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Flint mobile shutdown

Did Square Kill Flint Mobile? What Flint’s Processing Shutdown Means for the Future of Mobile Payments

If you’re looking for a Flint replacement for low-volume or mobile processing, see our comparison article.  After the recent, shocking news about the discontinuation of Flint Mobile‘s payment processing service, many mobile-based and low-volume merchants are reeling, wondering how to transition and what this means for the future of mobile payment processing. The implications of […]

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What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Anyone who’s taken a loan out knows that the name of the game is interest. You want the lowest interest rate possible, and the bank wants the best return on its investment. This is not necessarily because the bank is greedy or trying to take advantage of you. The fact is that maintaining a financial […]

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Square for business

Is Square Right For Your Business?

Based on the multitude of messages I’ve received, I believe there are four stages business owners go through when considering Square’s payment processing. First, joy. This is an amazing service that includes a sleek and capable POS, online selling tools, affordable hardware, and an easy-as-pie application process. When they discover the existence of Square and […]

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Nov 14, 2015 Filed under: Credit Card Processing, Mobile Payments 26
EMV complaince with a chip card terminal

Do You Really Need an EMV Chip Card Terminal?

“The chip cards are coming! The chip cards are coming! By land and by sea. Organize the merchant militia!” If you haven’t already heard, the instatement of EMV cards is imminent in the US. Suddenly all of those sales pitches from agents over the past few years (“You really need this future-proof terminal” “EMV cards […]

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negotiating credit card processing fees

How to Negotiate the Perfect Credit Card Processing Deal

Negotiating credit card processing fees is intimidating, and for good reason. You probably don’t have to negotiate pricing very much in your everyday life, and you only have to negotiate a credit card processing deal maybe a few times in your entire life. Sales representatives at merchant services providers, on the other hand, negotiate these contracts […]

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mobile emv card reader

Will Chip Cards Kill Mobile Processing?

Since Square launched back in 2009, the credit card industry has, in many ways, been turned on its head. Credit card acceptance is more prevalent and less expensive than ever. But with the nationwide switch to chip cards coming in October 2015, we might see another major shift in the way we conceive of in-person payments, and […]

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Jul 23, 2015 Filed under: Credit Card Processing, Mobile Payments 8
EMV terminal

FAQ for Buying an EMV Chip Card Terminal

After the recent EMV liability shift, you’re probably finding yourself staring at your old credit card machine, wondering if it will make a good paper weight, and worrying about the cost of buying a new machine. Lucky for you, the transition doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but it pays to be educated as you […]

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Feb 16, 2015 Filed under: Credit Card Processing 55