amount debited from your bank account on the last page. Divide into your volume to determine your effective rate. If you are doing any more math than that you’re doing it wrong. Nearly impossible to have an effective rate below 2.4%. So long as you are swiping most transactions I would say that you shouldn’t have an effective rate above 3%.

      Solution: Call NAB, request “Monthly Billing” and submit 3 months bank statements.

      Reason: Only a fraction of the fees you pay to a merchant provider is profit; most of the money goes directly to Visa/Mastercard. Your business must demonstrate its ability to cover the cost of Interchange at the end of each month. If you have a low revolver they can’t risk the ach getting rejected.

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      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Do you work for NAB?

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      I didn’t have a contract with them. It was to be month to month. Yet, after i returned their equipment and told them goodbye, they have just siphoned over a thousand dollars out of my account without a boo. Now I will have to change my bank account to prevent them from doing it again (the bank promised to block them but it didn’t work, obviously), order new checks that I just got in the mail today, and spend time talking with the bank trying to resolve this ridiculous issue. These people (NAB) are crooks! There’s not any other way to say it.

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      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Duke Lam

      My experience is exactly like Anna described, and I wonder that the NAB had no liability to their own reps’ illegal acts but the merchants did! Is it fair?

      Beside creating falsified documents and forged merchant’s signature, The NAB also refused to provide us the (free) terminal (as the NAB’s advertisement) and refused to program PCCharge Software on our POS system as clearly indicated in the Merchant Application.
      On November 16, 2010, We wrote a letter to [edited: name removed], Research Manager of NAB trying to resolve the merchant’s issue, but I got no response from them. One year later, the NAB placed the merchant account in collection.
      MERCHANT No. 8788290220884

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      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Tonya Weisenseel

      I couldn’t agree more with all the negative reviews. NAB is why I am online looking around for another company. I just got through my 3 long years with them and sent my terminal and cancellation in today! YAY!
      I had similar issues to those already posted with hidden fees, mybizperks being added without me being informed, and a bate and switch on the contract length. I was told it was two years and when I received the paperwork in tiny tiny print, I found that is was actually 3 years, after I had signed the paperwork with all my info. Mind you I do have good standing with ZERO chargebacks and a very good credit rating. But still got sucker-punched with the rates and feed a bunch of crap when trying to work with this company! DO NOT USE THEM!
      In addition to those issues, may I mention they lease you an ancient terminal… a real antique. It reminded me of the original cell phone, except is was a “cinderblock” and not a “brick”. However, as rickety as it was, it was supposed to be refurbished. But no, it was nothing but trouble. At one point my printer quit work properly and after being tossed about in the infinite phone holds and switching I was told it was out of warranty and I would have to cover the cost to fix it or replace it and the warranty was only good for the first year. Hum, but it wasn’t misuse or negligence, I was leasing the equipment. Shouldn’t they fix mechanical issues with their own equipment? It was unresolved when I was told they could fix it for $99 or I could purchase another terminal for $89. At that point I assumed I now had leased the equipment and owned it. NOT! Recently had another issue that was unresolved because machine wouldn’t store the program needed to run it and could be updated from their side. After three phone calls on a crazy busy day (I am a hairstylist) and a phone call each day after and a promise from them to return my phone call when their system was back up (one of the many diagnostics given). It never happened. I don’t know what is up with them but they left me with a down and out system with no concern how inconvenience and more hectic they made my day. I have had to call each client before they come into have them bring their checkbook until this is resolved. When I received my cancellation form I had requested, it said I would have to pay $495 if the terminal wasn’t returned in 10 days with signed notice in working order without damage. Really? OK, so now you own it again? (not that I wanted it anyway) Well, I resolved all the issues myself today. Both the cancelllation notice and the terminal are being shipped via ground to Troy, MI this weekend! YAY! FREE AT LAST from these money hungry thieves.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Patricia Templet

      North AMERICAN BANCARD harrased me for 2 weeks trying to get my business telling me i can save money by doing business with them. I informed i was already in a contract for 3 years and only one year into my contract. [name removed] was the women who harrassed me and told me that was no problem that they would buy me out of my contract. I even asked why they would do that and the person said they just wanted to help me. Well they are not interested in helping anyone but their pocket book. They will not pay what it takes to buy me out of the other merchant services contract. It has done nothing but cost me money since i entered into this contract. They do not do what they say and they do not mean what they say. they Lie, Lie, Lie to get your business. I would not do business with them if they were the last company on earth.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Morey Holzman

      We were with NA Bancard for several years, and I left because I found this company to be very dishonest.

      1. Customer service people who tell you you will be on hold for 2 minutes, and 15 minutes later no one picks up.
      2. Company changing terms in the middle of the contract (which, by the way, voids the contract under law)
      3. Company hiring “Independent Contractors” who are not really independent – company doesn’t want to payroll taxes (My next referral is to the IRS.)
      4. Company hires special phone people to try to prevent you from leaving, even if customer has fulfilled every term of his contract. This is INEXCUSABLE! Customer service is customer service, and if the company is truly backlogged, then there are a lot of people in Detroit looking for work right now.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Benjamin Wyatt

      NO NO NO NO NO, Do NOT Use This Merchant Service.

      Hidden Fees Fees Fees, your rep will hurry you through the application process, and tell you it’s a bunch of chatter, when there are truly all kinds of extra fees.

      My service was set up at 30.00 / month with no start up fee, and in the 3 months i’ve had it, I have paid a total of 290.00!!!!!!! YOU DO THE MATH.

      Not to mention customer service will basically tell you to go [removed], because you ARE under contract…..

      Never allow yourself, or anyone you know to be fooled by these con-artists.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      I’ve had THE WORST experience with North American Bancard. This company’s main focus is to find various creative ways to siphon money out of your bank account, they do not care much about needs of their customers, many of whom are small businesses.

      Lets see, here are some of many lovely ways in which they screwed me over the term of my (surprise!) 3-year contract:

      -Independent sales rep promised me various things, such as no annual fee, timely equipment delivery, etc. Never ever did he mention the 3-year contract. Then he actually FORGED my signature on a different agreement (which included a 3 year contract, annual fees and about 8 additional pages which I was never shown) and forwarded THAT to NABancard as my actual agreement. I later got copies of that forged agreement mailed to me by NABancard – that is how I know.

      -Upon trying to resolve this later with NA Bancard, they denied any and all responsibility. They said is issue is between me and the sales rep, who is an independent contractor. I tried contacting the sales rep about 20 times after that, but he, of course, vanished. Upon finding out that I now had a 3-year agreement with NA Bancard, I tried to cancel that as well on the grounds of being given false information. They said I would have to pay some obsene amount (like $3000) to get out of my contract, so I stayed.
      What a great way to start a new relationship with the company, huh?

      -NA Bancard charges you a SALES TAX on their wireless fee. As in, a retail sales tax, which is normally only charged on goods (not services, especially provided by an out-of-state company). I live in Chicago, a city with the highest sales tax in U.S., and they were charging me my local rate. Is that legal? How???

      -Contacting NABancard to speak with a customer service rep is an adventure. Many times I was on hold for 20, 30 minutes before losing patience and hanging up to call back the next day. …Only to be put on hold again. Once you actually do speak with the rep, most of their replies are scripted. It really does feel like you are speaking with robots. Expressing your frustration or emotions (politely) never helps, they give you the same monotone robot-like answer. They are never proactive in solving your problems.

      -About a year ago NABancard created this “great” service they call MyBizPerks. It is some online way to access your statements and account information. I did not actually use it. The best part – they started charging me an additional $9.95 per month for this service, without me EVER agreeing to it, or requesting it. When I called to complain, they said: “well, one of the statements did give you an option to opt out”. By the way, they also provide a way to “opt out” online, which only shows an “error” message. I was furious. I requested to be refunded for the $9.95 charges, and still, months later, waiting on that refund.

      -I could go on and on – but you get the picture. Once my 3-year contract was up, I couldn’t wait to cancel. But wait – to cancel your contract you have to be forwarded to a “specialist”. No, a customer service rep can not close your freaking account for you. Only a specialist can, who is apparently very special because they are never, ever available. Nor dor they ever return your call, so forget about leaving a message. After 3 more days of holding for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, I finally spoke with that “specialist”. I returned my equipment, which thankfully, was in fine working condition (otherwise, I hear, they would have charged me twice the market rate fo it). Account was closed. FREEDOM!!!

      Save yourself 3 years of nightmares. Stay far, far away from North American Bancard.


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Renee S

      Anna, I could have written your letter word for word except for I still have one and a half year of misery left on my “excellent” contract. Thanks for the heads up on what I’ll have to go through when we finally are able to happily terminate their services.

      And just another mind-bending frustration ~ I KNEW that Merchant Services Providers are horrible to deal with and I actually “grilled” the salesman who roped me into this deal for WEEKS! To his credit, he was good! When I realized I had been had, the 45 day cancellation period had passed, of course! Like you, my salesman has, for all intents and purposes, fallen off the face of the planet! Customer Service is about as pleasant to deal with as getting a root canal!

      And, again, I concur with your advice: Stay far, far away from NAB!

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      Alan Ein

      NAB is the closest business to a criminal enterprise I have ever encountered. Their salespeople and customer service reps are liars and cheats. I have been in business for over forty years and I have never encountered a more devious, dishonest company. My advice is to run like the wind. Do not do business with this horrible company under any circumstance.

      RatingNot Rated

      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

      richard kaye

      you are 100% correct..NAB is a bunch of theives. They said they called us when they did not. They said they e-mailed us when they did not. We also had to find out about “my biz perks” by accident after they had been charging us for it and they would not refund those charges but allowed us to cancel and said we earned 2-rolls of receipt paper while we were enrolled.
      When we did stop using them they continued to bill us monthly charges although there was no activity ..and after 5 months of this tried to bang us for a $295 termination fee on top of the
      several hundred dollars in fees for providing no service . Contacting them was difficult. Clearly they are out to screw their merchants.
      It is tough to find a good credit card processor; but NAB is surely not one of them!

      RatingNot Rated

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