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SquidHub Review

Pros Easy to use Low monthly cost Intuitive user interface Suitable for small businesses Cons Limited support materials Not suitable for medium or large businesses Rudimentary feature set Overview If you are even a little familiar with the project management industry, you will probably have noticed the…creative…names companies come up with for their products. Redbooth. […]

Time Doctor Review

Time Doctor is offered in three different subscription tiers, and pricing is based on the number of users who will be accessing the app. Time Doctor costs about $7.80/user/month for a Basic subscription, $9.80/user/month for a Standard subscription, and $19.80/month for a Premium subscription.

iMeet Central Review

Pros Easy to use Good customer support Cons Expensive monthly cost Buggy Not suitable for small businesses Overview Note: iMeet Central was known as Central Desktop SocialBridge until 2014 when the company was acquired by PGi. The software has subsequently been overhauled and rebranded. iMeet Central aims to be your one-stop-shop for collaboration. With stated […]

AceProject Review

Pros Reasonable monthly cost Good customer support Advanced features Cons Poorly-designed user interface Limited integrations Overview: AceProject is a product of Websystems, Inc., a French-Canadian organization currently led by Daniel Raymond, the founder and president. In its first incarnation (launched in 2001) AceProject was known as “FreeTaskManager.” After only a few months, however, Websystems realized […]

WorkflowMax Review

Pros Cheap monthly cost Easy to use Varied support materials Cons Outdated user interface Limited features Overview In the spring of 2012, WorkflowMax was acquired by Xero (the accounting software giant) to serve as a purpose-built project management integration with their flagship product. The idea behind the acquisition was to increase the productivity of their […]

Clarizen Review

Pros Good customer support Customizable feature set Cons Expensive monthly cost Steep learning curve Not suited for small businesses Over-complicated pricing plans Overview Clarizen was designed to be more than just a project management tool. Currently used by more than 2,500 organizations across 76 countries, Clarizen claims to be the first and only software system […]

Intervals Review

Pros Reasonable monthly cost Well-designed user interface Good customer support Advanced features Cons Difficult to use limited integrations Overview Intervals was created by Pelago, a California-based web design and development agency co-founded by John Reeves, Braden Jones, and Michael Payne. This unique software system, which focuses heavily on time tracking, was originally conceived to meet […]

Workzone Review

Workzone is entirely web-based project management software and does not require a download to use. Workzone has a flexible feature set and aims to be an all-in-one solution to your project management needs. Be cautious of their pricing and poor communication features.

Priority Matrix Review

Pros Minimal learning curve Good customer service Innovative features Cons Buggy mobile app Outdated interface High monthly cost Overview Priority Matrix aims to be different. In a field dominated by cloud-based services, this product — brought to you by the developers at Appfluence — runs on your local computer. The reasoning behind this unorthodox choice? […]

5 Project Management Software Apps With Time Tracking

Need time tracking and project management all in one app? Here are the top 5 project management apps with native time tracking.


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