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Invoicing Software: Free or Paid?

Everything is better free, right? There’s a certain appeal to not having to pay for the basic tools you need to keep your business running, especially when you’re just starting out. This fact comes as no surprise to software developers, who have responded to the market demand with a variety of free invoicing programs. But […]

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How to Choose Accounting Software

How to Choose Accounting Software

Choosing accounting software isn’t easy. There are a lot of options, and (despite what the advertisers may say), there is not a single program which is best for all businesses. Far from it. So how do you figure out which small business accounting software program is the best for you? If you’re serious about finding a […]

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Get a 0% Interchange-Plus Markup with Membership Fee Pricing

So we’ve talked about tiered pricing and we’ve talked about interchange-plus pricing. These are the two most popular pricing models, and you probably already know – if you’ve read our articles – that interchange-plus pricing is almost always a better deal and a most honest arrangement for merchants. But there’s a new pricing model on […]

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Five Years and Counting!

It’s unreal to me that Merchant Maverick has been around for what is now a half a decade. Our continued progress is due in large part to our readers (YOU) who have helped us improve our process throughout these past five years. We cannot thank you enough for spreading the word about our site and […]

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what is a monthly minimum

What is a Monthly Minimum and How Does it Work?

So you’ve got the best credit card processing rates in town, you’ve purchased your terminal instead of leasing, and you’re ready to start saving big on your monthly bill as a responsible, well-informed merchant. BUT, before you get too excited, let me show you how a monthly minimum fee could double your credit card processing […]

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New Logo: We Need Your Help!

We’ve decided to give the Merchant Maverick website a revamp, and along with that we’re freshening up our logo as well. We’d love to get your opinion on which logo you prefer. Original Logo New Logo Please leave your answer below:

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selz vs wazala

Selz VS Wazala

If you plan to sell a few items online or offer digital downloads through your website or Facebook page, feature-flooded shopping carts may be more than you need. If you don’t want to take the time to set up a completely new online store you have options: Selz and Wazala allow you to sell physical and digital products on websites, blogs, or social media pages by embedding simple “buy now” buttons.

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X-Cart VS Zen Cart

If you’re launching or migrating an ecommerce site you’ll want to decide which category of shopping cart best compliments your store’s scope and your level of technical knowledge. Maybe you’re on the market for a platform that includes hosting like Shopify and BigCommerce. These cloud-based carts don’t require you to know any code but offer […]

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What the FANF Is Visa Charging You?!

Some fees are avoidable – and some aren’t. When choosing and working with a payment service provider, you need to be able to figure out which fees they charge to make profit, and which are actually coming from the credit card networks. So where does the Visa FANF fee fit into all this? In our […]

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zencart vs magento

Magento VS Zen Cart

If you’re considering using open source shopping cart software to create or migrate an existing online store, chances are you’re either a confident coder or are ready to hire a professional to develop your shop. In either case, you’ll want to consider two popular open source platforms: Magento and Zen Cart. Launched a decade ago, […]

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