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ShopKeep By Lightspeed Review

ShopKeep is one of our favorite iPad POS apps because of its intuitive interface and powerful inventory management. See if the features and pricing are a good fit for your small business.

Ambur POS Review

An iOS app designed by restaurants for restaurants, Ambur POS caters to businesses on a budget, but the low price doesn’t quite make up for some of the limitations of the system.

ShopKeep VS Revel

ShopKeep (see our review) and Revel Systems (see our review) are some very recognizable names in iPad point-of-sale (POS) systems. In the past several years, numerous merchants have switched out their traditional POS in favor of one of these cutting-edge, web-based POS’s. However, even though they’re both iPad POS’s, ShopKeep and Revel are actually quite different from […]

ShopKeep VS Lightspeed

I like to think iPad point of sale systems provide a kind of happy medium between mobile POS and traditional POS systems. In many cases, they offer all of the functionality of the older, more expensive point of sale systems, along with cool web-based features and mobility when you need it. ShopKeep (see our review) and Lightspeed (see […]

9 POS Systems With Great Mobile Apps

I’ll be honest. Excluding trips to the grocery store, I’m always a bit surprised when I see a business with a clunky old POS. I just about cringe when I see one of the really old systems. And maybe that’s because my job is reviewing mobile processing apps, but in 2018 there’s really no reason you […]

The 10 Best Restaurant Management Software Apps

It’s almost 2019, if you can believe it, and more than fall leaves or pumpkin spice lattes, tech fans like myself relish the smell of a freshly unboxed smartphone (thanks to Apple’s annual September unveiling). But it’s not just consumers who love mobile tech; businesses do too.  As mobile technology becomes more powerful, businesses — […]

Best POS Software For Kiosks, Popup-Stands, Carts, Or Booths

Ah, the mall. The land where young teenagers wander aimlessly with the hopes of somehow attaining a new level of coolness. Where the commingling smells of hot pretzels and heavy cologne trickle out of every air conditioning vent. It’s the place where you can watch a helpless woman wander too close to a Curling Iron […]

Guide To Buying ShopKeep Hardware

There are a lot of reason why ShopKeep is among our most recommended point of sale systems for small businesses. This product remains one of the more affordable options on the market while giving you a wide variety of features to help your retail or restaurant establishment function efficiently. Chances are, if you’ve decided to […]

Clover Credit Card Machine Scams: Everything You Need To Know To Avoid Getting Fleeced

There is a lot of buzz surrounding First Data’s tablet-based POS products: Clover Station, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. Now there’s even Clover Go, a mobile POS solution. But unlike with most iPad POS systems, you can’t just download the app and test out the POS. You have to buy the complete hardware package to see Clover in action. This has led many merchants to places like eBay, looking for a deal. Unfortunately, it has also led predatory merchant services companies to sell business owners more than they bargained for.

How To Choose A Cloud-Based POS System

When “the cloud” first came on to the scene it was met with excitement and more than a little confusion. What was this nebulous new creation? Could it possibly be a safe place to store my sensitive information? Where exactly is my data stored and how can I gain access to it? These were all valid […]


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