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Shelbi Wescott

Shelbi Wescott

Managing Editor at Merchant Maverick
Managing Editor Shelbi Wescott has been researching and comparing small business payroll and accounting software since 2019. An accomplished author in both the science-fiction and mystery genres, she received an Honorable Mention for Best YA Mystery from the Library Journal for her novel After Life. Shelbi has a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College.
Shelbi Wescott
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IRS closed COVID-19

Get Ready To File Your Business Taxes Soon: The July 15 Tax Deadline Is Coming Up Fast

In March 2020, the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service put into place a three-month tax deferral as a result of the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The extension provided individuals and small businesses extra time to get their finances in order without interest or penalties. The new tax deadline of July 15 is rapidly approaching. Do you have all the information you need to file on time?

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The Best HR Software For Small Businesses

Automation of HR is fairly new, but the benefits for small businesses are immense: Where a small business was priced-out of running enterprise-level HR services, now the market is booming. Ultimately, HR is about hiring the best people, growing the best people, and retaining the best people for your company’s growth.

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Jan 18, 2021 Filed under: Payroll 0

Small Business Spotlight: Portland’s The Commissary Reopens With A PPP Loan

Wilson applied for a Payroll Protection Program loan with the bank where she has her business account. She was quickly approved and saw the loan deposit less than two weeks after approval. Per the SBA’s instructions, she understood 75% of the loan needed to go into payroll and employee retention during the next two and a half months in order to be eligible for forgiveness. There is ample trepidation about following the government’s directions.

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May 13, 2020 Filed under: Small Business 0

SBA EIDL Funding Timeline: What To Expect During Application, Approval, & Processing

As part of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security) Act, the Federal government gave the EIDL program a boost, which included $10 billion for $10,000 advances/grants given to small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. In a pre-COVID world, the process was remarkably fast. However, we are not in a pre-COVID world, and there is no concrete answer here. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to know what documents are needed to apply for disaster loans and to have those resources readily available. Also, be prepared to wait, as the SBA states that applications might take up to four weeks.

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Feb 3, 2021 Filed under: Business Loans, Small Business 370

All The Paycheck Protection Program Funds Have Been Claimed: What That Means For Your Business

It took less than two weeks for the funds approved for small businesses through the CARES (Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security) Act to run dry and for banks and lenders to close applications. Experts warned from the start that the money would not go far compared to the magnitude of the need, and that prediction rang true. With the country shuttered and the majority of states under stay-at-home orders with essential businesses closed for the foreseeable future, stress is mounting. Talks are already underway about a continuation of funding in an effort to halt the catastrophic economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, but at the moment the loans are on pause.

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Apr 16, 2020 Filed under: Business Loans, Small Business 0

Round 2 PPP Loans Explained: Rules, Requirements, & Where To Apply

While the CARES Act has many moving pieces and parts, the sections dedicated to protecting small businesses and the people they employ will be a salve amid a tragic month of anxiety. One of the specific offerings in the stimulus package is the Paycheck Protection Program. These loans come with stipulations but are equipped with some generous benefits to help protect payroll. Keep on reading to find out what they might mean for your business.

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Jan 14, 2021 Filed under: Business Loans, Small Business 14

5 Clever Marketing Tactics For Small Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Small businesses in the time of COVID-19 are faced with brutal choices and will need to employ creative solutions as the pandemic changes the landscape of our lives. If you have a service that meets the needs of your community during the pandemic, getting information out to potential customers is a necessity. People right now want to help small businesses thrive, and they are looking for ways to spend their money conscientiously. We’ve got a few tactics to help you navigate the current landscape and build a community around your business.

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Mar 30, 2020 Filed under: eCommerce, Email Marketing, Loyalty Rewards, Small Business 0

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