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POS 101: Customer Engagement

As a merchant, you’ve got a tough job. I certainly don’t envy the fact that you not only have to manage your employees, upkeep your inventory, somehow make sense of your sales data, pay the bills, and make sure your establishment doesn’t burn to the ground, but also convince potential customers to do their shopping […]

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POS Hardware: What Do You Really Need?

POS hardware setups can vary a lot from one merchant to the next, from big-box stores with self-service kiosks, to your small-time entrepreneur friend who only takes payments on his old-ass Samsung Galaxy. Most businesses, however, will find a happy medium between these two point-of-sale setups and incorporate a few core pieces of POS equipment into their hardware setup. […]

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Understanding Negativity Bias

Table of ContentsThe ProblemWhat Is Negativity Bias?Negativity Bias In Product ReviewsNegativity Bias and Merchant MaverickThe Takeaway: Finding a Way Around the Issue The Problem It happens every day. You decide to buy something new – a hair dryer, for example. You’ve done your research; you understand the product specifications, you know what to expect in […]

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POS 101: Budgeting For Success

Responsible money management. Budgeting. Finance. These are concepts designed to strike terror and apprehension into the very hearts of the general population. Okay, I admit that’s a slight exaggeration (only slight). To people with MBAs or accounting degrees these otherwise intimidating terms probably generate a sense of excitement and a rosy glow. I’ve never met […]

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We Want Your Feedback!

At Merchant Maverick, we strive daily to provide the most practical, relevant content we can. That’s why we’ve created this brief survey: to give us a better idea of what you’re looking for, what you’d like to see more of, and why you depend on us for information about software and small business services. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of the site and enable us to keep giving you the valuable insight you need.

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Beware Of Website Builder Scams

Website building is an endeavor with very low barriers to entry. All you need is a computer (actually, a few builders are now fully operable from a mobile device), internet access, and, ideally, some semblance of an idea. It was therefore inevitable from the moment internet access became commonplace that website builders would spring up from every […]

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Flint mobile shutdown

Did Square Kill Flint Mobile? What Flint’s Processing Shutdown Means For The Future Of Mobile Payments

If you’re looking for a Flint replacement for low-volume or mobile processing, see our comparison article.  After the recent, shocking news about the discontinuation of Flint Mobile‘s (see our review) payment processing service, many mobile-based and low-volume merchants are reeling, wondering how to transition and what this means for the future of mobile payment processing. […]

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Apple vs. Android POS

POS 101: Apple VS Android

The Apple vs. Android debate stretches far and wide, and has lately made its way into to the point of sale world. “Mobile” translates to so much more than just smartphones these days, as tablets can now perform advanced functions that formerly only PCs or traditional POS hardware could handle. But choosing a mobile POS also […]

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