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What Are Hard Money Loans?

It’s not unusual to be caught in a Catch-22 when you’re looking for loans. The ideal borrower is one with good credit and strong revenue. You know, the kind that isn’t that desperate for a cash infusion. But if you’re looking to purchase and develop property, even with a handicap like poor credit, there’s another […]

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Nov 20, 2018 Filed under: Business Loans 0

Choosing An American Express Corporate Card

Unlike their small business counterparts, corporate credit cards are highly customizable. When it comes to Visa and Mastercard, your corporate card benefits will largely be based on the arrangements you make with your bank. American Express, however, directly issues corporate cards, so you can do more comparing upfront than you otherwise could with a Visa […]

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Nov 13, 2018 Filed under: Business Credit Cards, Business Loans 1

The Best Banks For Small Business Loans

Not impressed with the easy applications but high interest rates offered by alternative lenders? Well, the good news is that, despite the ubiquity of online financing, most of the best rates in the business continued to be offered by local banks and credit unions. Because you’re likely to encounter stricter credit requirements, as well as […]

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The Best Equipment Financers For 2019

  While there’s still a good case to be made for going through traditional banks for equipment funding, circumstances — including mediocre credit, unhealthy cash flow, or a short time in business — may lead you to look online for a less traditional method of financing. Below, we’ll share information about some of our favorite […]

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