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Square Banking Review

The Square debit card lacks a traditional application process that might harm your credit score. Plus, it bundles in tidy savings on certain purchases and lets you access the money your business earns through Square instantly. Plus, this card features 2.75% off purchases made at other Square merchants.

Square Payroll Review

Looking for a simple payroll solution for your small business? Square Payroll integrates easily with Square POS and streamlines the payroll process.

Looking For An Alternative To Square? These Are The Best Square Competitors For POS & Payments

Square is great for some businesses, but it’s not right for everyone. Check out these Square competitors to find a solution that works for your business!

Chase’s New Mobile Card Reader Takes Aim At Square & 5 More Small Business News Stories You Need To Know

This week’s top news stories roundup for small business owners goes into why Chase’s new mobile card reader is shaping up to be a Square and PayPal competitor. Meanwhile, over 75% of CEOs expect to shrink the office space in the future. Read on for more.

Square For Retail POS App Review

Square for Retail runs on an iPad with an interface optimized for searching and scanning. But do the back-end features also work for businesses with large inventories? See how Square’s retail-specialized POS system stacks up in terms of features, pricing, reporting, and more.

Square Cash App Review

Overview I thought, for a long time, that PayPal was invincible, a behemoth that couldn’t be taken down by anyone, and certainly not by an underdog like Square. I’m a lot less sure of that these days, because it’s hard to call Square an underdog when it’s a huge company in its right. And Square […]

How Square KDS Can Help You Manage Orders With Or Without A Full POS

While you can use Square KDS with your Square POS system, Square has taken a bold step by offering its Square KDS as a standalone system, meaning you can use it without a POS. This subscription option makes the Square kitchen display system the perfect KDS for ghost kitchens and delivery-only restaurants that don’t have a traditional point of sale.

Complete Guide to Square Loans: Rates, Terms, Repayment & Renewals

Square Capital is an easy-to-understand, convenient loan product for Square borrowers. Although the fees can be a little expensive, they’re still generally comparable to or better than those of its competitors.

Square’s Customer Service: Why It Works So Well & How To Use It

If you’re considering whether the Square payment processing solution is best for your business, it makes sense to ask about their customer service. For many of us, the customer service experience makes or breaks the way we feel about a company, even if we love everything else about the product. And the truth is that […]

How To Use Square Installments To Offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” Options For Your Customers

As a small business owner, the option to offer financing via Square Installments to your customers is about increasing sales. Your shoppers will like it because financing can make large-ticket items easier to purchase with predictable monthly payments spread out over time, which helps them buy what they want. Let’s take a look at why Square Installments can be an excellent way to offer financing options to your customers, what’s involved in getting started, and how you can make the best of it for your business to improve sales!


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