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What Is BigCommerce?

These days, eCommerce is big business. In 2019, annual online sales totaled $365.2 billion, and that number will only continue to rise. Now is a great time to enter the eCommerce industry, and whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to expand your reach online, BigCommerce might be a good eCommerce solution for your business. The software is easy to use, accessible for businesses of all sizes, and feature-rich. Keep reading to learn more.

Shopify Plus VS Mozu

If you’re looking into Enterprise eCommerce software, you’ve no doubt come across Shopify Plus (see our review). And, if you’ve dug a little deeper, you may have found Volusion’s version of Enterprise software, Mozu. Both systems offer the scalability, reliability, and customer support you need, so how do you decide between the two of them? I’m […]

Do You Really Need A Merchant Account?

The short answer is yes, but there’s more to it than that… The Statistics According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there will be a projected 181 million credit card holders living in the country this year. That’s over half the population. I could get into even more detail about the numbers, but it’s pretty obvious […]

How To Create A Return Policy For Your eCommerce Store In 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re selling in person, face to face, or online through unlimited computer screens across the globe, the way to get customers to buy from you is to convince them to believe in your product and trust in you to deliver it. Paradoxically, a customer-centered return policy is one of the most important signals online sellers can send to show customers they can trust you to deliver a quality product or service. Read on for tips on crafting a solid return policy.

Drupal Review

Drupal is the backbone of thousands of websites and applications. Learn if this open-source website builder is right for building your business’s website.

The Business Owner’s Guide To Selling On Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social network platform in the world with billions of users. How many of them would be interested in buying from you if they knew your product and how to reach you? With its vast reach, combined with its low cost of entry, Facebook can be a tempting venue for eCommerce businesses of all sizes and types.

Shopify Facebook Stores: The Cheap & Easy Way To Sell Online

Whether you are sticking a toe in the waters of eCommerce or you already have an established presence online, there’s never been a better time to time to start selling all of your products right from Facebook. If you are a newbie to the online selling game, starting a Shopify Facebook Store is undoubtedly one […]

ShopSite Review

Pros Easy to use Cheap monthly cost Cons Outdated design templates Outdated UI Limited features Hosting not included Overview I don’t think anyone would call me a hipster. That is, until I start talking about ShopSite. Though it has been around since 2001, with roots going back to 1996, it hasn’t really hit mainstream in […]

Spree Commerce Review

Pros Free to download Deep design customization Customizable feature set Cons Developer skills required No customer support Limited integrations No design templates Overview Spree Commerce is open-source software for building eCommerce websites. Created in 2007 by programmer Sean Schofield, the platform has been honed over the years by a global community of coders, making it one of […]

1ShoppingCart Review

Overview: If you’ve been surfing through the entrepreneur webspace for long, you’ve probably come across But for those who may not know, is a popular resource for people getting their new business endeavors off the ground. The site offers assistance with all kinds of online marketing, from website building, to SEO content, to […]


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