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Rose Holman

Rose Holman

Rose Holman is a writer, blogger, and educator from Portland, OR with an MA in Teaching from Western Oregon University. She enjoys educating SMB owners about the complicated (and notoriously sketchy) world of payment processing. Since starting at Merchant Maverick in 2016, she has also added eCommerce software to her areas of expertise.
Rose Holman
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Pros Month-to-month agreement No setup or application fees Good customer support Cons Deceptive advertising Limited pricing disclosed online Expensive for low-volume merchants Overview I’ll admit that is a solid name for a merchant account provider. Like the gateway company Authorize.Net for authorizing transactions,’s name pretty much says what it does. And, like Authorize.Net, the business […]

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Dec 16, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews
Merchants' Choice Payment Processing Review Logo

Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions Review

Pros Cost-plus pricing possible Low monthly fee possible Cons Deceptive sales tactics No pricing disclosed online Early termination fee Expensive for low-volume merchants Numerous public compliants Overview Founded in Texas in 1989, Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions (a.k.a. MCPS or Merchants’ Choice) has to be one of the older merchant service providers I’ve reviewed. Did we even […]

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Nov 4, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews
YapStone Review Logo

YapStone Review

Pros Ideal for property management industry Good marketplace tools Good website & advertising Predictable flat-rate pricing Cons Not good for traditional retail and restaurants Poor customer support Overview My husband likes to tell the story of the sunken stones from the island of Yap. He heard a piece on Planet Money about the ancient Yapese people […]

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Dec 16, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews
merchant bankcard review-logo

Merchant Bankcard Review

Pros Transparent cost-plus pricing Month-to-month agreement Cons Deceptive advertising Poor customer service Numerous public complaints Overview For our review of Merchant Bankcard, let’s dive right into what you learn from the company website. If you head over to, you’ll find a sleek, modern homepage. You’ll immediately notice the headline graphic featuring stacks of coins […]

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Dec 19, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews
argus merchant services review logo

Argus Merchant Services Review

Pros Chinese & Spanish language support Caters to a wide variety of industries Cons Poor customer support Deceptive sales tactics Deceptive advertising Early termination fee Expensive for low-volume merchants Overview How do you review a merchant account provider with two contradicting websites, and when no one from the company will talk with you to explain anything? […]

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Dec 18, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews

8 Insights On The Cashless Revolution At The Portland Food Carts

Simple and streamlined to the core, it’s no wonder the ancient art of street food vending has blossomed with the increasingly fast pace of life. The humble food cart fully launched into the modern era with the introduction of mobile payment processing solutions offered by companies like Square. With pricing and equipment tailored for low-volume/low-ticket […]

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Sep 20, 2019 Filed under: Credit Card Processing, Mobile Payments
flashbanc review logo

FlashBanc Review

Pros Few public complaints Month-to-month agreement possible Good for high-risk merchants Cons No pricing disclosed online Expensive for low-volume merchants Early termination fee possible Overview Did you know there’s a pile of cash on every street corner in America? I certainly didn’t–that is until I was enlightened by FlashBanc, a merchant acquirer based in Boca […]

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Dec 16, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews
Merchant e-Solutions Review Logo

Merchant e-Solutions Review

Pros Good developer tools Few public complaints Good customer service Cons No pricing disclosed online Early termination fee Overview Remember when sticking a little “e” on the front of words was all the rage? eCommerce! eBay! eHarmony! I vividly remember signing up for a magical service called “e-mail” in 1998. Man, I’m officially old. The […]

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Jun 3, 2022 Filed under: Merchant Account Reviews

AbanteCart Review

AbanteCart is a free, open-source shopping cart that was built by developers with a passion for free and accessible software. Abante is a Filipino word that means “to move forward” or “to lead,” and while I don’t see AbanteCart as an outright industry leader, it does provide an intriguing option with its own special twist on the ecommerce genre.

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Jun 3, 2022 Filed under: Shopping Cart Software Reviews

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