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Project Management Software Reviews

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  • Priority Matrix Review

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    Pros Minimal learning curve Good customer service Innovative features Cons Buggy mobile app Outdated interface High monthly cost Overview Priority Matrix aims to be different. In a field dominated by cloud-based services, this product — brought to you by the developers at Appfluence — runs on your local computer. The reasoning behind this unorthodox choice? […]

  • Producteev Review

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    Pros Easy to use Low monthly cost Varied integrations Cons Limited customer support Limited features Overview Note: Producteev has been discontinued as an independent product. This review reflects our last experience with the software before it was binned. Founded as recently as 2008, Producteev swiftly became one of the world’s leading task management applications. Boasting hundreds […]

  • Review

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    Pros Good customer support Easy to use Well-designed user interface Cons No free trial limited features Overview:, a product of Project Manager Online Ltd, was launched out of Auckland, New Zealand in 2008. Within 12 months of its public release, this software was eagerly embraced by huge world organizations like NASA and the United […]

  • Projecturf Review

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    Pros Reasonable monthly cost Customizable feature set Well-designed user interface Cons Poor customer support Limited integrations Overview: First released in 2008, Projecturf is a relatively new addition to the project management scene. The company’s founder and CEO, Chuck Pearson, is a seasoned web developer with considerable experience designing the UI (user interface) and UX (user […]

  • ProofHub Review

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    ProofHub is a straightforward, well-made project management software which provides basic essentials of project management with aplomb.

  • Redbooth Review

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    The name 'Redbooth,' a sly nod to the iconic, crimson telephone booths found throughout Britain, is indicative of the company's strong focus on communication and cooperation. What do you do in a phone booth? Make calls; talk to other people; communicate. Redbooth's inherent mission - "to provide a single place for organizations to collaborate and get work done" - has resulted in a unique product that merges task management features, file sharing, and live collaboration tools. And with dedicated workspaces chat and a bevy of commenting features, as well as new experimentations in smart technology, it is safe to say Redbooth wants teams to be talking to each other.

  • ServiceTitan Review

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    From accepting calls to creating service jobs to getting updates from the field and even creating marketing campaigns, ServiceTitan can do it all.

  • Smartsheet Review

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    Pros Varied integrations Reasonable monthly cost Varied support materials Cons Outdated user interface Moderate learning curve Overview Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-based program that boasts several million users. As project management software goes, Smartsheet is fairly unusual, mainly because it was designed for so much more than project management. In fact, they describe themselves as an […]

  • SquidHub Review

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    Pros Easy to use Low monthly cost Intuitive user interface Suitable for small businesses Cons Limited support materials Not suitable for medium or large businesses Rudimentary feature set Overview If you are even a little familiar with the project management industry, you will probably have noticed the…creative…names companies come up with for their products. Redbooth. […]

  • Streamtime Review

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    Pros Easy to use Modern user interface Simple pricing plan Cons Limited support materials Limited features Overview: In the words of the company website, “Streamtime is project management software for humans – brought to you by a team of clever cookies dedicated to thinking big, shooting straight and bringing a little bit of spice to […]

What Is Project Management Software?
That’s a good question! And the answer is not as simple as you might think. The term ‘project management software’ could refer to anything from a rudimentary task manager to a complex tool with scheduling algorithms, workflow management, and highly sophisticated budgeting features.

At its most basic level, project management software helps you organize your work into discrete chunks, track time, and store files. These days, project management tools are mostly SaaS (software as a service)—that means they operate on a monthly subscription system and are accessible via the cloud.
How Can Project Management Software Benefit My Business?
Another good question! The answer? So many ways. More than I can easily enumerate here, actually. But let’s hit on two of the key ways that project management software can benefit businesses.
Project Management Tools Help You Communicate More Effectively
The modern workplace is crazy. With the advent and increased popularity of email, video conferencing, instant messaging, and cheap long-distance phone calls, the world has never had so many ways to be connected. But increased connectivity comes with increased chaos, and many businesses are still trying to operate with one foot in the old world and one foot in the new. If you’re relying on an unholy mixture of in-person meetings and Go-to-Meeting, sticky note memos and Outlook messages, phone calls and Skype calls, screen sharing and cubicle drop-bys, you’re doing it wrong. The more methods you use to communicate, the more information is going to fall through the cracks.

Project management software can help you do the unthinkable: streamline communication, simplify the exchange of information, and preserve a written record of memos and conversations. When all your means of communication come from one source—your project management solution—things will seem to magically fall into place. Your coworkers can’t pass the buck if there’s a smoking gun that shows the exact minute they agreed to take on a project. Likewise, you won’t have to experience the exquisite frustration of not knowing whether your email has been opened yet. Most project management tools offer email integration, live chat, and myriad other features that boost connectivity and communication between you and the rest of your office.
Project Management Software Organizes Work For You
Most of us don’t have the luxury of a personal assistant. At work, we’re expected to create our own schedules, track our own progress on tasks, and follow through on projects without being reminded. But that can be a big ask for most people, who are also responsible for remembering a host of other things (like when the milk expires, and which kids need to be picked up from which sporting event). Enter project management software, the modern business person’s best friend.

Project management tools, at their most basic level, provide a way to organize your work life. This type of software allows you to create tasks and task lists, assign projects to yourself or co-workers, store files in places they cannot get lost, and get frequent notifications about the progress and status of your workload. In other words, it allows you to free your brain of tedious details and focus on the task at hand.
Common Features to Looks For When Choosing Project Management Software
Not all software is created equal. However, there are certain features that are common to most project management tools:

Email integration
File storage
File management
Discussion channels
Instant messaging
Project creation
Task creation
Task dependencies
Contact management
Gantt charts
User permissions

Higher-level project management software may also include the following, more advanced features:

Project budgets
Quotes and invoices
Automated scheduling
Risk/issue management
Automated workflow
Video conferencing
Screen sharing
File editing
Image editing

How Much Will It Cost?
Not surprisingly, the answer to this question depends entirely on how many functions you need. Simple task management programs are often free for one user and can start as low as $5/month for more than one user. A typical mid-range SaaS project management tool might run anywhere from $19-$199/month, while locally-installed, enterprise level software suites can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The price you pay will depend largely on what kind of subscription system your software vendor employs. Licensed, on-premise software comes at a hefty, usually one-time cost. But in general, the cloud-based project management software industry uses a few different pricing models:

Cost/person: In this model, the software’s features are included at every level and subscriptions are based on how many users you have in your organization.
Cost/feature: This model usually starts with a basic feature set and raises the price of the software as more features are added.

Often, these models are combined in some way. For example, if your organization has 1-10 people, you should be able to choose which plan you want to use. However, larger businesses may be forced to pay for plans that include more features. In fact, some vendors insist that businesses of 100 people or more use only the most premium plans.

There may also be additional costs to keep in mind. Some project management software companies charge extra for support services or for initial training and implementation. Others may charge yearly licensing fees, or impose fees for access to updates. As a rule, we encourage our readers to avoid software vendors that gouge their users for technical support or updates.
Choosing Specific Project Management Software
Now that you have some idea of what project management software brings to the table, which features to look for, and how much a system might cost, it’s time to get specific. At Merchant Maverick, we’ve spent countless hours researching and testing the best project management software programs on the market. Read our comprehensive reviews for more information, or check out this handy comparison table if you want a quick overview of the industry in general.


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