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The Best Business Credit Cards For 2019

Credit cards are a very good solution to many business financial goals. Whether you’re interested in earning points or cash back, easily keeping track of your spending, consolidating business expenses to a single source, or improving your business credit score, a credit card can help. But which credit card is best for your business? There’s […]

SBA Loans For Women: What You Need To Know

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. However, if you’re a female entrepreneur, you may face even more challenges when owning and operating your own business. After all, until the passage of H.R. 5050: Women’s Business Ownership Act in 1988, women in many states couldn’t even receive a business loan without having a male cosigner. Thanks […]

Xero VS QuickBooks

In Monopoly, there’s always that one smug player who snatches up Boardwalk and Park Place first and proceeds to put three houses on each space even though we all know they’re going to win anyway. For years, QuickBooks was basically that guy. But now Xero, a relatively new contender, has placed a piece on the board.

The Best Airline Credit Cards For Businesses

Looking for a credit card to suit your travel needs? Check out our best business cards for travel. You can also use a personal card for business — an especially handy tactic if your favorite airline doesn’t feature a business credit card.

Top 3 Project Management Apps For Construction Firms

Project managers are often stereotyped as office stiffs with permanent stacks of Stick It notes in their back pockets, quietly and heroically keeping the wheels on the bus going round and round. However, real humans do not fit easily into stereotypes — and this one is simply too narrow to stand up to even mild […]

The Best Business Loans For Trucking Companies

You’re the owner of a trucking company, and it’s time for expansion through the purchase of new equipment, hiring of new employees, or improvements to your facilities. The good news is that this means your business is growing. The bad news? That growth comes at a price, and the costs may be too much for […]

Best Credit Cards For New Business Owners

If you’re a new business owner, getting a credit card sounds like an awesome idea. Credit cards help you build credit, save you money with rewards, and enable you to make large purchases without needing cash on hand. But as a new business owner, you may be wary of applying for a credit card because […]

Small Business Microloans: What They Are & Where To Get Them

Most small business owners already know they can turn to lenders for help to cover large expenses, like the purchase of a fleet of vehicles, expensive equipment, or commercial real estate. However, these loans are often difficult to obtain from traditional lenders like banks, particularly for very small or newly established businesses. Whether you need […]

Types Of Small Business Loans: 12 Types You Should Know

There comes a time when every small business needs extra capital in addition to incoming cash flows. Perhaps an unexpected emergency popped up or the business needs new equipment to replace outdated or broken machinery. Maybe the business hasn’t even started yet, and an entrepreneur is ready to launch but the money’s just not there. […]

Top 0% APR Introductory Rate Business Credit Cards

Whether you need to make a large purchase, transfer a large balance to a new card, or some other reason, a business credit card with a 0% introductory rate could save your business a lot of money on interest charges. Take a look at our favorite cards with 0% rates in this article.


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