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The Step-By-Step Guide To Buying A Franchise

Owning a franchise is a career path some people look into when their life circumstances change. For example, recent retirees or veterans returning to civilian life often turn to franchising. But really, you don’t have to have any special circumstances or qualifications to become a franchisee. You do, however, need to know what you’re getting […]

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Jul 29, 2019 Filed under: Business Loans, Point of Sale, Small Business 3
grants for women

The Best Business Grants For Women

Do an online search for “business grants for women” and a slew of articles will come up. But when you click to read the articles, you’ll find that there is scant, if any, information on actual grants. Often, when you do find the name of a specific grant for female-led businesses, like the “Huggies Mom […]

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Jul 22, 2019 Filed under: Business Grants, Business Loans 21
how much money to start a business

How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Business?

Startup capital is a necessity for virtually all businesses. However, the cost to start a business varies widely depending on what kind of business you are starting. For example, a home-based endeavor such as a dropshipping company or an Amazon business can cost less than $1,000 to get off the ground; the same goes for […]

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maryland business loans

Maryland Small Business Loans

One of the wealthiest states in the nation, Maryland is considered one of the best U.S. states to live and work in. Being one of the 13 original colonies, Maryland is also among the nation’s oldest states; however, that doesn’t mean it rejects the new. Its largest city, Baltimore, was named by Forbes as one […]

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small business loans for veterans

Best Small Business Loans For Veterans

Veteran-owned businesses are an important contributor to the national economy and account for a whopping 9 percent of US companies, according to the US Census Bureau. Census data also shows that the majority of veterans (61.7%) rely on personal savings to start their business, while fewer than 10 percent of vet-owned firms get business loans. […]

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business registration

How To Register Your Business: The Complete Guide

Registering for things is one of those annoying but unavoidable parts of life, whether you’re registering for school, a fishing license, or a business permit. For businesses in particular, registration legitimizes your business as a legal entity in the eyes of your local, state, and federal government. Registration also offers certain protections for your business—for […]

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OnDeck VS LoanBuilder: Which Is Best For Your Business?

OnDeck and LoanBuilder are both forces to be reckoned with in the short-term business loan space. OnDeck is probably the more recognizable name, but LoanBuilder was recently acquired by PayPal, which is arguably one of the most recognizable names there is. Both lending services are easy to apply for and have relatively lax borrower requirements, […]

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