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Top 3 Alternatives to Wix

I like to shed a degree of light onto the overlooked gems of the website building industry. Under-resourced companies doing more with less. Enterprising enterprises that galvanize the rest of us enervated yet credulous dreamers to think we’ve got a snowball’s chance. Little bands of digital upstarts that make up for what they lack in polish and feature add-ons with grit, […]

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Top 3 Alternatives to

“As goes life, so goes website building.” — Abraham Lincoln The trend towards simple, mobile responsive website builders has been apparent for some time now. The reasons why are self-evident. With pressures on our time and money seemingly on a permanent growth spiral, the vast majority of us are left to digest the fact that we must do more […]

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How To Build a Website For Your Small Business

Given the fraught economic climate we find ourselves in, you might say there’s never been a riskier time to launch a small business. Amid the struggle to stay financially solvent and skills-relevant in a callous world, what irrationality, what madness could inspire someone to spurn their hard-fought position in the rat race and risk it all to […]

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Best Website Builders for Mobile Sites

So you like to think of your website as quite the masterpiece. Designed with pitch-perfect aesthetics and seamless functionality for your customers, your website (and, by extension, you) stands as a shining testament to what can be accomplished in the digital age with grit and a touch of know-how. Your site infuses the browsers and the hearts of grateful cyberspace […]

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Which Website Builders Have the Best Templates?

Perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a DIY wizard. Eschewing safety nets and training wheels, you display the telltale tendency of the go-getter to fetishize a stringent conception of self-reliance. You eat Grape Nuts straight out of the package. You keep getting tickets for not wearing your seat belt. You only play video games at the […]

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3 Website Builders with Free eCommerce

Website builders have evolved in sophistication since the days when throwing some text up against sparkly wallpaper sufficed as a web presence for a major corporation. Advancements in technology and design, along with the revolutionary idea that one shouldn’t have to struggle to read red text against a print background, have demanded a more technologically rigorous […]

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Wix VS Weebly

We live in a time of economic tension and status anxiety; a ragged, atomized epoch where the risks are pervasive and grave, the rewards elusive and often illusory. The internal contradictions of the middle-class respectability dream have been laid bare by the ravenous depredations of our rentier overlords. Our response, too often, is dictated by our fear of falling off that blessed […]

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5 Best Free Website Builders

  As the renowned urban documentary West Side Story proved, everything’s free in America – for a small fee. In America. Replace “America” with “Planet Earth” and you have an accurate conception of life’s order of operations. Obtaining things generally involves some kind of exchange. Happily, this doesn’t mean free products are entirely unavailable. This is […]

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Beware of Website Builder Scams

Website building is an endeavor with very low barriers to entry. All you need is a computer (actually, a few builders are now fully operable from a mobile device), internet access, and, ideally, some semblance of an idea. It was therefore inevitable from the moment internet access became commonplace that website builders would spring up from every […]

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Top 3 Best Website Builders for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

“Question the heroic approach” – Brian Eno, Oblique Strategies We humans have a cognitive bias as regards our centrality to the universe. Maybe personal exceptionalism is an adaptive trait, serving to inoculate us against the omnipresent realities of doom and failure. Maybe it’s a byproduct of a consumer culture relentlessly incentivized to assure us of our own uniqueness. Either way, […]

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