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square merchant account

Square Vs Merchant Account

Way back in 2009, a novel company called Square (see our review) introduced to the world pay-as-you-go processing, using only a smartphone and a card reader plugged into the audio jack. In doing so, Square changed the payments game. Before that, most retailers, restaurants, and other businesses had to open traditional merchant accounts. Artists and […]

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best emv terminals

Finding The Best EMV Hardware

The EMV liability has officially shifted, and plenty of businesses have not switched over to fancy new terminals yet. If you’re one of those businesses, we understand. You want the best EMV terminals for your business, but you don’t have enough time to ensure that 1) you’re getting the best hardware, and 2) you’re getting a […]

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benefits of crm

10 Best Uses For CRM Software

If you’re operating a business that interacts with customers beyond the initial sale, then you need a system for managing contacts. And not just for your customers, but also for your vendors, your employees, your investors, potential leads, even random people you meet during flight layovers. The good news? There are tons of affordable solutions […]

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The Best EMV Compliant POS Systems

If you’ve been keeping up on the recent EMV liability shift, this is probably the four hundredth and seventy-second article you’ve read about it. But it’s still October and we’ve still got information to share, especially if you’re thinking that now may be the perfect time to upgrade your POS system. Not all systems are […]

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best small business accounting software

Merchant Maverick’s Awards For Best Small Business Software

For most small business owners, it’s a jungle out there. Danger lurks around every corner, predators seem to be silently stalking your every movement, and – in the immortal words of Jethro Tull – the rivers are full of crocodile nasties. Let’s face it, when it comes to start-ups and small businesses the statistics are […]

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