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Business Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

According to most of the traditional indicators, the American economy is doing well, or at least as well as it’s been doing in a while. However, with such necessities as housing and healthcare becoming ever more prohibitively expensive for the average person, is it any wonder that, belying the propagandistic happy talk, articles aimed at people […]

The 5 Best Business Lines Of Credit For Bad Credit

Each small business is unique, but every business has at least one thing in common: they all need money to operate. Whether it’s for day-to-day operations, a major purchase, or the dreaded unexpected emergency, businesses need ready cash — and lots of it. In an ideal world, you would just reach for your checkbook or debit […]

Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop You From Getting A Startup Loan

How can you get the startup funds you need when most banks won’t touch you with a ten-foot pole? Check out these lenders that issue business loans with no credit check.

The 7 Best Small Business Loans For Bad Credit In 2019

The following lenders will work with you even if you have bad credit–and–they won’t take advantage of you.

The Bad Credit Merchant Account

Have poor credit? These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t. I can’t count how many emails I’ve received from merchants desperate to get the best merchant account, but unable to do so because of their low credit score. The truth is that they can get a merchant account…they’re just not looking in the right […]

9 Ways To Finance Your Minority-Owned Small Business, Even If You Have Bad Credit

Minority-owned small businesses statistically have a harder time getting financing, especially if the owner has poor credit. Improve your chances by using one of these minority-friendly loan programs.


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