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Interview With Merchant Account Consultant Adam Pflaumer

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Amad Ebrahimi
Amad has worked in the eCommerce and online marketing world since 2002. He started as an eBay seller, then slowly graduated to building & marketing his own websites and consulting others to do the same. He founded Merchant Maverick out of frustration with all the misinformation and shady tactics that he encountered when trying to find a merchant account for his and his client's businesses. He's the man behind most of the merchant account reviews, and articles posted on Have any questions related to credit card processing? Talk to him.
Amad Ebrahimi
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    I don’t get why he would produce something like this that not only hurts all of us in the industry but him as well “The Smart Merchant’s Guide To Reducing Merchant Account Fees” that’s just insane to me. I assume all of us in this industry would agree. Guys like this are simply killing our already slim profits making it more and more difficult to survive and pay our employees and continue to provide good service to merchants. He doesn’t take into effect the customer service aspect of accounts that companies like ours provide to the customer on a regular basis. We do the best we can to get customers good rates to cover our cost and barely scrape by then guys like this come in and ruin all our hard work. I see this company as a parasite on the industry.

      Merchant Maverick Admin


      I don’t think that Adam’s book hurts everyone in the industry. I think that it hurts the companies that focus on their “slim profits” which turn out to be unearned profits after all the bogus salesmanship and garbage fees. If the ISO/processor is charging the merchant a fair rate and providing good customer service, then there’s no reason for them to worry. If they’re not earning enough to pay their employees while providing a decent amount of customer service, then maybe it’s time for them to leave this industry.

      The internet has changed the way we do business. It has given the merchant easy access to more information and more council. There are plenty of other sites, blogs and forums that are helping merchant’s eat away at the information asymmetry that runs rampant in this industry. What used to be a market for lemons, is fast becoming more and more transparent. I’m all for that, and I have hundreds of emails from thankful merchant’s that are for it as well.

      It’s evolution, it’s capitalism, but definitely not parasitic.

      For all of you merchant’s that have been helped by either Merchant Maverick, or EP Consulting’s services, feel free to chime in.

      Amad Ebrahimi

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