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The Best Mobile And Low-Volume Payment Processing Solutions

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Tom DeSimone
Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Tom has written for Merchant Maverick since 2013. His work is cited by publications including TechCrunch, Washington Business Journal, and Bank Advisor. He currently serves as Partner Marketing Manager, where he works to connect exceptional brands with the readers they serve best.
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    Sadhna True

    I run a small non-profit that produces 3-4 children’s musicals a year. We would like to accept credit cards when we sell concessions at our shows. This is low volume sales (less than $500) and sporadic use (3-4 times a year). We have a Stripe merchant account – ideally the system would interact directly with Stripe. What POS system do you recommend?

      Jessica Dinsmore

      If you need your POS to be compatible with Stripe, you can check out their list of partners here. Of these options, we’ve only reviewed Innerfence, and we rate it 3.5 stars out of 5. If you’r OK with leaving Stripe, I’d recommend Square to cover all of your bases, and they work well for non-profits.

        Charles Smith

        Thanks for the article. Please bear with me as I tell you our situation. We had been happy with Square until suddenly without any warning they deactivated our account. Friday afternoon at 3.15pm with our weekend sales coming up. I have read all of their terms and conditions and for the life of me we cannot figure out what they could object to. We are a therapy practice that does about $1500-1800/month through Square. We don’t fall into any of their categories that they refuse to deal with. The one person I contacted at Square before we were deactivated was mystified too. Weebly our website provider and Square partner couldn’t understand it either. Now Catch-22: the only way you can contact Square is with a 6-digit code that you get when you sign into your account. Without that you cannot speak with anyone at Square. You can’t get that if your account has been deactivated. See our dilemma? We need something quick to replace Square because we are losing business (customers with cards and online sales) every day. What is your advice? Essentially we need Square with Customer Service.

          Chloe Bahal

          Hi Charles,

          Thank you for your inquiry, I am happy to help you with this. I would recommend taking a look at Spark Pay. They have some of the best customer service for mobile processors. I would encourage you to use the green “visit site” button if you would like to support our work. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please let me know.

            Doug Gregory

            Hi Tom,
            We’re opening a cafe here in Calgary (Canada) and to be honest we’re feeling swamped by all the information available.
            Can you offer advice for our situation? We bank with TD and are looking for POS system and best rates.

              Chloe Bahal

              Hi Doug,

              I am happy to help you with this. I am going to send you an email right now so please keep an eye out for it.

                Mike van de Water

                Great stuff! I know you’re in California, and appreciate that you include reference to Canadian availability from time to time.
                The table layout is brilliant – allows me to see everything at a glance.
                NB Quickbooks’ GoPayment has been discontinued in Canada.


                  Can you please tell me what they consider low, medium and high $ volume? Thanks.

                    Tom DeSimone

                    It varies, but here’s a rough guideline for monthly card payment numbers:

                    Low volume: $1.00 – $4,999
                    Mid-low volume: $5,000 – $10,000
                    Mid volume: $10,000 – $49,999
                    Mid-high volume: $50,000 – $99,999
                    High volume: $100K+


                      I just saw this – it’s very helpful. Do you recommend a specific company for MID-volume? Thanks, Tom!

                        Chloe Bahal

                        Hi Dan,

                        Thank you for reaching out. We have a great filtering tool that you can try here. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please let me know.


                          WHat are your opinions on EMS + mobile card reader? its ad keeps popping up and it appears to be cheapest alternative so far to flint.

                            Chloe Bahal

                            Hi Nicky,
                            We might be able to find a better solution, I would recommend taking a look at Square. I hope this helps!


                              We use CDG for our online store with the Quantum Gateway and it has been great. Thanks for pointing us in that direction. As we get ready to open our first brick and mortar we are looking for a point of sale system. We only need one register but having mobile capabilities would be nice too. We are a kayak rental and tour business and we have a definite slow season which makes me lean towards a Square type of system where there is no monthly cost. With that in mind how do you feel that CDG’s Processnow would fit our needs, instead of Square or another POS system?



                                Do you know of any that work with IOS 7?

                                  Tom DeSimone

                                  GoPayment needs 8.0+, but all the others here work with 7 I believe.


                                    Looking for a good provider for a mobile food truck. We haven’t accepted credit cards in the past but are looking into it for this upcoming season.

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