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The Best Business Lines Of Credit For 2018

A line of credit is one of the most useful tools at a business owner’s disposal. Merchants with a line of credit can have short-term funds available within a few days without going through a long application process every time. These funds can be used for many business reasons, such as working capital, business growth, […]

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How To Get A Small Business Line Of Credit

If you are a merchant who has struggled to pay bills or missed out on an opportunity to grow your business due to a lack of capital, you know just how frustrating cash flow problems can be. A business line of credit is a potential solution for cash flow problems experienced by small business owners. Lines of […]

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How To Get A Personal Loan For Business

Startup owners often have a difficult time accessing financing to keep their businesses growing. While it’s becoming easier and easier to get business financing due to online loans, startups have largely been left out of the mix. Business lenders, understandably, don’t want to risk lending to an unproven business with no operating history. There are […]

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SBA Loan Rates – Current Rates For July 2018

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a number of loan programs designed to help small businesses grow. SBA loans are known for having some of the lowest interest rates available. Below, we explain the rates for three of the SBA’s most popular loan programs: 7(a) Loans (business loans for most general business purposes), CDC/504 Loans […]

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cdfi community development financial institution

Is A CDFI Loan Right For My Business?

Merchants looking for business financing are often faced with a difficult choice: apply for a bank loan (which are low-cost but time-consuming and hard to get) or an online loan (which have higher approval rates and faster applications but can be very expensive). However, some business owners might not be aware that they have a […]

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lending club alternatives

The Best Alternatives To Lending Club Personal And Business Loans

Lending Club (read our review) is, hands down, one of the most popular lenders available online for personal and business loans. Founded in 2006, this company was one of the first non-bank, non-payday lenders on the market. While there are many other online lenders available now, Lending Club loans are popular because they are competitively […]

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Fundbox vs BlueVine

Fundbox VS BlueVine

Two of the biggest names involved in the new, more ethical methods of invoice factoring are BlueVine and Fundbox. We’re fans of both of these services here at Merchant Maverick, but which one is better? You, presumably, are reading this because you own a business that processes invoices. So which one should get your patronage? That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

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