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The Best Business Loan And Financing Resources For Indiana Small Businesses

Own or starting a small business in Indiana? Need financing for your business? Check out the best financing resources for Indiana small businesses here!

The Best Business Loan And Financing Resources For Colorado Small Businesses

Own or starting a small business in Colorado? Need financing for your business? Check out the best financing resources for Colorado small businesses here!

20 Best Ways To Finance A Business Start-Up

Explore these 20 best ways to build up some start-up capital for your new business venture.

Farm And Agriculture Loans: Your Best Options

Running a farm or agricultural business isn’t without its challenges. While the agricultural industry has its own unique hurdles to overcome, there’s one challenge farmers, ranchers, and other entrepreneurs in the industry face just like any other business owner: financial issues and the need for capital. Owning and operating a farm, ranch, or agricultural business […]

5 Best Free Website Builders

  As the renowned urban documentary West Side Story proved, everything’s free in America – for a small fee. In America. Replace “America” with “Planet Earth” and you have an accurate conception of life’s order of operations. Obtaining things generally involves some kind of exchange. Happily, this doesn’t mean free products are entirely unavailable. This is […]

The ‘How-To’ For One Page Business Plans

Learn when a one-page business plan is the right format for you & your business idea. We offer a free downloadable template and steps to get you started toward a successful business.

The Complete Guide To Finding An Internet Merchant Account

So you’re looking to take advantage of everything that online commerce has to offer and enter the world of ecommerce? Good for you! Of course, this will require you to be able to accept online credit card payments. To do this, you’ll need an internet merchant account. Sounds simple enough, right? If only! Not all […]

Ordoro Review

Pros Excellent customer service Numerous integrations Good dropshipping features Cons Limited features on basic plans Some outdated documentation Overview Ordoro is a shipping and inventory application for small to medium-sized businesses. This product is available to subscribers for a monthly fee under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. CEO Jagath Narayan, along with three of his friends, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Small Business Payroll

If you have employees, you pay them a wage for their work; that’s just a basic fact of life. Payroll is defined as the regular payment of wages to employees, and it includes withholding the correct amount for taxes, insurance premiums, or retirement plan contributions. Payroll can be complicated and unwieldy with technical minutia, but managing payroll is a legal requirement, so don’t try to skimp on understanding the basics.

What Is An Issuing Bank?

If you have a Visa or Mastercard, then you already have an intuitive understanding of what an issuing bank is. It is the bank whose name is on the card, alongside the Visa or Mastercard brand. It is the bank where you applied for the card, the bank that sends you a bill each month, […]


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