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CapitalPlus Equity Review


CapitalPlus Equity Review

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Date Established
Knoxville, TN


  • Suited for small business
  • Relaxed borrower qualifications
  • No credit score requirements
  • Competitive terms and fees


  • Unsuited for B2C businesses
  • No non-recourse factoring available


CapitalPlus Equity is a business funder that offers invoice factoring to qualified businesses. The company specializes in working with businesses in the construction industry but can work with businesses in other B2B industries as well.

Founded in 1990, CapitalPlus stands out in the factoring space for being very flexible. Customers are not subject to long-term contracts, strict requirements about which invoices must be financed, or an excess of fees.

That said, this factor will not work for every business. Because CapitalPlus requires a minimum schedule amount of $6.5K, businesses that only want to factor small amounts may have to look elsewhere. Additionally, the company does not offer non-notification factoring and does not work with businesses in the trucking and medical industries.

However, if you do not fit into the above situations, CapitalPlus may be a good pick. You will have a lot of control over which invoices you choose to sell, and you don’t have to worry about being charged extra fees or being locked into a long-term contract.

Interested in learning more? Read on for the details!

Services Offered

CapitalPlus Equity offers invoice factoring.

Under the name CapitalPlus Financial, the company also provides back office services, including bookkeeping, credit monitoring, and lien compliance services.

Borrower Qualifications

These are the requirements to qualify for CapitalPlus’s factoring services:

Time in business:N/A
Credit score:N/A
Business revenue:N/A

Because factoring is dependent on your customers paying on time, not your business, CapitalPlus does not have requirements regarding your credit score, the age of your business, or your business revenue.

CapitalPlus primarily works with businesses in the construction industry but will work with businesses in other B2B industries (except for those in the trucking and medical industries, as I mentioned above).

Terms & Fees

These are the terms and fees for CapitalPlus’s service:

Credit facility size:$5K – $5M/mo
Advance rate:Up to 90%
Discount rate:Starts at 1.5%/mo
Max overdue account:90 days
Additional fees:None
Contract length:N/A
Monthly minimums/maximums:None (but require a $6.5K minimum schedule amount)
Factor all invoices:No
Recourse or non-recourse:Recourse (non-recourse available for certain clients)
Notification or non-notification:Notification

Don’t understand what all this means? Check out our rundown of invoice factoring basics.

CapitalPlus’s factoring services are very flexible. The company does not require a long-term contract to use their service, have any monthly minimums or maximums, or require customers to factor all invoices.

Additionally, CapitalPlus does not charge fees other than the discount rate. For example, you will not be charged application fees, processing fees, non-utilization fees, lockbox fees, or cancellation fees.

Application Process

To begin the process, you’ll be required to fill out a short application with information about yourself, your business, and your accounts receivable. This form can be filled out and submitted online, by email, or by snail mail.

When you have completed the application, somebody from the company will, after evaluating your information, get in touch with you to let you know if you’re a good fit. If so, they will help you finish the application and verification process.

According to the website, the initial application is generally completed in about three business days.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

CapitalPlus provides plenty of information on their website that will be helpful for merchants evaluating their options. The staff is also transparent and informative.

Customer Service & Technical Support

The website offers an extensive FAQ that can answer most questions you may have about the service. If you need to talk to a real person, customer service is available via phone or email.

It’s worth noting that, when talking to your customers, CapitalPlus states that…

We will make routine courtesy collection calls but will not harass your customers for money. Maintaining your customers’ goodwill and confidence are extremely important to everyone at CapitalPlus Equity.

No reviews online address customer service. However, in my experience, the staff is easy to get in contact with, transparent, and helpful.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

CapitalPlus is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a current A+ rating and no negative reviews or complaints. Otherwise, the company does not have a presence on other review sites.

Generally, an overall lack of reviews is a positive thing, given that unhappy customers are more likely to write reviews.

However, here are the aspects of the service customers might have problems with:

  • Low advance rate: CapitalPlus generally caps their advance rate at 90%, while other invoice factors might offer higher advance rates.
  • No non-recourse factoring: While CapitalPlus will offer non-recourse factoring to businesses on a case-by-case basis, most customers will not have the option.
  • No non-notification factoring: CapitalPlus does not offer non-notification factoring.

If you need a higher advance rate, non-recourse factoring, or non-notification factoring, CapitalPlus may not be the company for you.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Last year, CapitalPlus was named the best factoring company for construction by Factoring Club, an online factoring directory. The company website also has a few testimonials, as well as some recent success stories.

Here is what people like about the service:

  • Solves cash flow problems
  • Informative, efficient customer service
  • Fast money transfers

Additionally, customers may like that CapitalPlus does not require long-term contracts, factoring of all invoices, or fees aside from factoring fees.

We’d like to hear from you, though. Do you have experience with this CapitalPlus’s factoring services? What did you think? Leave a message in the comments!

Final Verdict

This factoring company proves that, contrary to the stereotype often associated with this type of service, invoice factors do not necessarily require unfair contracts and an abundance of hidden fees.

If you run a mid-sized B2B business and need an invoice factor to solve cash flow problems, CapitalPlus is certainly worth considering. Although their services will not work for every business, the lack of a long-term contract, additional fees, and requirements about which invoices to sell mean that it will work for most businesses that want as much control over their invoices as possible.

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