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The Complete Guide To Choosing Square POS Credit Card Readers & Cash Register Bundles

Which Square reader and accessories work for you? See what hardware options Square offers, then find the right Square POS/cash register setup for you.

How To Use Square For Recurring Payments & Invoices

Subscription-based business models seem to be everywhere these days: emerging wine clubs, personal care-in-a-box subscriptions, wardrobe-of-the-month sites — even supporting a favorite podcast! These types of businesses are finding success as people jump into subscriptions to save money, time, or just for the fun of getting a box in the mail. And it’s not just […]

The Complete Guide To Buying A Free Square Reader

Is Square’s free card reader really the best out there? See how Square’s hardware stacks up against its competitors with our in-depth comparison.

Etsy VS Square: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Are you an artist, crafter, or small business owner deciding between Etsy and Square? We’ll compare both software options in terms of pricing, features, usability, and more so you can choose the best option for your business.

What Is Square Marketing & Is It Right For My Business?

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can send Square emails for free and what comes along with the Square Marketing subscription. Then we’ll compare some other email marketing platforms with Square, so you can see if you’re missing any features you may want or if it is just right.

The Complete Guide To Square Costs For Payment Processing & Software

With so many services and recent pricing changes, figuring out all of Square’s rates and fees can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll break down your costs for Square’s credit card processing as well as other software services.

6 Ways Square Needs To Change After Going Public

Square (see our review) is finally a publicly traded company. The whole affair generated quite a bit of buzz for a lot of reasons — what it means for investors, what it means for other tech companies (and payment companies) that want to go public…and what it means for merchants. Since its founding, Square’s kept rather mum […]

A Complete Guide To Square Payroll Pricing

Time is precious when you’re running a small business. Streamlining employee payroll can recoup hours previously spent every pay period crunching numbers and writing checks. Square is a reputable payroll option that will likely come up in your search, and you may already be familiar with their point of sale (POS) system and other applications. Read on for a detailed look at Square Payroll pricing and plans.

Square Loyalty Program Review

The concept of a punch card is nothing new; coffee shops the world over have been slinging their punched out business cards alongside foamy espresso beverages for decades. Likewise, the concept of companies offering rewards to returning companies goes way back into the annals of entrepreneurship. But as the business sector dives further into the […]

Square VS Flint

While some mobile processing apps focus solely on card-present transactions (like Spark Pay (see our review) and PayAnywhere (see our review)), others, like Flint and Square, also offer online selling tools to supplement in-person payment options. If you do any kind of e-commerce, Flint (see our review) and Square (see our review) are both solid payment processing services, […]


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