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paypal working capital loan

Understanding Your PayPal Working Capital Loan Offer

For PayPal sellers, PayPal Working Capital (PPWC) is hands-down the easiest way to borrow working capital for your business. Barring rejection, borrowers can complete the whole application process and receive their funds in a few minutes. But is an offer from PayPal Working Capital a good deal? And is it the best offer for your […]

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Understanding Your Square Capital Loan Offer

If you’re a Square seller, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten an offer for a Square Capital loan. There’s no denying that these loans are a fast and easy way to get extra working capital for your business, but are they too good to be true? Read on to learn everything you need to know […]

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ondeck alternatives business loan

The 6 Best OnDeck Alternatives

If you’re looking for a business loan, chances are you’ve come across the name OnDeck. Founded back in 2007, OnDeck was one of the first companies to offer fast, easy-to-access business loans. Although the company has more competition today, OnDeck is still one of the most well-known lenders available because it’s fast, easy to qualify […]

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The 5 Best Kabbage Alternatives

Kabbage is an online lender known for its extremely quick application process and convenient line of credit style loans. The lender’s always-accessible online interface and a low barrier to entry mean that Kabbage is often a favorite for businesses that are not interested in (or not qualified for) more traditional business funding. Plus, Kabbage’s line of credit-style loans grant borrowers […]

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merchant cash advance industry

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

If your business needs money, but doesn’t qualify for a traditional loan due to poor credit scores or a short business history, you aren’t out of options quite yet: a merchant cash advance (MCA) provider might be willing to advance you money—and fast. Unfortunately, many financial professionals warn against using this type of financing; the […]

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What’s the Best Way To Get a Loan For My New Business?

Perhaps it’s an understatement to say that starting a business is hard work. With countless judgment calls, details to attend to, plans to make, and business-related things to learn, quite frankly, it’s a wonder that anybody starts a successful business. One of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur with a fledgling business has to make is how to fund […]

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Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring: Everything You Need to Know

Non-recourse factoring is a highly sought-after option when you’re considering a new invoice factoring partner. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about this kind of factoring, and some companies are not entirely invested in clearing up these misconceptions. To ensure you’re getting the best arrangement for your business, you need to know the benefits and limitations […]

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Merchant Cash Advances and APRs

Small business owners searching for a merchant cash advance (MCA) or short-term business loan (STL) are often surprised to learn—after the fact—that their capital has come with a very high effective annual percentage rate (APR). The fact that your merchant cash advance might have an effective APR of, for example, 150% can be a big surprise. After all, that’s a very […]

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double dipping merchant cash advance short term loan

Double Dipping: The Hidden Cost of a Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances (MCAs) and short-term loans (STLs) are an easy way for merchants to borrow cash for business purposes. Although these types of financing often get a bad rap, many legitimate business funders offer merchant cash advances and short term loans. However, because these types of funding are still relatively new and often misunderstood, some […]

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invoice factoring rates fees

Understanding Invoice Factoring Rates & Fees

Invoice factoring is perhaps one of the most convoluted types of financing available to merchants. Because factoring involves many different parties and has a lot of moving parts, rates and fees can be difficult to parse. Nonetheless, having a good understanding of rates and fees will ensure that you’re working with the best invoice factor […]

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