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Shannon Vissers

Shannon Vissers

Expert Analyst & Reviewer at Merchant Maverick
The former editor-in-chief of SteelOrbis, Shannon has been researching and writing about small business software and financing since 2015. Her shopping and retail expertise has been cited in numerous publications, including Reader's Digest, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and GOBankingRates . She has also published articles for LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, Life'd, and other websites. Shannon attended San Diego State University, graduating in 2005 with a BA in English.
Shannon Vissers
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5 Best Third-Party Delivery Services For Food & Drink In 2023

As a restaurant or retail business owner, pairing with one ore more of these companies can potentially bring in a boon of new revenue. However, with so many choices, are certain services better than others? Let’s take a look at what separates some of the more popular third-party delivery services in the industry, and hopefully, you can decide which one, if any, makes the most sense for your company.

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Feb 24, 2023 Filed under: eCommerce, Restaurant POS, Retail POS, Small Business

Coronavirus Survival Guide For Restaurants

While it’s hard to predict the future as things are changing so rapidly, it seems likely that many restaurants will remain open throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, if only in a limited capacity via delivery and take out options. Keep reading to learn how your restaurant business can adapt to new business conditions in the age of coronavirus, including resources on how you can save your business from closing and even continue serving customers during this crisis.

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Apr 6, 2020 Filed under: Restaurant POS, Small Business

How Inventory Financing Works & When It’s Right (Or Wrong) For Your Small Business Funding Needs

Inventory financing is a type of asset-based loan in which the inventory you’re purchasing with the loan is used as collateral to secure the loan. Depending on the arrangement, the lender may also require you to put up your accounts receivable as collateral. The amount of financing you receive is directly related to the value of the inventory in question, usually 70 to 80% of the inventory’s value. Read our article for the full story on inventory financing, including rates and terms.

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Mar 10, 2020 Filed under: Business Loans, Inventory Management

Why Point Of Sale Data Is The Secret To Understanding Your Business And Making More Sales

In just a day’s worth of transactions, your POS has the potential to collect a wealth of information about your sales, your employees, your customers, and the trends that can make or break your business. There’s a good chance you’re not taking full advantage of even your POS system’s basic data reporting capabilities. Read on for more information about how to use POS reports to your advantage.

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Mar 9, 2020 Filed under: Point of Sale, Small Business
Clover POS pricing

The Complete 2023 Clover Pricing Guide

Shopping for a Clover POS system? With so many companies peddling the system, making a choice and comparing costs can be daunting. Let us set the record straight on what a good Clover POS price is and where you can get the best deals.

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Feb 7, 2023 Filed under: Point of Sale

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