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Recurring Payment Guide: Why You Need Recurring Bill Payments For Your Business

If you’re excited about all of the benefits of recurring payments, you may be wondering about the next best step. If you already have a payment processor, make contact and see what already may be available to you and how to implement it easily. You likely also have the option to integrate a payment gateway if you have an existing site, and your current payment processor may have a list of available options for you.

WooCommerce VS Shopify: Which Is Better?

No matter your level of technical expertise, Shopify offers an easier “out of the box” experience. Technical aspects like installation, hosting, updates, and security are taken care of for you, so you can focus on building and maintaining your store. And if you run into trouble, you’re likely to find the support you need with Shopify eCommerce.

eHopper POS Review

With a (very basic) free plan, free terminal, and even free credit card processing, eHopper is worth checking out. The most appealing aspects of this software are its ease of use and low price, but that’s simply not enough to build a solid business on.

PaySimple Review

PaySimple combines merchant services with tools merchants can use to manage a base of customers with complex, detailed needs, such as legal offices, medical services, educational services, and so on. In the process of signing up for PaySimple’s payment gateway and cloud-based software suite, you will also be assigned a dedicated merchant account with a separate processor on the back end.

2Checkout Review (Now Verifone)

Compatibility with virtually all shopping carts makes 2Checkout a more viable option for many eCommerce merchants than other alternatives (such as Stripe or PayPal). This broad compatibility and wide international availability make the company an excellent choice for those who don’t need to accept card-present transactions.

What Is Shopify Fulfillment & How Does It Work? Everything You Need To Know

Are you selling via a Shopify website — or thinking about setting up one for your online sales? If so, you’ll want to take a look at Shopify’s in-house fulfillment service, known as Shopify Fulfillment Network or SFN. It can be a great solution for handing off the tedious and time-consuming work of order fulfillment. Read on for more information about SFN.

Shopify Facebook Stores: The Cheap & Easy Way To Sell Online

Whether you are sticking a toe in the waters of eCommerce or you already have an established presence online, there’s never been a better time to time to start selling all of your products right from Facebook. If you are a newbie to the online selling game, starting a Shopify Facebook Store is undoubtedly one […]

Top 7 Add-Ons For Shopify POS

Last week, I gave you a run-down of the top 11 add-ons for Revel POS. Now it is time to take on yet another POS giant: Shopify (see our review). Although it has since reached giant status, Shopify had humble origins. This eCommerce platform was founded in Ontario, Canada as a more efficient solution for selling […]

Looking At The Sell On Etsy Mobile Payments App

  I spend a lot of time at conventions and arts-and-craft fairs, helping a friend sell her merchandise. It’s a good opportunity to meet other vendors and talk shop, which is not only a great source of ideas for new merchandise, but also a good way to compare notes on how to run a business. That’s exactly […]

Quetzal POS Review

Quetzal is a small, friendly iPad POS company, designed for other businesses that are just as small. Some notable things about it are its niche focus for clothing and shoe retailers, strong offline mode, friendly customer service, and simple, competitive pricing.


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