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Clover Go App & Card Reader Review

Clover Go looks like any other mobile processing app out there. Unfortunately, small businesses are going to encounter inconsistent pricing and potentially awful customer support. Check out our Clover Go review to see if it’s really the best option for you!

Clover POS Review 2022

At first glance, Clover seems like an ideal POS solution. It’s flexible, feature-rich, and functional. However, it’s not a cheap product. But if you want a simple, attractive POS solution — and don’t mind taking a risk on customer service and payment processing — you could do a lot worse than Clover and its many different offerings.

Clover Station POS Review: Is The Clover Station The Right Choice For Your Small Business?

Clover Station’s plug-and-play design is attractive to merchants who want to get up and running fast with little hassle and a pretty, yet powerful hardware setup. The proprietary, Android-based Clover Station is intuitive and minimalistic in its design, similar to Apple products. But there are drawbacks.

Clover Mini Review 2022

Designed to be a smaller, more accessible version of the popular Clover Station POS system, the Clover Mini comes with a built-in receipt printer, a USB hub (to allow for interface with peripheral hardware), and a customer-facing camera. Read on for more details and a comprehensive review of the Clover Mini.

Sam’s Club Merchant Services Review (Now Sam’s Club Point Of Sale By Clover)

Sam’s Club Merchant Services uses the appeal of the bulk-discount warehouse business to bring in merchants, but the reality is that processing payments through Sam’s Club is likely to be far more costly for small businesses.

Clover Mobile Review

Pros Access to Clover app market Highly customizable Accepts virtually all forms of payment Portable Cons Can’t separate POS from payment processing Hardware is proprietary Overview Imagine having access to one of the more innovative and user-friendly POS systems in the palm of your hand, with the ability to check inventory, analyze reports, and make […]

Bank Of America Merchant Services Review

Despite its gigantic footprint in the payments industry, Bank of America isn’t really bringing anything spectacular to the table. Its merchant rates are hardly competitive, and if anything, BofA can add strict contractual agreements that hide behind its dinner-table name recognition.

First Data Merchant Services Review (Now Fiserv)

First Data (now Fiserv) is a massive company offering everything a merchant could need for payment processing. But small businesses will pay a premium for access, whereas large businesses might be able to negotiate a fair deal.

Clover Credit Card Machine Scams: Everything You Need To Know To Avoid Getting Fleeced

There is a lot of buzz surrounding First Data’s tablet-based POS products: Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. Now there’s even Clover Go, a mobile POS solution. But unlike with most iPad POS systems, you can’t just download the app and test out the POS. You have to buy the complete hardware package to see Clover in action. This has led many merchants to places like eBay, looking for a deal. Unfortunately, it has also led predatory merchant services companies to sell business owners more than they bargained for.

Wells Fargo Merchant Services Review

Large banking organizations such as Wells Fargo have little motivation to offer competitive terms or prices on payment processing. Customer service is also subpar, and the promise of quicker deposit times is rarely fulfilled, with many competing providers now capable of getting your money to you even faster. Read more in our review of Wells Fargo Merchant Services.


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