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Payroll Services & Software Reviews

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  • Paychex

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    From "hire to retire," Paychex offers an incredible number of services, including payroll, HR, benefits administration, business insurance, retirement plans, health care, and more. These features make Paychex a good solution for businesses looking to manage multiple areas of their payroll and HR duties in a single platform.

  • Paycom

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    Paycom offers payroll software for small to enterprise-sized businesses in need of strong HR integrations with features, such as training, recruiting, and more.

  • Paycor

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    Looking for top-notch payroll software? Paycor is a great small business solution with strong features, competitive pricing, and an easy-to-use design.

  • Paylocity

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    Paylocity is payroll software with built-in HR capabilities. Its strong features, ample integrations, and well-designed mobile apps are hard to beat if your mid-sized business is looking for a good payroll option.

  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

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    If you're already a fan of QuickBooks Desktop, it doesn't hurt to give QuickBooks Desktop Payroll a shot. However, if you already love the accounting software you're using, are on a tighter budget, or would feel overwhelmed by numerous features, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll may not be the right software for your business.

  • Roll by ADP

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    Roll by ADP payroll appeals to the texting and low-maintenance generation of small business owners who find even basic payroll software a little too cumbersome or unnecessary. AI-based software is undoubtedly the wave of the future, but this particular payroll option still has some wrinkles to iron out.

  • Square Payroll

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    Looking for a simple payroll solution for your small business? Square Payroll integrates easily with Square POS and streamlines the payroll process.

  • SurePayroll

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    Looking for a basic payroll solution with a low monthly cost? SurePayroll could be a great option for small business owners, parents needing to pay nannies, and even nonprofits needing to pay members or clergy.

  • TriNet

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    TriNet is a PEO that handles your small business’s payroll and HR for you, so you can save time on payroll and get back to running your business.

  • Wave Payroll

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    Payroll by Wave is a contender among the options of affordable self-service payroll programs for small businesses. It's perfect for small businesses already using Wave products or businesses looking to integrate a simple accounting software with payroll software. Wave is not highly customizable, and it isn't loaded with features, but it has everything needed to manage basic accounting and payroll at an attractive price.

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