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How To Sell On Your Blog Or Website With Buy Buttons

So you’ve set up your store. You have your fabulous products all in a row. Your social media accounts are rolling along and drawing in some likes. You have a brand, consumers, fans — you’re off to a great start. But how can you extend your reach farther and make your products even more accessible? Fear not, […]

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Wix VS Weebly

We live in a time of economic tension and status anxiety; a ragged, atomized epoch where the risks are pervasive and grave, the rewards elusive and often illusory. The internal contradictions of the middle-class respectability dream have been laid bare by the ravenous depredations of our rentier overlords. Our response, too often, is dictated by our fear of falling off that blessed […]

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taking advantage of POS

POS 101: Take Advantage Of Your POS

So far in the POS 101 series, we’ve covered a number of topics, from choosing point of sale software and hardware to making sure you’re budgeting for success. But now I think it’s time to go back to the basics (it is a 100-level course, after all) and think about all the different ways you […]

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Lightspeed POS alternatives

The Best Alternatives To Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed is one of several powerful, cloud point of sale (POS) systems to emerge in recent years. This web-based POS technology allows small to medium businesses in the retail and restaurant industries to accept payments at their brick-and-mortar stores with just a few lightweight pieces of equipment, and a similarly light monthly subscription cost. Montreal-based […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To APR

Anybody who gives you advice on getting a business loan is going to tell you to make some comparisons. Don’t go with the first lender that gives you an offer; first take the time to look around, get quotes from different lenders, and make a decision based on what fits your needs and who offers you […]

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Clover POS alternatives

The Best Alternatives To Clover POS

Since its release to the public in 2014, Clover Station (see our review) has become one of the most popular newer POS systems for small-to-medium businesses. This unique solution uses proprietary hardware with an extra-large, easy-to-read touchscreen, differentiating it from all of the “iPad POS’s” on the market. Clover is a truly all-in-one system, as it comes complete […]

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revel alternatives

The Best Alternatives To Revel POS

There aren’t too many powerhouses in the cloud-based POS industry. Though it is now increasingly popular among franchises and mega-chains, app-based point of sale technology was for a long time considered too unstable and unreliable to take on the role traditionally held by an expensive legacy systems. Instead, these cloud POS systems were squarely aimed […]

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Finding The Right Type Of Online Loan For Your Business

If you’re a merchant looking for a reputable lender, you’ve probably come across an online business loan or two (even if you’ve never heard the term before). The terms ‘online lenders,’ ‘alternative lenders,’ and ‘marketplace lenders’ all refer to a group of non-bank lenders that use technology to speed up the lending process. They have two […]

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5 Best Free Website Builders

  As the renowned urban documentary West Side Story proved, everything’s free in America – for a small fee. In America. Replace “America” with “Planet Earth” and you have an accurate conception of life’s order of operations. Obtaining things generally involves some kind of exchange. Happily, this doesn’t mean free products are entirely unavailable. This is […]

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