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The Quick Guide To PCI Compliance For Small Businesses: What You Need To Know & How To Become Compliant

If you’re a first-time small business owner, you might not be too familiar with the concept of PCI compliance. You might not even have ever heard of it before. It’s also entirely possible that your first introduction to the subject will come in the form of a “PCI compliance fee.” This is a fee that […]

Looking For The Best Credit Card Reader For Small Business? Try These 7 Options

Tired of telling customers, “Sorry, cash only”? With a credit card reader, you can take payments almost anywhere, access customers who only carry cards, and even get paid faster. Check out the best mobile card readers for small businesses.

Six Signs Your Small Business Needs To Switch Payment Processors

If the photo above accurately depicts how you feel when reviewing your monthly credit card processing statement, then this article is for you. While every business owner understands that paying for credit card processing is a necessary cost that ultimately helps to increase your sales and profitability, it’s easy to become frustrated with all the […]

Clearent Intelligent Processing Review

Is Clearent the best credit card processing company for your business? Clearent offers a full range of products and services for businesses of all sizes. Read our Clearent review to uncover the truth about the company.

How To Send An Invoice With Square & Get Paid Faster

If your business relies on paper-based invoicing, you don’t need me to tell you about the inconvenience of printing, mailing, and waiting to get paid. Despite the hassle, many businesses still rely on printing and mailing invoices — you’re not alone. However, more and more shops are switching to online invoicing platforms to eliminate the […]

The Top 6 Card Readers For Android Phones & Tablets

It sometimes feels like Apple dominates the field when it comes to the availability of credit card reader apps. Happily, it seems that many companies are starting to understand the importance of accepting Android.

Square Loyalty Program Review

The concept of a punch card is nothing new; coffee shops the world over have been slinging their punched out business cards alongside foamy espresso beverages for decades. Likewise, the concept of companies offering rewards to returning companies goes way back into the annals of entrepreneurship. But as the business sector dives further into the […]

Guide To Buying ShopKeep Hardware

There are a lot of reason why ShopKeep is among our most recommended point of sale systems for small businesses. This product remains one of the more affordable options on the market while giving you a wide variety of features to help your retail or restaurant establishment function efficiently. Chances are, if you’ve decided to […]

What You Need To Know About Adding An Affirm Loan Option To Your Site

Affirm is a loan company offering “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) options. By providing short-term credit, Affirm lets customers spread out payments in a way that suits their budget. To read more about how Affirm works or to determine whether it would be a good fit for your business and your customers, read on.

Merchant’s Guide To Preventing Card-Present Fraud

Credit card fraud, for most people, conjures up one of two scenarios. First, there are data breaches Ă  la Target or Home Depot, where thieves access the system and steal credit card numbers, names, and other data. Beyond that, you might think of online card fraud, where shady people use stolen card numbers (sometimes acquired […]


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