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Wells Fargo Equipment Financing Review

Pros Suited for large businesses Cons Opaque terms and fees Fair public reputation Overview Wells Fargo is an international bank and financial services holding company based in San Francisco; is one of the largest banks in the world. It is also currently the country’s largest equipment financer. If you can meet Wells Fargo’s borrowing prerequisites, […]

Balboa Capital Equipment Financing Review

Pros Suited for small businesses Suited for mid-sized businesses Cons Fair public reputation High interest rates Overview Balboa is a California-based alternative business funder offering both short-term working capital and equipment financing. This review focuses on Balboa’s equipment financing products. Though Balboa is both well-established and flush with cash, the company seems plagued by an […]

eLease Equipment Financing Review

Pros Transparent terms and fees Good public reputation Cons (Potentially) high interest rates Overview eLease is a Florida-based online funder. Though its primary focus is equipment financing, the lender began offering working capital after the 2008 financial crisis. eLease’s equipment financing options include both leases and loan-like equipment financing agreements (EFA), the latter of which […]

CIT Direct Capital Equipment Financing Review

CIT Direct Capital is an online funder offering working capital, equipment financing, and franchise financing to small businesses. They prefer to work with entities that have been in business for at least two years. Even though their rates are reasonable, they have stringent borrower qualifications. Be aware of the high number of complaints about the company filed with the BBB.

Gym Equipment Financing: Is It Better To Rent Or Buy Fitness Equipment?

Without weight machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, and barbells, your gym or fitness center is just a big, open room with a bunch of rubber mats. While there’s nothing wrong with calisthenics, you’ll probably want to lure in your fitness fanatics with some exercise equipment. That leaves you with the question of whether to rent gym equipment, […]

Chase Equipment Financing Review

Chase Equipment Financing is a financial service offered by Chase Bank to mid-sized and large corporations through its business and commercial divisions respectively. It is ideal for large businesses. Be cautious about their scandal-ridden behavior and persistent customer service issues.

Laundromat Equipment Guide: Expected Costs, Where To Purchase, & How To Finance Laundromat Equipment

Few businesses have quite the same relationship with their equipment as laundromats. Customers will be regularly paying you to directly utilize your equipment, so it goes without saying that you want to spend a lot of time thinking about your equipment purchases. If you’re thinking about starting your own laundromat and want to get a sense of how much the equipment will cost, where to buy it, and how to finance it, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Choose An Equipment Leasing Company

Choosing an equipment leasing company can be a challenge. Read this informative article on how to choose the best equipment leasing company.

6 Things You Need To Know About Leasing Equipment

Ownership is a fairly straightforward thing to understand. You simply exchange money for an item, and it is yours to keep. Against that backdrop, leasing equipment is kind of a strange beast, with a language and logic that can be unfamiliar to many. If you’re looking at leasing equipment for the first time, here are […]

Heavy Equipment Finance Basics: What You Should Know About Small Business Heavy Equipment Loans & Leases

Businesses that rely on heavy equipment to carry out their day-to-day operations face some serious costs when it comes to acquiring, upgrading, or replacing their equipment. We dive into some of the heavy equipment financing basics and cover what you should know about small business heavy equipment loans and leases.


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