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Business Credit Scores: The Complete Guide

As an adult, you’re likely aware of what a personal credit score is, how it’s used, and why it’s important. From applying for a mortgage to renting an apartment to applying for a loan or credit card, your credit score is a reflection of your creditworthiness. A high personal credit score shows that you’re a […]

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What Is A UCC Blanket Lien?

UCC-1 blanket liens are often required when you take out a business loan, credit line, or lease. In this article, we explain what liens are and what you need to know about them, so business financers can’t take advantage of your business.

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merchant cash advance alternatives

The 12 Best Merchant Cash Advance Alternatives

Merchant cash advances are often cited as quick, easy, and flexible financing options for small businesses. While bank loans can take months and have a high rejection rate, merchant cash advance applications only take a few days and are much more lenient about the businesses they’ll accept. However, while they can be perfect for certain […]

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The Best Kabbage Alternatives

Kabbage is an online lender known for its extremely quick application process and convenient loan products. The lender’s always-accessible online interface and low barrier to entry mean that Kabbage is often a favorite for businesses that are not interested in (or not qualified for) more traditional business funding. Plus, Kabbage’s line of credit-style loans grant borrowers more flexibility in how they […]

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personal loans used for business

How To Get A Personal Loan For Business

As a business owner, getting the financial boost you need to grow and expand, keep operations flowing efficiently, and cover emergency expenses should be easy, right? After all, banks, credit unions, and online lenders have made business loans more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, if you’ve ever applied for a business loan, you already know that […]

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SBA Loans Explained: Everything You Need To Know

The Small Business Administration is an indispensable resource for business owners in need of financing. In partnership with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, the SBA offers low-cost government-backed business loans. SBA loans can be used for most business uses, such as working capital, inventory, equipment, refinancing, and real estate. SBA loan borrower requirements […]

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