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intuit gopayment vs spark pay

Spark Pay VS Intuit GoPayment

Spark Pay (see our review) and Intuit GoPayment (see our review) are two often overlooked mobile payment processors. In fact, one might call them the red-headed stepchildren of parent companies Capital One (Spark Pay) and Quickbooks (Intuit GoPayment). While both have their issues, and neither can compete with a five-star mobile payment processor like Square or a full-fledged […]

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How to Choose a Restaurant POS System

There are easily more than 70 different POS systems on the market. The numbers continue to grow as more and more iPad-based solutions enter the market. Finding the right POS system for a restaurant can be a daunting task. You want one that is easy to use, that matches your budget, that has good customer […]

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Mar 24, 2015 Filed under: Point of Sale 1
small business loyalty program

The Advanced Guide to Running an Effective Loyalty Program

What do the Walmart Savings Catcher, Macy’s Shop Your Way, and Delta SkyMiles programs all have in common? They’re loyalty programs run by large companies generating millions of dollars a year. These programs offer incentives to customers in exchange for certain behaviors, ranging from frequent or higher spending to social sharing and referrals. By offering […]

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Square VS Flint

While some mobile processing apps focus solely on card-present transactions (like Spark Pay (see our review) and PayAnywhere (see our review)), others, like Flint and Square, also offer online selling tools to supplement in-person payment options. If you do any kind of e-commerce, Flint (see our review) and Square (see our review) are both solid payment processing services, […]

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Feb 28, 2015 Filed under: Credit Card Processing, eCommerce, Mobile Payments 3
EMV terminal

FAQ for Buying an EMV Chip Card Terminal

After the recent EMV liability shift, you’re probably finding yourself staring at your old credit card machine, wondering if it will make a good paper weight, and worrying about the cost of buying a new machine. Lucky for you, the transition doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but it pays to be educated as you […]

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Feb 16, 2015 Filed under: Credit Card Processing 57
how to open tech support company in india

Opening a Tech Support Merchant Account in India

Setting up a tech support company in India (or anywhere) comes with a host of challenges, some obvious, others less so. One obstacle you may not have accounted for is the difficulty finding a merchant account provider for the business. Instead of trying to find the lowest rates possible, you probably found yourself stuck searching for […]

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Salesforce VS SugarCRM

Sugar is at the top of the list for open-source CRM software. As such, they have been able to attract some of the best developers, and have set the bar high for innovation. They are prepared to support the scope of large and enterprise-sized businesses, and even some governmental departments. Salesforce has been around since […]

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Salesforce vs. Zoho CRM

CRM is essential to your business, whether you’re focused on new or existing customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a one- or two-person startup or a rapidly growing sales team: A robust CRM suite that gives you access to analytics and enables communication with clients is a must-have. Today we’re taking a look at […]

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How To Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is fast becoming a new payment method for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Although it has a long way to go, the resilience of the cryptocurrency proves that it may be here to stay. There are several companies that offer the ability to accept Bitcoin payments, but not all of them are reputable. My […]

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Nov 25, 2014 Filed under: Bitcoin 1

The 5 Most Hated Words and Phrases in Payment Processing

After browsing hundreds of pages of payment processing contracts and sales information, and having heard from hundreds of confused and frustrated merchants, there are some choice words that really grind my gears. These words and phrases are commonly used in the payments industry, and most new business owners (and some seasoned owners) get thrown off […]

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