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BillingOrchard Review

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BillingOrchard Review

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Not Yet Rated
Date Established
Atlanta, GA


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited invoices


  • Limited features
  • No integrations
  • No mobile apps
  • Buggy
  • Expensive monthly cost
  • Poor customer support


BillingOrchard first began to blossom in 2001, but since then, this company has begun to wither.

The software was one of the first programs of its kind to hit the market. It aimed to solve small business owner’s invoicing needs and automate their billing processes. BillingOrchard was acquired by Payscape in 2016. We’ve yet to see Payscape make any significant changes to the software. The company may have been able to accomplish its goal of being an invoicing and billing solution in its earlier years, but the software no longer holds up to the competition.

Billing Orchard’s features are incredibly basic and limited. The company offers no integrations or mobile apps. The pricing plans are overpriced and the software is ridden with glitches and error messages that render it nearly useless for small businesses.

This may sound harsh, but we value your time and money. We want to make sure you find the best software possible for your business—and we don’t believe BillingOrchard is that software. If you are looking for strong invoicing, check out Zoho Invoice or Invoicera. If you are looking for billing automation, is the top contender in this category.

If you’d still like to learn more about BillingOrchard, continue reading.

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BillingOrchard offers three pricing plans. There is a 15-day free trial with no credit card information required. There is also a referral program where you can get a $5 credit for each person you get to use the software. The three pricing plans include:


  • $19.95/month
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited estimates
  • Contact management
  • Time tracking
  • Up to 5000 transactions
  • Unlimited users


  • $29.95/month
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited estimates
  • Contact management
  • Time tracking
  • Client portal
  • Recurring billing
  • Flat rate for credit card processing
  • Up to 5000 transactions
  • Unlimited users


  • $69.95/month
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited estimates
  • Contact management
  • Time tracking
  • Client portal
  • Recurring billing
  • Flat rate for credit card processing
  • 5000+ transactions
  • Unlimited users

In addition, Payscape offers several other small business products that you can add to your BillingOrchard account. These products include Insights, eCommerce, Lending, Online Registration, POS, Websites, and more. Contact Payscape for more information and pricing details.

Cloud-Based Or Locally-Installed

Cloud-based. No downloads or installation required.

Hardware & Software Requirements

As cloud-based software, BillingOrchard is compatible with nearly any device so long as you have an Internet connection. There are no mobile apps at this time.

Specific Size Of Business

BillingOrchard is designed for small businesses—and while the software does cover the basic features of invoicing and billing software, the steep pricing puts it out of range for most small businesses.

Ease Of Use

BillingOrchard requires very little setup, but, overall, the software could be more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Setup: Create your BillingOrchard account by adding your name, company, email, and phone number. Confirm your email, and then you’re good to go. The best place to begin is in settings. Once you’ve got your preferences set up, the only other thing to do is add your contacts (since there is no items list available).
  • Organization: There is a menu tab at the top of the screen that reads: Home, Invoices, Time Tracking, Clients, Estimates, Reports, and Settings. When you click on each category, a sub-menu pops up to help organize each feature. If you click on your email address printed in the top right-hand corner, you’ll see a drop-down menu with options labeled Help, My Account, Tools, and Logout.
  • Instructions & Guidance: In the top right-hand corner of the screen, there’s a help button that will take you to BillingOrchard’s knowledge base. You can contact support directly at (888) 369-1331. There is also email support, but I found that phone support responded faster and was more helpful.
  • Problems: Unfortunately, BillingOrchard is ridden with problems. One issue left me unable to use the software for four days.
    • Navigational Difficulties: The software’s features are incredibly basic but unnecessarily complicated. To start, features are difficult to find. For example, Projects are under Clients, and Expense Tracking is under Reports. Once you find a feature, entering the information is a process that can be streamlined and automated, especially where invoicing is concerned.
    • Limited Features: There is no way to save items in an items list to be used for later invoices. You have to manually enter each individual expense as there is no way to import bank statements or connect to bank feeds. The invoicing automations are very limited and template customizations are virtually non-existent. And to top it off, there is only a single (very limited) integration.
    • Major Glitches & Error Messages: When using the software I encountered major glitches. Multiple times when trying to load the taxes report screen, the site crashed and kicked me out of my account. Later, the software wouldn’t let me log into my account, even though I was using the right email and password. After resetting the password, I still wasn’t able to access my account for four whole days. Additionally, the page often is slow to load or doesn’t load at all. I received this error message dozens of times during my testing of the software. The support team was no help for this issue and the only solution was trying to access the site again after time had passed. Because of these issues alone, I do not recommend this software.
    • No Mobile Apps: There are no mobile apps available. This is disappointing, as nearly every other invoicing software offers a mobile app for at least Android or iPhone, and most offer both.
    • Poor Importing/Exporting: I experienced major issues with importing my contacts into BillingOrchard. Everything was formatted and saved correctly according to BillingOrchard’s sample .csv file, but I still couldn’t import my contacts. However, BillingOrchard does allow you to send them your .csv files, which they will fix and import for you.


BillingOrchard covers very basic invoicing features along with a few billing features.

  • Dashboard: BillingOrchard offers a simple dashboard with charts marking YTD (year-to-date) Income, a Quick Accounts Summary, Aging Invoices, Future Recurring Profiles, and Clients with Pending Items. There is also a welcome box at the top (it doesn’t go away even after you’ve created your first invoice, which is a bit annoying).

BillingOrchard Review

  • Invoicing: BillingOrchard offers a single invoicing template with no customizations except adding a company logo. You can set recurring invoices and invoice reminders. The interface for inputting invoices and estimates is one of the worst I’ve seen. The features are hard to navigate and incredibly limited. The software is not set up to invoice for items. You can invoice for time or fees, although the fees button can be a decent workaround for not having an items line.

BillingOrchard Review

  • Estimates: You can create and send estimates to customers.

BillingOrchard Review

  • Client Portal: Customers will receive estimates and invoices in a client portal. It’s definitely not the best client portal I’ve seen (it’s really more of a glorified preview screen), but it does get the job done. Customers can approve or decline estimates and pay invoices directly from the client portal.

BillingOrchard Review

  • Expense Tracking: BillingOrchard has a very basic expense tracking feature where you can input transactions manually. There is no way to import bank statements and no live bank feeds. Weirdly enough, this feature is found under the Reports tab. Recurring billing is also available.
  • Contact Management: You can import or manually enter contacts with the following information: contact, client name, email, phone, address, notes, and a custom field. When you create a new customer you have to set a username and password for them, which is incredibly weird. I have never seen another company do this and to me, this seems to compromise the customer’s security and privacy. Customers should be in control of setting their own username and password. Period.
  • Time Tracking: BillingOrchard offers a basic time tracking feature where you can manually input hours. You can also add a title to the time recorded, a description, completion date, and any hours or rate preferences.

BillingOrchard Review

  • Project Management: When you create a project, you can include a client, project title, project estimate, and full proposal/description. The project management feature is found under the client’s tab.
  • Reports: BillingOrchard only provides six reports: Unpaid Invoices, Future Recurring Revenue, Payment, Taxes, Revenue by Fee, Revenue by Hourly Service, and a Late/Aging report. When I tried to run the tax report, I experienced severe crashing that logged me out of my account completely. This happened twice. Later I was able to run this report with no problem.
  • Sales Tax: The sales tax features in BillingOrchard is one of the most limited I’ve seen. There is only one sales tax rate allowed and it is automatically applied to every invoice. You cannot edit the rate or add a new rate when creating an invoice.The only way to change it is by manually changing the default sales tax rate in settings every single time you invoice a customer in a different area.
  • Importing/Exporting: You can import clients via .csv. If you have problems with your .csv, you can send it to support@billingorchard and they will take care of importing it for you. You can export clients, invoices, and reports.
  • API: There is API available for developers.

Customer Service & Support

The company is not clear about how much support costs. Their site says that the only additional fee is $10/mo if you want support tickets. However, one representative said that each plan only comes with 1.5 hours of free support a month. After that, you have to pay an addition $100. This cost is outrageous, and to top it off, the support isn’t worth it.

I was very disappointed with BillingOrchard’s customer support. I experienced a severe issue where I couldn’t log into my account. My emails about this issue were never responded to. The customer support representative I called tried to help by providing a new password, but their website was timing out so badly that I couldn’t access BillingOrchard at all for two hours. I was finally able to log in four and a half days after the initial issue began. If I ran a small business, I would find this support completely unacceptable.

In addition, when I emailed the BillingOrchard team about a few other basic questions, I received a response email that said my ticket was received and could be viewed at any time on my BillingOrchard account. However, when I went to view my tickets, they had all been closed before they were ever answered. Not the sort of support you want to see from your invoicing software.

If you do use BillingOrchard and have to get a hold of their support team, the best way to reach them is by phone. The knowledge base also provides helpful information. The customer service team can be reached from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. Here are the few ways you can contact BillingOrchard:

  • Phone: Contact BillingOrchard at (888) 369-1331.
  • Email: You contact the Sales team at and the support team at Schedule a demo at
  • Knowledge Base: has a knowledge base with a good amount of articles that are updated regularly. There is also an FAQ section and a place to create a support ticket.
  • Chat: There is a chat feature on the BillingOrchard website, but it is almost always offline. You can leave a message if you’d like, but I recommend calling BillingOrchard directly if you need a quick answer.
  • YouTube: There is a BillingOrchard YouTube channel with around 50 videos, but most are two or three years old.
  • Social Media: BillingOrchard does have FaceBook and Twitter accounts, but these accounts haven’t been updated since the company was acquired by Payscape. You can follow Payscape on Twitter for updates, but you’ll have to filter through all of the updates for their other products as well.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Overall, BillingOrchard hasn’t received very many reviews. However, there are enough to see a pattern in the complaints about the software.

  • Difficult To Use: A couple users found the software difficult to use and navigate.
  • Not Updated Enough: A few other users complained about the lack of updates, and one user said he doesn’t think BillingOrchard actually listens to what their clients want.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

For the most part, BillingOrchard’s limited reviews are positive. However, many of these reviews are outdated. The software receives 4/5 stars on Capterra and 4.3/5 stars on their Facebook page. There is also a case studies page on their website where you can see how users benefit from the software. Here are the things users liked most about the software:

  • Good Billing Features: Users like the recurring billing feature and the ability to accept payments online.
  • Easy To Use: The biggest praise about the software is that it’s easy to use. Many users also appreciate that their customers find the software easy to use.
  • Good Customer Service: A couple users say that BillingOrchard’s customer service is quick to respond. This was not my experience with the company.

Here are a few ways that current users enjoy the software:

I adore this company/service/lifesaver! It has SO streamlined the business end of teaching dance and is encouraging parents to keep up with their tuition payments better. They love it! AND, the customer service is phenomenal… every question I’ve had has been answered super quickly and completely! Highly recommend!!

I love that collecting payments is easier and I get paid much faster than before. I’ve also gotten feedback from clients that they find the payment process simple and easy

Integrations & Add-Ons

BillingOrchard has a single integration with QuickBooks. The integration only allows you to export files.


BillingOrchard hardly provides any security information, which is always a red flag for me. There is a terms and conditions section in which the company says, “We never sell or share your client data with any third-parties, or contact your clients directly,” but this is basically all the company tells you, other than the fact that they are PCI compliant and use SSL encryption.

Final Verdict

If you stuck around long enough get to this section of the review, I’m sure you’ve gathered that we do not recommend this software.

BillingOrchard is ridden with glitches, offers poor customer service, lacks key invoicing features, and is incredibly overpriced to boot.

This software does offer basic invoicing and billing features, but almost any other similar program you choose will do a better job with these features. If you’re looking for strong, affordable invoicing software, we recommend taking a look at Zoho Invoice or Invoicera. If the billing automations are what drew you to BillingOrchard, read our review for a much better option. We wish you the best of luck in your search and are always here to help. Let us know how we can best help you in the comments below!

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