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Shelbi Wescott

Shelbi Wescott

Managing Editor at Merchant Maverick
Managing Editor Shelbi Wescott has been researching and comparing small business payroll and accounting software since 2019. An accomplished author in both the science-fiction and mystery genres, she received an Honorable Mention for Best YA Mystery from the Library Journal for her novel After Life. Shelbi has a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College.
Shelbi Wescott
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Zenefits Logo

Zenefits Review

Zenefits, a cloud-based HR system for small business owners, wants to bring the zen into benefits. Zenefits. Get it? And with its intuitive interface, employee-friendly mobile app, and focus on simple compliance, Zenefits is a solid contender in the world of online payroll systems.

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Sep 21, 2021 Filed under: Payroll Services & Software Reviews 1
pivot to ecommerce

Small Businesses See Success With eCommerce Pivot

When small businesses shut down in early March as a response to the threat of the novel coronavirus, a new normal began to emerge from the changing landscape. Now, midway through August, questions about the future still linger, but business owners are no longer thinking about short-term solutions. COVID is here to stay, additional government support is in limbo, and if a small business is going to survive, it needs to embrace the eCommerce pivot, specifically.

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Aug 14, 2020 Filed under: eCommerce, News 0
Black health matters

What Nonprofits Can Teach Small Businesses: Spotlight On NxNE Community Health Center

Nonprofits have plenty to teach small business owners about managing money and people, communicating a mission, carving out a needed niche, writing a business plan, and using social media to tell their story. Learn more about North by Northeast Community Health Center, the only free health clinic in Oregon dedicated to African American/Black health, and see how following the pattern of a successful nonprofit can change your business ethics and efficacy.

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Aug 5, 2020 Filed under: Small Business 0
Payroll Definitions

Payroll Terms & Definitions Every Business Owner Needs To Know

With the right software, DIY can sometimes be as simple as uploading information into the cloud and clicking a button. Even so, small business owners should take the time to understand the various components of payroll. Think of it this way: If an employee comes to you with a question about their paycheck, you should be able to help and explain any payroll documents in a teachable manner.

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Jul 30, 2020 Filed under: Payroll 0
Ruby's Cleaning Service

Ruby’s Cleaning Service: A Pandemic Cinderella Story

Ashley Miller took COVID-related job loss and uncertainty and turned her misfortune into opportunity, starting Ruby’s Cleaning Service just months into the worldwide pandemic. Thanks to hard work and a solid niche in the real estate market, this cleaning business looks to have a bright future. Read on as we turn our small business spotlight on Ruby’s Cleaning Service, LLC.

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Jul 28, 2020 Filed under: Small Business 0
Business Spotlight

Dissolution Of A Dream: One Small Business’s Journey To Closing Its Doors

Located in Portland, Oregon’s Sellwood neighborhood, the Pied Piper cafe opened in 2015. The business boasted a contained play area, served fresh food, and even had a patio and on-site parking. It was also the type of desired community gathering spot dreamed about by other frazzled parents juggling work and kids in the upscale district. Owner Melissa Swan recently closed her doors. Read more about her journey here.

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Jul 15, 2020 Filed under: Small Business 1

A Cashless Future Is Coming. Is Your Small Business Ready?

Even before the spread of COVID wreaked global havoc, cash was a dirty business. Literally dirty. And the physical dirtiness of cash in the time of COVID has resurrected and accelerated the debate around going cashless. Most customers already prefer to use a card or other non-cash payment method, and some industries have already gone cashless. Is it time to transition to a cashless business model? Read on to find out.

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Jul 14, 2020 Filed under: News 0

How To Get A Business License: Expected Cost, Timeline, & Resources To Get You Started

A business license is a permit to operate your business, and it is non-negotiable. In fact, it is illegal to operate a business without a permit or license. This keeps you accountable to the city in which you operate and helps local government agencies regulate the businesses in their jurisdiction. Learn more about getting and maintaining a license to run a business in your state.

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Jul 7, 2020 Filed under: Small Business 0

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