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Laundromat Equipment Guide: Expected Costs, Where To Purchase, & How To Finance Laundromat Equipment

Few businesses have quite the same relationship with their equipment as laundromats. Customers will be regularly paying you to directly utilize your equipment, so it goes without saying that you want to spend a lot of time thinking about your equipment purchases. If you’re thinking about starting your own laundromat and want to get a sense of how much the equipment will cost, where to buy it, and how to finance it, you’ve come to the right place.

The Merchant’s Guide To Invoice Financing

Learn what invoice financing is, whether it’s right for your business, and how to find a great financing company to work with in our complete guide.

What Is Venture Debt & Is It The Right Type Of Financing For My Startup Business?

Looking for working capital or don’t have any specific plans for the funds you receive? Keep looking at other financing options. Venture debt should be taken on for a specific purpose, such as making a large purchase (like equipment), funding a project, hitting a specific milestone, or growing the business without further diluting shares.

Best Alternatives To Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances are often cited as quick, easy, and flexible financing options for small businesses. While bank loans can take months and have a high rejection rate, merchant cash advance applications only take a few days and are much more lenient about the businesses they’ll accept. However, while they can be perfect for certain […]

The Best Business Loan & Financing Resources For New York Small Businesses

Home to the most populous city in the nation and a flourishing economy, the state of New York is a land of opportunity. Within the borders of New York, you can find Wall Street – the leading financial center of the world. Silicon Alley and Tech Valley have transformed NYC into a leading technology capital. […]

The Best Business Loan & Financing Resources For Massachusetts Small Businesses

Own or starting a small business in Massachusetts? Need financing for your business? Check out the best financing resources for Massachusetts small businesses here!

Equipment Loans: What They Are, How They Work, & 5 Ways To Get One For Your Small Business

Whether you’re paving a road or writing software, sooner or later you’re going to need to buy, upgrade, or replace your business-related equipment. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a lot of cash on hand, the costs of doing so out of pocket may prove prohibitive. If you don’t have the luxury of waiting, you’ll need to seek financing. When that happens, you should consider an equipment loan.

How To Choose An Equipment Leasing Company

Choosing an equipment leasing company can be a challenge. Read this informative article on how to choose the best equipment leasing company.

Benetrends Review

Benetrends provides Small Business Administration loans, startup loans, franchise loans, and small business loans for women. Benetrends is known for its innovative 401(k)/IRA retirement funding solutions. And it has a track record of finding the best personalized financial solutions for new and existing businesses.

Business Loans For Food Trucks: Best Financing Options

Food trucks are rolling out across cities and towns across the nation, bringing delicious dining options to businesses and events. These mobile businesses don’t just benefit hungry diners, though. Restaurants-on-wheels also open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. With operating costs that are only a fraction of what it would be to open and maintain a […]


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