Business News and Other Stories for March 2017

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Part of our work here at Merchant Maverick is staying on top of new developments and trends in the industries that we cover. We learn a lot from the news article, blogs, and community forums we frequent. So much, in fact, that we want to share our knowledge with you in a more direct fashion.

Here is a look at the most interesting, thoughtful, and newsworthy articles, forum posts, and websites the Merchant Maverick team has been reading for the month of March.

General Business

Let’s Shift the Narrative On Women In BusinessHuffington Post
Read this writer’s perspective on motherhood, success, and business.
58% of High-Performance Employees Say They Need More Quiet WorkspacesCNBC
A recent survey reveals that open office spaces may be killing productivity. Most high-performing employees say that they find their work environment distracting.
Infographic: 25 Features Every Business Website Must have in 2017Entrepreneur
View this infographic for a quick overview of the features your business website should include.

Merchant Accounts

Everything You Need to Know about Credit Card Processing HoldsPay Simple
A processing hold is any merchant’s worst nightmare. PaySimple explains the different possible types of holds and how you can mitigate the risk of encountering one.


5 Little-Known Copywriting Mistakes That Snuff Out Your E-Commerce SalesForbes
Reviewing your site’s content? Read this article from Forbes to learn how to improve your copy.
Sales Tax Nexus Hits FBA SellersPractical Ecommerce
If you’re using FBA to ship your products, you may be collecting sales tax incorrectly. Read this article to better understand nexus and how it applies to your sales tax calculations.
7 Tweaks We Made To Our Online Store That Drastically Improved SalesMy Wife Quit Her Job
The writers of My Wife Quit Her Job divulge a few tried-and-true selling techniques that you can implement on your own site.
FedEx Startup to Challenge Amazon for Ecommerce FulfillmentPractical Ecommerce
FedEx has launched their new FedEx Fulfillment service for small to mid-sized merchants. Sellers can now outsource their warehousing, packaging, and shipping to the major carrier (for a fee, of course).

Point of Sale & mPOS

Restaurant Point of Sale Buying
This month, released this helpful buyer’s guide for businesses owners in the market for a new POS system for their restaurant.
MajikPOS Works its Dastardly PoS Malware MagicSC Magazine
There is a new malware in town, and it is specifically targeting point of sale systems. MajikPOS has been attacking POS software in the United States and Canada since January 2017.
Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Other Company, Square, Launches in UK The Guardian
At long last, the American mPOS giant, Square, has launched for merchants in the UK, pitting the company against the likes of SumUp and iZettle. Read our review of Square here


Xero: Over 1 Million ServedAccounting Today
This month Xero reached 1 million users and has announced plans to grow the company further.
7 Reasons the IRS Will Audit YouNerdWallet
Have you filed your taxes yet? NerdWallet warns small business owners about the seven most common reasons for a tax audit.
Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Accounting?The Balance
This article investigates current AI automations in accounting and asks the question, what will the future of accounting truly look like?

Loans & Finance

Lendio Unveils New Marketplace Lending Franchise ProgramCrowdfund Insider
Overwhelmed by the financing options available for your startup? Lendio, a service provider that helps match you up with a lender, has recently announced that they are implementing a franchise lending program. Read our review of Lendio here.
Three Ways Women Can Overcome The Gender Gap in Small Business FinancingForbes
Studies show that women-owned businesses make less money than male-owned business. Forbes shares three ways that women can close this gap.
6 Tips for Navigating Online Lending OptionsEntrepreneur
Merchants searching for funding have more options than ever before, but the plethora of options can be overwhelmingEntrepreneur shares tips to help you make the process easier. 

Highlights from the Merchant Maverick Blog

8 Signs You’re Ready to Leave Etsy (and How to Do It)
Tired of the constant competition of selling on Etsy? Ready to leave seller fees behind? Read our article to learn how to open up your own online store, no coding required.
Shopping Cart Flowchart: Choose the Right eCommerce Software for Your Business [Infographic]
Take a look at our new Shopping Cart Flowchart to identify a few eCommerce solutions that might be right for you.
2017 Tax Prep Checklist
We’ve created a handy checklist so you can be sure that you’ve covered all your bases while filing last year’s taxes.
Does My Small Business Need a Website?
Hint: the answer is yes. But why? We share six reasons your business needs a website.
What Can You Write Off as a Small Business Tax Deduction?
You could be leaving money on the table if you don’t know all the expenses you can deduct on your taxes. Read this article to find out what may be deductible.

Further Reading

If you’d like to stay abreast of more important industry news, check out some of our favorite sources:

Did you read any interesting articles this month? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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