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How To Sell CBD Online In 2023 & Find The Best Platform For Success

If you're looking into CBD sales or want to know how to sell CBD oil online, this list of eCommerce platforms is a great place to start.

    Nicolette Kier

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As selling CBD becomes easier, the hot question for business owners breaking into the industry or expanding their current CBD revenue streams is how to sell CBD online. There are complex, shifting legalities involved in selling CBD oil and CBD-infused products online. Plus, not every eCommerce platform is suited for selling CBD, so you have to carefully consider your online selling strategy before diving into this trending industry.

Keep on reading to learn how to sell CBD online, where you should sell your products, and what eCommerce tools are available to grow your sales.

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Best for CBD business owners who want a simple all-in-one eCommerce and POS solution.
Best for CBD business owners who want a simple all-in-one eCommerce and POS solution.

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SMB Global

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Best for established large-scale CBD business owners looking to sell globally.
Best for established large-scale CBD business owners looking to sell globally.

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Best for selling CBD oil online with free End-to-End eCommerce plan.
Best for selling CBD oil online with free End-to-End eCommerce plan.

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Best for scaling an online CBD business.
Best for scaling an online CBD business.

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Best for CBD sellers looking for a scalable eCommerce solution and POS integration.
Best for CBD sellers looking for a scalable eCommerce solution and POS integration.

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Best for CBD business owners who want a highly customized storefront and selling functionalities.
Best for CBD business owners who want a highly customized storefront and selling functionalities.

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Best for small sellers who want to sell subscriptions and do not plan to scale their business.
Best for small sellers who want to sell subscriptions and do not plan to scale their business.

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Table of Contents

How To Sell CBD Online

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get your online CBD business up and running.

Understand Federal & Local Laws To Sell CBD Online

CBD is derived from hemp, which is very similar to marijuana but with one distinct difference: the level of THC content. “Hemp” is just a term for cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC, the chemical that induces the “high” associated with cannabis.

Once the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, farmers could legally grow hemp (and sell hemp-derived CBD products) throughout the US. Any CBD product that contains over 0.3% THC is considered illegal on a federal level, so make sure you stay under that threshold.

CBD products are still subject to food, pet food, device, cosmetics, drug, and dietary supplement regulations as specified by the FDA. You cannot legally make any health claims about your CBD products, as there is not enough scientific evidence to back up those claims.

Also, each state has its own laws concerning selling CBD. For example, in Utah, you can only sell CBD oil, not products like edibles or concentrates.

So, before you start selling CBD online, check with your state’s laws concerning what exactly you are allowed to sell, what kinds of licenses you’ll need to sell in your state, and whether there are specific regulations you need to adhere to.

Decide On The CBD Products You’ll Sell

The kind of CBD products you sell depends on your state’s laws, the kind of audience you plan on selling to, and the benefit you want to offer to that audience. For example, you could sell CBD treats for pets to help calm them down, or you might sell CBD cream to help buyers manage their pain and discomfort.

The following are the most well-known CBD products on the market, how they are used, and who you should market them to:

  • Oils: CBD oils are made up of CBD and a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil and MCT, which is sourced from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. Oils are mild in flavor and versatile, so they can be used by a variety of people for pain and anxiety relief.
  • Tinctures: CBD tinctures are alcohol-based liquids that are very bitter, but have a long shelf life. To mask the bitterness, tinctures are often mixed with additives like flavoring and sweeteners. Since tinctures are so concentrated, they are best for people who want the effects of CBD immediately.
  • Capsules: Capsules offer a fast, convenient way to take CBD. It’s a great product for people trying CBD for the first time since taking capsules is so familiar.
  • Edibles: Edible CBD products are foods and beverages infused with CBD. Customers who want a pleasurable experience may purchase CBD gummies, candies, cookies, and beverages. Selling edibles does come with more regulations and requirements, so keep that in mind when deciding what your product offering will be.
  • Isolates: A CBD isolate is a pure concentrated CBD powder. Many people like to use it as an ingredient in food, beverages, and creams at home.
  • Vaporizers & Vape Concentrates: Inhaling CBD is one of the easiest, fastest ways to achieve the calming, pain-relieving effects buyers are looking for. Vapes and vaporizers are also convenient to carry around and use almost anywhere. Find out how to sell vape and vape accessories online.
  • Topicals: Topicals are lotions, gels, and salves containing CBD. They are often used for pain relief, especially among baby boomers who purchase CBD-based products.
  • Patches: CBD patches are similar to nicotine patches. They are placed on the skin, and the CBD is absorbed throughout the day. Patches are a great option for people who need a consistent low dose of CBD, and for those who do not have access to other forms of CBD throughout the day.
  • For Pets: There are entire lines of CBD-based products for cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits. Pet owners can buy CBD oils, treats, and capsules to help their pets manage pain and anxiety.

Register Your Business To Follow State & Local Laws

To legally and safely operate your business, you have to register it. This includes registering your business name, registering with the IRS and your state’s revenue office, obtaining any special local licenses and permits, and acquiring any CBD-specific licensure.

Read our full guide on how to register your business to learn more about registering your online CBD business.

Find A CBD Sales Supplier

Do copious research to find a supplier that:

  • Produces genuine CBD derived from hemp stalks and leaves, not hemp seeds
  • Sources their CBD using CO2 extraction, as CO2 extraction does not leave any chemicals or contaminants in their product
  • Routinely performs internal quality assurance testing
  • Uses third-party labs to routinely test their products for CBD content and unwanted additives
  • Provides third-party test results to you, which you can list on your company’s website to build transparency and consumer trust
  • Makes no medical claims about the effects of their product (which is illegal according to the FDA)
  • Produces CBD that contains less than 0.3% of THC

Also, consider your specific product offerings and pricing structures while you conduct your research. Choose suppliers that offer a range of products in different concentrations at a good price. Many suppliers offer wholesale programs with generous discounts.

Note: If a supplier cannot or will not provide any documentation concerning product quality, avoid that supplier at all costs.

Choose A Platform To Sell Your CBD Products Online

Since the laws and regulations involved with CBD online sales are ever-shifting, opening an online CBD store is not exactly straightforward. Platforms such as Square require you to register for a high-risk merchant account, which has higher payment processing rates than “low-risk” businesses.

Platforms like Shopify do not offer payment processing at all. If you choose a platform without built-in payment processing, you have to use a third-party payment gateway to process your CBD sales.

Read our post on the top CBD-friendly payment processors to find an option that suits your business size and budget.

7 Best eCommerce Platforms To Sell CBD Online

The best eCommerce platforms and tools to sell CBD online are:

  • Square: Best All-In-One CBD Sales Option
  • SMB Global: Best International CBD Payment Processor
  • Shift4Shop: Best For Online CBD Oil Sales
  • BigCommerce: Best Value For Money
  • Shopify: Best For Online And Retail
  • WooCommerce: Best For Customization
  • Wix: Best For Small Subscription Sites

1. Square: Best All-In-One CBD Sales Option


Visit Site

Get a free card swiper from Square at no cost when you create a free account. Claim your card reader.


  • CBD-specific payment processing program
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Integrates with most eCommerce platforms
  • Offers omnichannel selling, including a free web builder
  • Straightforward POS (point-of-sale) options


  • Termination possibility
  • Account stability issues

Note: We are focusing on payment processors before eCommerce platforms because many eCommerce platforms cannot process CBD sales. Many platforms have partnered with third-party payment processors to handle sales in order to resolve this payment issue.

Square in-person card reader at CBD shop.

Square Features

Square has payment processing, web building, and POS features, including:

  • Free online checkout link generator
  • Free online store builder with customizable templates
  • Subscription sign ups
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok integrations
  • Age confirmation
  • In-store & curbside pickup
  • Shipping label printing
  • Shipping discounts
  • Automated tax settings
  • Abandoned cart recovery (Performance and Premium plans only)
  • Customer loyalty program (starting at $45/month)
  • Coupon generator
  • Email marketing (starting at $15/month)
  • Integrations with other eCommerce tools and store builders

Unfortunately, Square does not support dropshipping at this time.

Square Pricing

  • Free: $0/month
  • Professional: $16/month, or $12/month if billed annually
  • Performance: $29/month, or $26/month if billed annually
  • Premium: $79/month, or $72/month if billed annually

Hardware Costs

You can supplement your online CBD sales by attending trade shows, events, or opening your own physical storefront with the help of POS hardware.

Square POS card readers range from $0 (free Square Reader connected to your mobile device) to $799 (Square Register).

Payment Processing Costs

  • 3.5% + $0.10 per transaction for in-person (card-present) transactions
  • 3.8% + $0.30 per transaction for online and in-app transactions
  • 4.4% + $0.15 per transaction for keyed-in and card-on-file transactions

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

There are no long-term commitments or monthly subscription fees required to start selling CBD online with Square.

If Square finds out that you are violating or potentially violating any CBD-related laws, the company may freeze or terminate your account at their sole discretion.

Where Square Really Shines For Selling CBD

Square’s CBD program allows you to sell most CBD products online and in person, without restrictions outside of federal laws. The transparent pricing structure is a refreshing take on CBD payment processing, especially for small businesses that need to carefully monitor their spending.

Plus, Square’s POS and eCommerce store builder integrations give you the freedom to sell any way you want.

Get Started With Square

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2. SMB Global: Best International CBD Payment Processor

SMB Global

Visit Site


  • Offshore accounts for global selling
  • Excellent customer service
  • Dynamic currency conversion


  • No transparent pricing structure
  • Must make at least $50,000/month in sales to qualify for offshore account

SMB Global high risk services description.

SMB Global Features

SMB Global offers high-volume CBD merchants:

  • Offshore merchant accounts, so you can avoid cross-border fees
  • Dynamic currency conversion, so customers can pay for their CBD products in their local currency
  • Free credit card terminal for POS transactions
  • Recurring billing
  • Chargeback prevention suite
  • High-risk business loans, for when you can’t get a regular loan

Since SMB Global is not a fully functional eCommerce solution, the company does not have features like store builders or shipping tools.

SMB Global Pricing

SMB Global does not offer concrete pricing information on its website. You must apply for a high-risk merchant account online to get a quote.

Nontransparent pricing is very common when it comes to high-risk merchant accounts. Fees are often influenced by the amount of time you have been in business, your sales volumes, the amount of financial backing your company has, and your amount of cash flow.

Hardware Costs

SMB Global currently offers one free countertop terminal or mobile card reader with each account.

Payment Processing Costs

SMB Global does not give any firm numbers in terms of payment processing. This is because the company partners with many offshore banks to get you a merchant account suitable for global selling.

You do need to make at least $50,000 per month or have a great financial history in order to qualify for an offshore account, which seems to be the only way you can process online CBD sales with SMB Global.

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

SMB Global will most likely require you to sign up for a three-year contract when you open your account, and your contract will include an automatic renewal clause. The company may also impose an early termination fee if you cancel your account before your term is up.

Always read into your contract before signing off on it, and research the competition to see if you can find a better deal somewhere else.

Where SMB Global Really Shines For Selling CBD

SMB Global is a great option for established CBD sellers who want to enter the eCommerce sphere on a global scale without running into a lot of laws and regulations. Offshore accounts and dynamic currency conversions allow you to sell without incurring extra cross-country and currency conversion fees.

The payment processor also integrates with most eCommerce platforms. There is no specific list of compatible platforms, though, so make sure to ask a customer service rep before choosing an online store builder.

Get Started With SMB Global

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3. Shift4Shop: Best For Online CBD Oil Sales


Start Trial


  • No transaction fees
  • Solid number of eCommerce features built into the platform
  • Optimized one-page checkout
  • Great marketing tools


  • Shift4Shop in-house payment processor won’t process certain CBD sales
  • Limited online store customization


Shift4Shop Features

  • No transaction fees
  • Optimized one-page checkout
  • Customizable web page templates
  • Subscription sign up (starting at Pro plan)
  • Product reviews and Google customer reviews
  • Manual and automated tax rules
  • Real-time shipping rates from different carriers
  • Automated and manual product segmentation
  • Unlimited product variants
  • Coupons, discounts, gift cards, daily deals
  • Reward points loyalty program (starting at Plus plan)
  • Affiliate program
  • Abandoned cart saver (starting at Plus plan)
  • Email marketing newsletter (starting at Plus plan)
  • Dropshipping support
  • Age verification (paid add-on)
  • Social media integrations

Shift4Shop Pricing

  • End-to-End eCommerce: $0/month (only available for US-based merchants)
  • Basic Store: $29/month, or $26.10/month if billed annually
  • Plus Store: $79/month, or $71.10/month if billed annually
  • Pro Store: $229/month, or $206.10/month if billed annually

Note: You must use Shift4, Shift4Shop’s in-house payment processor, on the End-to-End eCommerce plan. Shift4 will not process payments for certain CBD products.

Hardware Costs

Shift4Shop has its own POS system, Harbortouch, offered for free to merchants who use Shift4 Payments. However, some CBD sellers are not eligible to use this hardware, as you need Shift4 payment processing in order to use it.

You can integrate Shift4Shop with POS hardware from CBD-friendly payment processors like Lightspeed Retail.

Payment Processing Costs

Shift4Shop will process payments for certain CBD products, like CBD oils, via Shift4, Shift4Shop’s in-house payment processor. Read our Shift4 Payments review for more info on their payment processing costs.

Shift4Shop store owners who do not qualify for Shift4 can integrate their store with third-party payment processors such as PaymentCloud and PayKings. Many payment processors specializing in high-risk ventures use tiered and interchange-plus pricing models. These companies do not often offer transparent pricing.

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

Shift4Shop will not process payments for Kratom, CBD capsules, edibles, Delta 8, CBD flowers, or glass pipes/vapes. If you want to register for Shift4Shop’s free End-to-End eCommerce plan, you cannot sell these items.

Where Shift4Shop Really Shines For Selling CBD

Shift4Shop is well-known for having a fully functional free plan, which CBD oil sellers can take advantage of.

If you don’t qualify for the free plan, all Shift4Shop plans still give you an impressive number of features, so you won’t need an extensive number of paid add-ons. Even the Basic plan includes an optimized one-page checkout to remove the kind of friction for buyers.

Get Started With Shift4Shop

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4. BigCommerce: Best Value For Money


Start Trial


  • Optimized one-page checkout
  • No transaction fees
  • Shipping agreements with CBD-friendly shippers
  • Partnered with CBD-friendly payment processors


  • Slight learning curve
  • Revenue caps on plans

BigCommerce CBD online to sell CBD online

BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce is one of the first eCommerce platforms that started offering CBD-specific eCommerce services and features in addition to their standard plans. These features include:

  • Integrations with POS systems from CBD-friendly payment processors like Square and Vend
  • Partnerships with hemp-friendly shipping carriers and product fulfillment services
  • Customizable online store templates
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Shipping rules
  • Stored credit cards (starting at Plus plan)
  • Abandoned cart saver (starting at Plus plan)
  • Facebook and Instagram integrations
  • Coupons, discounts, and gift cards
  • Age verification (paid add-on)
  • Dropshipping functions (paid add-on)
  • Manual and automated tax rules
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Custom return policy

BigCommerce Pricing

  • Standard: $29.95/month
  • Plus: $79.95/month
  • Pro: $299.95/month
  • Enterprise: Ask for pricing

Plus and Pro plans are 10% off if you sign up for an annual plan.

Hardware Costs

BigCommerce does not have its own POS system. The company has partnered with several payment processors, including Square, that offer both hardware and payment processing services.

Payment Processing Costs

BigCommerce cannot currently process payments, but the company has partnered with payment processors like USAePay to provide payment processing services.

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

BigCommerce requires store owners to follow federal and local CBD sales guidelines.

Where BigCommerce Really Shines For Selling CBD

BigCommerce has an entire suite of resources specifically made for CBD sellers and has partnered with several CBD-friendly shipping services to help you get a legally-compliant, fully-functional CBD store up quickly.

The platform has no transaction fees and offers several selling tools at a competitive price. BigCommerce is a great option for CBD sellers looking for a holistic eCommerce solution with minimal fees or additional paid add-ons.

Get Started With BigCommerce

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5. Shopify: Best For Online And Retail


Start Trial


  • Strong inventory and shipping management functionalities
  • Dropshipping support
  • Drag-and-drop web builder
  • Affordable and flexible POS options


  • Transaction fees
  • Expensive add-ons

Shopify online CBD store dashboard.

Shopify Features

Shopify offers the following features for all Shopify store owners:

  • Free and paid store templates, with drag-and-drop page editor
  • Over 4,200 free and paid add-ons available on Shopify App store (some apps may not be available for CBD sellers)
  • Excellent inventory and shipping management systems
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Social media integrations with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Subscription sign up (paid monthly plan or transaction fee-based apps available)
  • Coupon, discount, gift card creation
  • Shipping discounts with CBD-friendly shipping carriers
  • Shipping rules based on location
  • Extensive dropshipping support
  • Shipping label printing
  • Email marketing apps (some free apps available)
  • Global selling, including language translator
  • Age verification
  • Tax settings based on location

Shopify Pricing

You cannot use Shopify Lite to sell CBD. You can build an online store on the following plans:

  • Shopify Basic: $29/month
  • Shopify: $79/month
  • Shopify Advanced: $299/month
  • Shopify Plus: Ask for pricing

Shopify offers a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biannual plans when you purchase your plan upfront.

Hardware Costs

Shopify offers a free POS Lite app for Shopify merchants on every pricing plan that requires no hardware, just a tablet and/or mobile device. There is also a paid POS Pro plan for CBD businesses with multiple physical locations.

You cannot use any hardware that requires Shopify Payments, as CBD sellers do not qualify for this service. You also need to use an external card reader from your chosen third-party payment processor.

Read our full Shopify hardware post for more information on what Shopify hardware to get for your business.

Payment Processing Costs

Shopify will not process CBD sales. The company has partnered with DigiPay, Pinwheel, and to fulfill your payment processing needs.

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

You must review and submit an Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products to Shopify. This attestation confirms that you understand Shopify’s requirements for selling CBD online, which includes following all FDA, state, and local laws concerning the sale of CBD products in the US.

Where Shopify Really Shines For Selling CBD

Shopify is a highly versatile eCommerce platform that will meet the needs of online CBD businesses, no matter how large or small. There are excellent inventory listing, management, and shipping functions built into all Shopify merchant dashboards. The company’s POS solution is also an affordable and flexible solution for store owners who want to sell online and in person.

Get Started With Shopify

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6. WooCommerce: Best For Customization


Visit Site


  • Completely customizable store look and function
  • Hundreds of free and paid add-ons
  • Subscription and dropshipping options
  • Easy-to-use content management system


  • Extra work involved with store setup and maintenance
  • WordPress will not host CBD websites

WooCommerce CBD online store.

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce is a store builder plugin for sites built with WordPress. The core plugin is free, but there are thousands of plugins available to give your store just about any feature you want, including:

  • Highly customizable online store templates
  • Custom code injection
  • Optimized one-page checkout
  • Dropshipping functions and rules
  • Subscription sign up
  • WooCommerce shipping suite
  • Tax rules
  • Age verification (free plugin)
  • Social media integrations and post automations
  • Discounts, coupons, gift cards, loyalty programs
  • Standalone email marketing as well as email marketing integrations

WooCommerce Pricing

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress users, which means you have to pay for site hosting and security. You may also need to purchase WooCommerce extensions if you want to offer subscriptions, one-page checkout, etc. Extensions can cost between $0 and $300.

To spend your money effectively, only pay for plugins you really need. You can also do some research to find which free plugins work best for WooCommerce stores.

Hardware Costs

WooCommerce does not offer dedicated hardware. There are free and paid POS plugins you can use for in-person shopping that only requires a tablet, desktop, or mobile device.

You will probably need to acquire an external card reader from the third-party payment processor you decide to use.

Payment Processing Costs

WooCommerce has specifically partnered with Square to process online CBD sales.

There are other third-party payment processors you can integrate with WooCommerce if you don’t want to use Square.

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

WordPress will not host CBD sites. Many other hosting providers, including WooCart, a WooCommerce optimized web hosting provider, will host CBD stores. Do your research before you sign up for (or transfer) your website host.

Where WooCommerce Really Shines For Selling CBD

WooCommerce is hands-down the most flexible, customizable online store builder on the market right now. There are thousands of developers building WooCommerce-specific plugins, as well as WordPress plugins, which will also work for WooCommerce stores.

Do keep in mind that with great flexibility comes the potential for extra work to get your store up and running.

Get Started With WooCommerce

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7. Wix: Best For Small Subscription-Based Stores


Visit Site


  • Easy to set up
  • Cost-effective for small sellers
  • Free and low-cost marketing tools


  • Not suited for scaling a business
  • Difficult to switch from Wix to another platform
  • Limited store functionalities and transaction limits

Wix subscription dashboard.

Wix Features

Wix’s eCommerce plans are not as comprehensive as some of the other competitors on this list, but they have many features that are appealing to smaller sellers, such as:

  • Pricing plans, recurring billing, and subscriptions included in every Wix Business plan
  • Customer account creation, including saved payment methods, shipping information, etc.
  • Abandoned cart recovery included in every Wix Business plan
  • Automated sales tax (starting at Business Unlimited plan, with monthly sales transaction limits)
  • Social media integrations with Facebook and Instagram
  • Dropshipping functionalities (starting on Business Unlimited plan, with monthly product shipping limits)
  • Loyalty program (starting at Business VIP plan)
  • Wix App Market with 250+ free and paid apps

Wix Pricing

  • Business Basic: $28/month
  • Business Unlimited: $27/month
  • Business VIP: $49/month

Hardware Costs

You cannot use Wix POS products for CBD sales. You will need to integrate your Wix store with a third-party POS hardware provider.

Payment Processing Costs

Wix has partnered with Square, Pinwheel, and Evergreen Payments Northwest so you can process online CBD sales.

Contract Requirements Or Warnings

Your business must be managed from a state where Wix supports the sale of CBD products. You must submit a Declaration for Selling CBD Products and adjust your shipping regions to ship only to US states that allow CBD sales.

It’s also very difficult to migrate a Wix site to another eCommerce platform. Consider your long-term needs before signing up for a Wix Business account.

Where Wix Really Shines For Selling CBD

Wix allows merchants to sell subscriptions for free on all eCommerce plans. Customers can also create accounts so they can check out faster in the future.

The eCommerce platform’s free and low-cost email marketing and social media posting functionalities are also very appealing for small business owners who don’t have the time or budget for more focused marketing efforts.

Get Started With Wix

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Which CBD eCommerce Platform Is Right For Your Business?

The best CBD eCommerce platform for your business depends mostly on your business’s size, focus, and expansion plans.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider a platform like WooCommerce, Shift4Shop, or Square. Read our review of the best free eCommerce platforms if you have very little funding for your new business.

If you want to focus on online and in-person CBD sales, a platform like Shopify coupled with a CBD-friendly payment processor (like Square) could be a great option.

If you plan on having a small CBD business and might want to sell subscriptions, Wix could be the right eCommerce platform for you.

Finally, if you’re looking to take your online CBD sales to a larger, potentially even a global level, consider a platform like BigCommerce, which has no transaction fees. Add an enterprise-level payment processor like SMB Global for international selling capabilities.

Whether you’re just starting out and need a little cash flow or you’re looking for financial backing to grow your business, read our post on how to get a loan for your CBD business.

FAQs: Selling CBD Online

Is it legal to sell CBD online?

It is legal to sell CBD online if the product contains less than 0.3% THC, follows all FDA guidelines on CBD sales, and the product adheres to all local and state laws. Some states do not allow the sale of certain CBD products.

You cannot legally make any medical claims about the health benefits of CBD products.

Where can I sell CBD online?

You can sell CBD online using an eCommerce platform that allows you to list CBD products and a payment processor that allows you to process online CBD sales.

What CBD products can I sell?

Depending on which state your business primarily operates in, the buyer’s state, and the eCommerce platform you use, you can sell CBD oils, tinctures, isolates, topicals, edibles, vapes, patches, and CBD pet supplies.

Is it easy to start selling CBD?

It is easy to start selling CBD.

Read up on all federal, state, and local CBD guidelines. Register your business and find a high-quality CBD supplier. Finally, choose an eCommerce store builder and CBD-friendly payment processor, and you’re ready to sell!

In Summary: 7 Best eCommerce Platforms To Sell CBD Online

  1. Square: Best for CBD business owners who want a simple all-in-one eCommerce and POS solution.
  2. SMB Global: Best for established large-scale CBD business owners looking to sell globally.
  3. Shift4Shop: Best for selling CBD oil online with free End-to-End eCommerce plan.
  4. BigCommerce: Best for scaling an online CBD business.
  5. Shopify: Best for CBD sellers looking for a scalable eCommerce solution and POS integration.
  6. WooCommerce: Best for CBD business owners who want a highly customized storefront and selling functionalities.
  7. Wix: Best for small sellers who want to sell subscriptions and do not plan to scale their business.
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