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Opening A Tech Support Merchant Account In India

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Tom DeSimone
Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Tom has written for Merchant Maverick since 2013. His work is cited by publications including TechCrunch, Washington Business Journal, and Bank Advisor. He currently serves as Partner Marketing Manager, where he works to connect exceptional brands with the readers they serve best.
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    Sanket Parsekar

    Hello Guys,

    I have a experience in Payment Gateway Support. Please could you recommend with some options.

    Kind regards,

      Bharat Singh

      I have my own llc in PA i already applied lot of merchant Stripe,square,wepay,forte,bluepay they all suspend my account they state a reason that am having high risk business but i didn’t get any single charge back they put my money on hold please review my website and tell me now which merchant services should i have to apply.
      which would be reliable for me and for my business for tech support

        Mohammed kumail Ajani

        Hello, I’m planning to open tech support in India. I have my uncle who is USA citizen. He even got business account in Wells Fargo bank but bank is afraid to provide Merhcant due to charge back. Can you help me what is alternative I can do in this. As my friend already ruining tech support from India. If he can why can’t me?

          Sandeep VC

          Legal paperwork: Perhaps most importantly, you need to be prepared to enter this process as you would a job application. You want to be able to prove to the best of your ability that your tech support company in India is legitimate and legal.

          How do we make legal paperwork to make sure that the tech support which we are running is legal and legitimate ?


            i need payment gateway for tech support for usa
            high risk gateway

              Kunal Gandhi

              Hi Tom, i am Kunal this side from New zealand,i am a resident here and one of my friend from India who has opened a tech support company wants me to open a merchant account for his company in New Zealand as a payment gateway. i will be the merchant account holder and another company will be registered under my name and address.Can you please suggest me if its safe for me to do that. he has offered me some commission on that. please advice.

                sourabh soni

                Hi i am looking for any other option then instabill or paypal for India based us tech support. is there any solutions

                  Chloe Bahal

                  Hi Sourabh,
                  Unfortunately at this time, Instabill is going to be your best option.

                    MARIO SHIMRAY

                    Can you suggest any tech support Merchant service provider,right now we are dealing with First data we have a 6 months statement ready to apply for new merchant .

                      Chloe Bahal

                      Hi Mario,

                      I would recommend taking a look at Durango Merchant Services, Payline Data, and Instabill.


                        hii, we have a AUSTRALIAN based tech support firm, now looking at expanding to USA for online support. looking at merchant account options. we have just started and have done a handful of transactions in AU through eway and paypal – however both dont support USA payments

                          Lorna Gamble

                          We have been using etransact worldwide for almost a year and we have never had any issues. They offer faster solutions for tech support businesses. Even their fee are very competitive. I personally rate them 5 stars.

                            Kevin Dawson

                            Hi Guys,

                            I own a us registered company and currently processing trough e checks in my tech support business.

                            Is there any way so that we can accept Canadian checks ?
                            My Banks is ready to cash them, You suggestions would be highly appreciated

                            Thanks & Regards
                            Kevin Dason

                              Shiva Prasad K

                              Hello Tom,

                              I have a friend who has started a tech support business and he is planning to register a LLC in PA and set up an bank account. Is there any option for him to get his own merchant account from the bank instead of going through a payment gateway provider?

                              Thanks in advance.

                                Amad Ebrahimi


                                Give Instabill a try. They may accept your account.


                                  Tom ,

                                  I want to start a genuine tech support business by providing good daily computer support to my customers for very less price with more value for their money. I really want to know can i use paypal when i know i am a genuine service provider however i might convince my customer by showing him the value of tech support that he might get from me other than those who want to sell such services for nearly half a grand. Please tell me will that be legal doing it through paypal from india, if there are challenges kindly explain.

                                    Tom DeSimone


                                    I think you are unlikely to get approved for a PayPal account for that type of business. If you are approved, you might experience funding holds or account termination later on. I’d suggest taking a look at Instabill. It will be more expensive than PayPal, but they can consistently get this kind of account set up without problems.

                                      Tushar Kapoor

                                      Hi Tom,

                                      I have started a new business in Tech Support. I m looking for a Merchant account who can help me to run my business. I have register my company in India as pvt ltd. I m willingly to pay extra to the merchant account but don’t want to rely on 3rd party gateway. I don’t have any source in USA. I see a light of hope in your blog. Kindly help me with the information.

                                      I would appreciate your help.

                                        Sumit Arora

                                        Dear Tom,

                                        Myself Sumit Arora , I am a software developer by profession, lived in many countries including USA for 3 Years, I am not a us-resident or us citizen, but I have US’s SSN,Driving License . I have following situation and need your help on this case :

                                        I have a distant friend who is running a tech support company in India through a call aggregator, every month his revenue is around $60K per annum. his current payment processor and gateway charging hefty amount from him.

                                        He asked from me, whether I can help him ? he suggested following options :
                                        – Open a company , Open a business checking account and enroll to some gateway in USA and provide him the way to do the things, and he will give me certain share on the transaction happened every month.

                                        However I found various other ways e.g. 2Checkout to do the job,

                                        May you please provide some of your comments on it, Need your help.


                                          Tom DeSimone

                                          Hi Sumit,

                                          My advice would be to talk this over with Instabill. They specialize in this sort of account.

                                          Good luck.

                                            Tushar Kapoor

                                            I have started with my own Tech Support business. I have register my company in India as PVT LTD. I don’t any source in US. Till now I was depended on 3rd Party Gateway but decided to pay extra to Merchant Provider rather using 3rd party Gateway.

                                            I would really appreciate if you could help me to get the Gateway as possible in your blog. Looking forward to get your reply.

                                              Tom DeSimone

                                              Hi Tushar,

                                              Try out Instabill. They’re one of the best for this type of account.


                                                I would like to hear about your opinion of the first option that Sumit asked about – starting a US business with a business account established with a payment processor through which the Indian company charges and the US business owner takes a cut of that. From the research I’ve done, it appears to be legal but seems a bit “sketchy” to me. The only potential issue arises if the support being charged for is fraudulent but if the support is real and the charge is just being made through a US companies payment processor, that seems like its ok. Any thoughts on this?

                                                  Faraz Faisal

                                                  I also have questions similar to the ones asked by other readers. One of friends runs a call center in India and is asking me to set up a company here in US and get a payment gateway for his business.

                                                  Does anyone have any experience in setting up such company? Is this legal?


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