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Booker Review

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New York, NY
Chris Motola

Chris Motola

Finance Writer at Merchant Maverick
Chris Motola is a writer, programmer, game designer, and product of NY. These days he's mostly writing about financial products, but in a past life he wrote about health care and business. He's a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

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    Organization Name: Wink

    It’s impossible to get anything accomplished when you are the service provider and have an issue and then after hours you send an email and they basically say ‘user error” No followup. The clover disconnects every other transaction and there is no way to fix it. They say there is a new technology coming out, ha! They doubled the price and works 30% of the time. What a freaking joke!

    • Organization Name: Wink
    Marie Mc Entee

    Organization Name: Blowtique

    Worst company ever to deal with. Impossible to get in touch. At the minute I am waiting 39 mins and still they keep saying wait time 10 mns and its not unusual to wait over an hour. Take my advice and sign up to another company Phorest brilliant company rarely problems and customer support very short wait times 2-3 mns.

    • Organization Name: Blowtique
    Brad Miller

    Organization Name: RCS

    After years of broken promises from Booker employees to fix bugs in the platform, I decided to launch a blog where I could document the problems I’ve had for years. Previously, I would dutifully take screenshots of issues with Booker, write detailed notes, and provide timelines requested by their customer service staff. These never went anywhere. Out of frustration, I decided to compile my notes at If you are aware of another platform able to manage multiple schedules and customer payments, please let me know. I’m actively searching for a replacement. Thanks.

    • Organization Name: RCS
    Marie Mc Entee

    Try Phorest


      We have been using booker since 2016. There have been glitches, but I do notice that regular updates often do improve the user experience. Recently Mind Body hooked up with Booker and my coworker was really concerned because she had had poor experiences with Mind Body as both a practitioner and a customer. There does seem to be more issues arising since the merger. I’m wondering about the people who have written poor reviews of this software, what have they found that is BETTER? Paper & pen are not, as at least 40% of our bookings are coming from online and in a recent customer survey ease of booking/online booking was one of the most often praised. I’d be happy to try something less glitchy but IS there something better?


        Organization Name: Wink

        so many issues and the price increased!

        • Organization Name: Wink
        Martha Calvillo

        Organization Name: Queens Hair Studio

        We had this product all of 8 days, it’s unimpressive, super basic, useless. If you’re looking for something overpriced, to add very little to no value to your administrative needs, buy booker. You can get these features off of free applications. Customer service is heinous. They promise one thing and never follow through. I have countless emails (because they never have the answers over the phone) that contradict the previous correspondence. They sound very nice, but are blatantly incompetent. We purchased the booker platform for the marketing component, and upon payment, we come to discover that the marketing component is an additional cost, doubling our budget. So we asked to cancel (for this and various other reasons), and the kept the $100 “enrollment fee”. It’s disgusting, and a complete abuse of incoming clients. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that they’re stealing $100 for “enrollment” when were weren’t’ even enrolled. As soon as we paid there were problems we were trying to sort through, and all the sudden our rep didn’t have answers and would reference us to the “support team”. We spent the 8 days we had booker trying to get someone to call us back, answer questions, and tell us why we were given a price, to soon find that it didn’t include the service we asked and paid for. BTW, the enrollment is an “on-boarding phone call” with tutorials. If you don’t schedule and take the on-boarding call (which are inconveniently only during business hours – so if you have a full time job already forget every gaining access) you get you $100 back, and/or applicable to a future month’s due. Being that we didn’t initiate the on-boarding process, there should’ve been NO REASON AT ALL to keep the $100 paid, especially since the reason for staying with booker for 8 days was mostly waiting for booker to get back to us with answers. They were great about apologizing about delays, but it was on our dime, so… Good luck getting someone on the phone to help you with something other than taking your money.

        • Organization Name: Queens Hair Studio

        We have used Booker in our 3 salons for almost 4 years. We selected Booker because we wanted a cloud-based solution that we could access from anywhere. We contacted several others during our evaluation including MindBody. MindBody never responded to our inquiry through their website but we did demo it recently. In our experience, Booker has invested their money in acquiring marketing platforms like Frederick and not in their platform. The Booker platform has frequent outages some lasting several hours. As the other reviewer mentioned, they often do not communicate the outage on their status page and often do not share the resolution of the problem. The infrastructure (servers, routers, etc) is not sufficient for a company with their user count and does not have sufficient redundancy, diversity or resiliency. Booker initially offered customer reporting for an additional fee but they no longer support it. For a salon owner, the reporting has not kept up with the evolution of the salon industry. We are in the process of evaluating platforms again to make a change. The outages cause too much disruption and their lack of investment in the infrastructure and reporting tools tells me they are just working towards a sale.


          Hi Chris!

          We have quite a few updates since the update here, most notably, the EMV (Chip Card) Compliant integration with the Clover Mini! Let me know if you are interested in reviewing some of the details and some updated screenshots.

          Thank you!
          Megan Rollo


            I agree with all written above! I just “tried’ to sign up with Mind Body but realized that Booker was more fitting for my salon. Booker offers ways to set up a sliding pay scale where Mind Body is not equip to pay employees individual. Not to mention the time you are on hold for with Mind Body is quite a long period of time. Booker does have often moments of down time where we cannot process transactions but I am hopeful the software will eventually get a move on its smoothness.


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