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How To Send An Invoice With Square & Get Paid Faster

If your business relies on paper-based invoicing, you don’t need me to tell you about the inconvenience of printing, mailing, and waiting to get paid. Despite the hassle, many businesses still rely on printing and mailing invoices — you’re not alone. However, more and more shops are switching to online invoicing platforms to eliminate the […]

The Complete Guide To Your Square Balance, Square Card, & Instant Deposit Options

Same-day deposits are nearly identical to Square’s Instant Transfer feature. It comes with the same notice that some may have limits, and you may start out with a smaller transfer amount per day and work your way up.

Square Appointments Review

With a full POS system and free booking site, Square Appointments offers a lot of value for salons and independent stylists. But as with other Square products, it only makes sense if you commit to using Square Payments as well, which can be a great convenience or a severe limitation.

Is Square Safe For Customers? Everything You Need To Know About Square Payments Security

You should have full confidence that your credit card processor keeps both you and your customers safe from fraud in all forms. Keep reading to find out what security measures Square takes behind the scenes and how you can keep your customer’s data safe and secure with Square’s readers and free POS app.

Square Inventory Review

Pros Highly affordable Easy set-up Can accept thousands of items Cons Features not very robust Overview If you’re a small business owner who is currently comparing and contrasting POS systems (and since you’re on this site, I’d say those chances are good) then the odds are that you’ve at least looked into Square — if not […]

Think Outside The Square: Analyzing The Cost Effectiveness Of Square’s Mobile Processing Solution

Credit card processing is traditionally thought of as an at-the-counter transaction, where a merchant takes hold of a person’s credit card and swipes it at the register. The problem with this setup is that mobile merchants (those who rarely hang out near a register) don’t have an easy way to accept anything but cash. Enter […]

Square For Restaurants Review 2021

Need an affordable POS system specifically for restaurants? Square for Restaurants delivers everything small eateries need to succeed at the right price.

Square Capital Review

Square Capital is a convenient and relatively inexpensive source of financing. This company has streamlined the lending process, so it’s almost completely hands-off.

Square Online Payments Guide: How To Use Square’s Online Store, Checkout, & Other Tools

If you need a simple and accessible way to take payments, keep orders moving, and make it easy for your customers to buy, then keep reading. In this post, I’m going to show you why I think Square offers one of the best ways you can experiment with online selling, and it brings along plenty of room for growth when you’re ready, too.

How Does Square Work? The Beginner’s Guide To Square For Small Business

There’s a lot that small businesses want to know about Square and how it can make it easy to process their mobile payments. Square can be many things to many different types of businesses, but at its core, it is a simple, mobile payment processing solution. In this post, we’ll answer all of your most basic questions about Square, including how Square works. We’ll also tell you everything you need to know about using Square for small business.


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