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LivePOS Review

Pros Nearly 1000 features Integrates with Shopify Unique employee management features Simple set up Cons Slightly higher cost Mediocre customer service Interface not as intuitive as some competitors Overview: Self-proclaimed the “cloud point of sale system for Chains and Franchises,” LivePOS is a system designed for the retail industry. Back in 2006, LivePOS became the […]

Square For Retail POS App Review

Square for Retail runs on an iPad with an interface optimized for searching and scanning. But do the back-end features also work for businesses with large inventories? See how Square’s retail-specialized POS system stacks up in terms of features, pricing, reporting, and more.

7 Common POS Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Today’s cloud point of sale systems make it easier than ever for merchants to sell goods and services. Whether you have a restaurant, salon, retail store, or another type of small business, your POS system can help you get more sales, manage your business, and even leverage eCommerce features like online ordering. However, POS problems can […]

NCR Silver Review

NCR Silver gets high marks for its ease of use, flexibility, and built-in marketing tools. Unfortunately, while NCR makes solidly good POS software, its Silver product suffers from other issues — namely, the restrictive service contract foisted on merchants who want to purchase the system.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition Review

Pros Strong customer service Take-out and delivery functions Built for mobility Cons Lack of integrations Not compatible with certain hardware Overview NCR is a Georgia-based fortune 500 company that has been around for over 130 years. Currently, NCR’s products are used to make nearly 650 million transactions every day. Though known best for its retail-oriented […]

Instore Review

Pros Gift card and loyalty functions Open API Simple to use and operate Cons No purchase order management No supply tracking No accounting integrations Overview: Instore is a point of sale (POS) system developed by Own Group; it has been on the market since 2009. In its earlier days Instore exclusively targeted the restaurant industry, but […]

Loyverse POS Review

Loyverse is a completely free POS app. Yes, that’s right. Free. It even includes a loyalty program, and if you need more advanced features, the monthly add-ons are reasonably priced. See if Loyverse might be right for your small business!

The name “Loyverse” is an amalgamation of the words “Loyalty” and “Universe.” “Loyalty,” of course, refers to the software’s built-in customer loyalty program. And, while Loyverse does not state their reason for including the word “Universe,” it is almost certainly a reference to the global focus of the company.

Check Out These 5 Great Rental-Friendly POS Systems

A rental business POS lets you track and manage payment activity from the same register where you take payments. Rental-friendly cloud POS systems give businesses capabilities like rental inventory management, rental tickets and quotes, and online rental bookings. Looking for a good POS for your small business? Read on for a look at the top five POS solutions for rental businesses.

How To Choose A Retail POS System

I’m a die-hard In-n-Out Burger fan for two reasons. The first is, of course, the delicious masterpiece of a hamburger they create. The second, but equally important reason, is the simplicity of the menu. There are essentially only three meal options, which makes things easy. And when it comes to eating a burger, making decisions […]

10 Things You Need To Know About Buying A POS System Through A Reseller

Businesses often end up buying their point of sale system from a reseller, rather than from the company that actually manufactures the system. In some circumstances, this is the only way you can buy the POS – perhaps the company that makes the POS system sells their equipment solely through certified distributors. Or, you might […]


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