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POS 101: Choosing A POS System

Choosing a point of sale system that’s just right for your business is incredibly important. With the right POS software, your business should produce all you need to live a fairly comfortable life. With the wrong POS software, your business will explode in a fiery spectacle. Alright, so maybe selecting a POS isn’t quite that […]

POS 101: Take Advantage Of Your POS

So far in the POS 101 series, we’ve covered a number of topics, from choosing point of sale software and hardware to making sure you’re budgeting for success. But now, it’s time to go back to the basics and think about all the different ways you can fully utilize your point of sale system. From […]

POS 101: Budgeting For Success

Responsible money management. Budgeting. Finance. These are concepts designed to strike terror and apprehension into the very hearts of the general population. Okay, I admit that’s a slight exaggeration (only slight). To people with MBAs or accounting degrees these otherwise intimidating terms probably generate a sense of excitement and a rosy glow. I’ve never met […]

POS 101: The Cloud

If you’re a living, breathing human being and you’ve lived on Planet Earth for the last ten years or so, chances are you’ve heard about a little thing called the cloud. (I’ll make an exception for the undead and astronauts on long-term missions, but even those folks must have heard whispered rumors of this strange, […]

POS 101: Customer Engagement

As a merchant, you’ve got a tough job. I certainly don’t envy the fact that you not only have to manage your employees, upkeep your inventory, somehow make sense of your sales data, pay the bills, and make sure your establishment doesn’t burn to the ground, but also convince potential customers to do their shopping […]

POS 101: Security

Criminal behavior is constantly changing in response to the methods designed to prevent it. Given technological advances, successfully robbing a bank is much more difficult than it used to be. And this holds true for any form of theft that requires the offender to be physically present. The advent and proliferation of the internet, however, […]

POS 101: API Integrations

Ever since the emergence of cloud technology, the point of sale industry has made an increasingly aggressive push toward centralization. This has largely involved the utilization of integrations between two or more systems. Your point of sale vendor would love to be able to provide you with an all-in-one solution that meets all of your […]

The Retailer’s Inventory Management Guide: How To Use Your POS To Maximize Success

The difference between a good system for retail inventory control and a poor one can be the difference between turning a healthy profit or ending up in the red. This article will give you some simple advice on what to look for in a retail management system and how you can utilize one to help your business.

Everything You Need To Know About Merchant Services

Merchant services is a broad term that encompasses pretty much any software or hardware a business owner uses to accept payments. We’ll show you how to compare merchant services & find the best option for your needs.

Is It Time To Switch To An iPad POS?

Remember your initial confusion the first time you made a purchase at a store or restaurant and were handed an iPad to complete your transaction? It probably wasn’t as long ago as you think. In just a few short years, retailers (particularly SMBs) have been switching to iPad-based point of sale systems in droves. But […]


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