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Hosting QuickBooks Pro

Hosting QuickBooks Pro: An Introduction

It’s no secret that when it comes to companies with complex accounting needs, QuickBooks Online (see our review) doesn’t hold a candle to its locally installed forbearer. Forums, social media, and accounting sites are rife with the questions and complaints: “I just want the software I love accessible from anywhere! How hard can it be?” Harder […]

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Jul 9, 2016 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing 3
Invoicing Versus Accounting

Invoicing Versus Accounting Software: What’s Best for Your Business?

Every business needs a way to handle its finances, and in almost all cases, that involves both invoicing and bookkeeping. From dealing with estimated taxes to collecting payments from forgetful customers, there’s a lot that goes along with operating a business – and as the freelance economy grows, more and more independent contractors are finding […]

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Jul 2, 2016 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing 1

Job Costing: What Is It and Do I Need it?

Of the many questions I’ve received from small business owners over the years, one of the most frequent runs along these lines: “My work involves a lot of projects for various clients. Is there any way to look at profit and loss on all these individual projects? And how do I figure out which software […]

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Jun 25, 2016 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing 1
Invoicing software

How to Choose Invoicing Software

So. You’ve decided that Excel and Word just aren’t cutting it anymore. Maybe, like FreshBooks founder Mike McDerment, you accidentally saved over an old invoice in Word and lost important data. Maybe you have trouble keeping track of which clients haven’t paid yet and you want an easier way to do it. Or maybe you […]

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Sep 4, 2014 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing 0

Invoicing Software: Free or Paid?

Everything is better free, right? There’s a certain appeal to not having to pay for the basic tools you need to keep your business running, especially when you’re just starting out. This fact comes as no surprise to software developers, who have responded to the market demand with a variety of free invoicing programs. But […]

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Aug 25, 2014 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing 0
How to Choose Accounting Software

How to Choose Accounting Software

Choosing accounting software isn’t easy. There are a lot of options, and (despite what the advertisers may say), there is not a single program which is best for all businesses. Far from it. So how do you figure out which small business accounting software program is the best for you? If you’re serious about finding a […]

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Aug 16, 2014 Filed under: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing 2