Business News and Other Stories for June 2017

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Part of our work here at Merchant Maverick is staying on top of new developments and trends in the industries that we cover. We learn a lot from the news article, blogs, and community forums we frequent. So much, in fact, that we want to share our knowledge with you in a more direct fashion.

Here is a look at the most interesting, thoughtful, and newsworthy articles, forum posts, and websites the Merchant Maverick team has been reading for the month of June.

General Business

Tricks of the Trade: How Fraudsters Try to Scam You out of Your Hard-Earned MoneySquare
Square’s Lead of Risk Partnerships and Insights explores some tactics that scam artists use to separate merchants for their funds.

Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions By VC’s—And it Affects How Much Funding They Get

Harvard Business Review
Studies show that the disparity between the questions asked to men and women affect how much funding they’re offered.


31 Simple Marketing Cheat Sheets For Business Owners That Don’t Understand MarketingForbes
Marketing not your forte? No problem! This cheat sheet with 31 tips can help.

Why You Should Craft a Compelling Content Strategy for Your Small Business

In a world where content is king, the strategy is the law of the land. If you’re not already upping your content game, now is the time.

Merchant Accounts

Chip & Signature Or Chip & PIN? Fatt Merchant
What’s the difference between an EMV transaction completed with a signature vs. a PIN? Do you really need a PIN pad?


78 Percent of eCommerce Websites at RiskPayments Cards & Mobile
A study reveals that out of 60,000 sites on the Magento platform, 78% do not have up-to-date security features. Read more about why you should keep up with security patches and updates.

The 2 Winners in Amazon vs. Walmart Battle

Practical Ecommerce
Get updated on two of the biggest players in eCommerce: Amazon and Walmart. See a quick rundown of their current marketing and selling strategies.

Experts Identify 6 Emerging Influencer Marketing Trends

Ecommerce Times
Read about macro-influencers and micro-influencers, and find out who can have a bigger impact on your business.

How Much It Costs To Start An Online Store And Should I Dropship Or Carry Inventory

My Wife Quit Her Job
Learn about the startup costs for different selling platforms. Find out about the differences between drop shipping and storing inventory, both in initial investment and in results.

Point of Sale & mPOS

LevelUp, MonkeyMedia Expand Partnership
LevelUp has strengthened its partnership with MonkeyMedia to focus on expanding its takeout, delivery, and catering channels, making it possible for merchants using LevelUp to expand their offerings and offer a better experience for consumers.

POS Attacks on the Rise and Spam Rebounds, Trustwave Reports

The security firm Trustwave released its 92 page 2017 global security report in June. One of the findings of this report was that POS security breaches are on the rise in 2017.


Cloud Accounting Software Not Projected to Replace CPAsMississippi Business Journal
When 90% percent of business owners are projected to be using accounting software by the end of 2017, will CPAs and accounting firms still be relevant? Find out in this article.

3 Business Trends to Consider When Choosing Cloud Accounting Software

Business 2 Community
Where is cloud accounting headed next? Learn what’s new in the cloud accounting world and how to utilize the latest technology to simplify your accounting.

Loans & Finance

Amazon’s Lending Business for Online Merchants Gains MomentumBloomburg
Amazon’s loan program, available to Amazon sellers, has been picking up steam since its introduction in 2011. Is this a program that you should take advantage of?

This Program Makes Loans To Businesses in Distressed Areas: Trump Wants to Cut It

Fast Company
CDFIs are nonprofits that help businesses and consumers in distressed areas with low-cost loans. These programs might be in danger if the federal government withdraws funding.

Fintech Lingo Explained

Fintech a.k.a. “financial technology” is an industry full of confusing terms. This short primer can help you understand some of the lingo.

4 Expert Definitions of ‘The Perfect Pitch’

What makes the “perfect” VC pitch? Four investors share their opinions.

Highlights from the Merchant Maverick Blog

Analysis: Is Square the Cheapest Credit Card Processor for Your Business?
Square remains popular with merchants because of its pay-as-you-go pricing scheme, but is it really the best deal for your business? We crunched the numbers to discover the truth, and you might be surprised.

3 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work (Hint: You May be Surprised)
Find out a few of the best ways to stay productive at work, based on The Alternative Board’s recent survey.

What is a Tax Lease?
Equipment leasing is full of industry jargon and just plain confusing language. Here, we explain one of the more common phrases thrown around: tax leasing.

5 Reasons Merchants Choose Shopify
We wanted to know why Shopify is such a popular platform, so we asked their users! Read why real merchants choose to host their online stores with Shopify.

Top Small Business Loan Rates Compared
In this article, we take a look at the interest rates and fees from the top small business lenders, so you can understand if you’re getting a good deal or not.

Did you read any interesting articles this month? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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