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Types of Small Business Loans: 12 Types You Should Know

There comes a time when every small business needs extra capital in addition to incoming cash flows. Perhaps an unexpected emergency popped up or the business needs new equipment to replace outdated or broken machinery. Maybe the business hasn’t even started yet, and an entrepreneur is ready to launch but the money’s just not there. […]

Top 0% APR Introductory Rate Business Credit Cards

Getting your business a 0% APR introductory rate credit card could be helpful, especially if you’re planning to make a big purchase that you can’t pay back right away. Unfortunately, credit cards are packed with complicated rules and regulations, and with so many options available, it can be time-consuming to figure out what’s best for […]

Celtic Bank Small Business Loans Review

Celtic Bank is one of the biggest originators of SBA 7(a) loans and SBA 504 loans. It is one of the more accessible bank lenders out there when it comes to business loans, with less stringent requirements than most of its competitors. However, make sure you ask about their fee structure and interest rates before signing any papers.

ShippingEasy VS Ordoro

ShippingEasy VS Ordoro ✓ Pricing ✓ Ease of Use Features ✓ Tie Integrations & Add-Ons Tie ✓  Customer Service & Technical Support Tie Negative Reviews & Complaints Tie Tie Positive Reviews & Testimonials Tie Winner Final Verdict Read Review Read Review Visit Site Visit Site Every online seller knows that one of the best ways […]

20 Tips To Improve Your Business Loan Application

The loan application process can seem overwhelming at times. But keep in mind that all lenders really want to know is that you can pay back the loan. Your application is the perfect place to prove that you can and will repay your loans successfully. Filling out a loan application is about being prepared and putting […]

10 Strategies To Improve Cash Flow

If you’re reading this blog, then you already know how important cash flow is. Cash flow is the mainstay of your business. Positive cash flow means you can successfully run and grow your business, and negative cash flow — well, that’s bad news. But what do you do when you have negative cash flow? How […]

Best Nonprofit Integrations For QuickBooks Online

Finding accounting software is never easy. Finding nonprofit software is no walk in the park either. But finding nonprofit accounting software that you can actually afford can seem downright impossible. Sure there are plenty of fund accounting nonprofit options, but if your organization is looking for something easier to use and more affordable, QuickBooks Online […]

QuickBooks For Nonprofits 2019

As a nonprofit, you want the absolute best for your organization — and that includes accounting software. If you’ve started your search for the best accounting software for nonprofits, I’m sure you didn’t get far without hearing the name QuickBooks. But is QuickBooks the right accounting solution for your small business or not-for-profit organization? Which […]

A General Guide To Filing For Bankruptcy For Small Businesses

Inability to meet your expenses is one of the most frightening things you can experience as a business owner. When you have no reasonable hope of getting your head above your water, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. What Is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy comes in a variety of forms that we’ll cover below, […]

A Quick Guide To The 6 Industry-Specific Editions Of QuickBooks Enterprise

So you’re considering QuickBooks Enterprise? That could be a very good decision, depending on the size of your business and your specific accounting needs. But one of the biggest questions you should be asking yourself is: which edition of QuickBooks Enterprise should I use? There are seven total versions of QuickBooks Enterprise. We cover the […]