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I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the folks at Certified Payment Processing (CPP). It’s not every day that I have the honor of reviewing a company of this caliber. Certified Payments is, without any shadow of a doubt, one of the most hated payment processing providers currently playing the game! Their horrible reputation, alongside dishonest business practices and expensive contracts, has earned CPP our rarely-used one-star rating. It’s easier to get a five-star rating than a one-star rating. We save this (dis)honor for the absolute worst of the worst. I can confidently say that Certified Payment Processing has earned it. So again, congratulations y’all!

As a First American Payment Systems (FAPS) subsidiary, I knew Certified wouldn’t be great. FAPS is, after all, a poor-performing company in its own right, with questionable business practices and tons of complaints. Somehow, though, despite my low expectations, despite the absolute lowness of the bar set by FAPS, Certified Payments managed to fall flat on its face. There are hundreds of merchant complaints against this company, alongside almost as many complaints from former CPP sales agents. It seems like Certified runs a true-blue lose-lose business. What’s even more alarming about their high complaint volume – there are at least four other sales entities working under CPP – TransTech Merchant Group, CeresNational, ISIS Direct and Summit Merchant Solutions – with many of these companies using hundreds of independent resellers. So, in reality, the complaint volume against CPP is even higher than it appears.

The products and services offered by Certified Payment Processing are basically identical to the First American offerings, which are not outstanding to begin with. Those who do business with CPP can expect poorly-disclosed and expensive non-cancellable leasing agreements, hefty early termination fees, and generally uncompetitive contract terms. There is absolutely no reason for you to give Certified Payments your business, bottom line.

Read the full review for more information, or just head over to our comparison chart to see some of our favorite providers.

Products & Services:

  • POS system: CPP offers the FAPS proprietary 1stPayPOS software/hardware combo. (You supply the iPad and reader).
  • Mobile payments: Offered via GoEmerchant’s proprietary M+Terminal. I like GoEmerchant, so seeing this partnership actually boosts my confidence in CPP by a notch or two. No free reader seems to come standard.
  • Terminal sales and leasing: Includes the FAPS proprietary Xion counter top terminal. Leases come through Merimac Capital, a First American subsidiary. In my opinion, you should never lease. Merimac leases are non-cancellable and extend for 60 months, usually at about $45 per month (plus insurance). That means that even if you want to cancel the next day, you will be stuck paying $2,700 to buy out the contract for a machine worth a couple hundred dollars. Check out this article for more info.
  • Online reporting: This comes via the FAPS proprietary FirstView reporting system.
  • Gateway: Certified Payments uses a proprietary gateway called FirstPay.Net.
  • Check processing: Via Secur-Chex.
  • Gift and loyalty cards: Offered as an in-house service through the CPP FirstAdvantage brand.
  • Cash advances
  • ATMs

Fees & Rates:

Just like First American, I don’t think you’ll find a single dollar sign or percentage mark anywhere on the CPP site. But from what I’ve seen from CPP merchants, these accounts are incredibly expensive, with most of the money going directly toward agent profits. Look out for annual fees of about $100, statement fees up to $20, annual PCI compliance fees around $100, steep monthly minimums and costly tiered pricing.

Most merchants should insist on an interchange-plus pricing plan with no monthly minimum, no matter who you process with.

Contract Length & Early Termination Fee:

You can expect to see three-year, auto-renewing contracts from Certified Payment Processing, carrying early termination fees of at least $495. I’ve also seen termination fees from CPP of no less than $495 for each location including consequential damages and loss of profits, costs, expenses, and liabilities. This considered a Liquidated Damages type contract and can be especially expensive to the merchant. Since CPP relies heavily on independent resellers and so many subsidiaries, there’s not a whole lot of standardization here. But if you don’t see a signed waiver form attached to your contract, chances are there is an early termination fee.

Sales & Advertising Transparency:

In short: not good. At least with their parent company, First American Payment Systems, you get a nice site to browse through. Not so with Certified Payment Processing. The CPP site is buggy, difficult to navigate, poorly constructed, and has very little useful information. I’d say it’s a joke, but I’m not laughing.

Aside from their online corporate advertising and sales, the in-person sales experience offered by CPP leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, the Certified sales force may be the worst part of this company. Almost all of the CPP salespeople are independent agents, and these agents don’t seem to last very long. This means that your agent is likely inexperienced or, perhaps worse, desperate.

Most of the major complaints against Certified Payment Processing stem from sales practices. Agents are either not knowledgeable, or they willfully mislead merchants about early termination fees, leasing agreements, processing rates and various other associated fees.

Customer Service & Technical Support:

You can read in our comments section a number of reviews that cite rude or otherwise unsatisfactory customer service. Corroborating complaints exist across the web. So while Certified Payment Processing does offer 24/7 customer service, not everyone would agree that this adds up to excellent customer support.

Basically, here’s my take away: having a well-staffed call center is a band aid on a bullet wound when sales reps are scamming merchants into signing expensive and unfair contracts. If you’ve had experience with CPP customer service, please let me know how it went in a comment.

Negative Reviews & Complaints:

I don’t always think the BBB does a great job when it comes to assessing a business’s rating. Many questionable companies seem to earn, against all odds, an “A+” rating despite hundreds of recent complaints. This is not the case for Certified Payment Processing. With 141 complaints for the past 3 years, CPP gets a  B+ from the Better Business Bureau. Why the increase from the BBB? They started responding to complaints and now only have 5 complaints that weren’t resolved to the customers’ satisfaction.

You can find many other complaints on sites like Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, and even our own comments section.

Here are some of the most common complaints against Certified Payment Processing:

  • Large number of complaints from former sales reps: Whenever I see a high number of complaints from sales reps, it tells me that the company is running a “churn and burn” type operation. The goal being to get as many commission-only independent or in-house sales agents under the CPP banner, then letting them loose. The focus becomes quantity over quality. That’s always a bad recipe for the merchant because usually these reps aren’t educated enough and end up signing you into bum deals due to the lure of a fat paycheck.
  • Unethical sales tactics: Overall, merchants are unsatisfied with the sales experience provided by many CPP agents. Specifically, complaints include nondisclosure of contract terms and fees, as well as receiving misleading information about how credit card processing works and how rates are decided. The fact that CPP does not provide any useful educational material or rate information on their website makes the sales experience even more opaque. Certified’s biggest problems stem from their sales force, often made up of poorly trained, poorly regulated, short-term independent agents.
  • Bad leasing agreements: Just about any company that still sells the old standard four-year non-cancellable leasing packages should be, as a rule, avoided like the plague. These companies are desperately looking to make money at your expense and via your lack of industry knowledge. These leases end up costing thousands of dollars just for the pleasure of borrowing a machine that is only worth a few hundred dollars. Don’t do it. Read this article for more information.
  • Overall expensive: Some merchants complain about rate hikes and high percentages of non-qualified transactions. Others bemoan their hefty early termination fees. Others hate finding so many undisclosed fees on their statements. But most complaints I read had in common a general feeling that CPP is charging more than they are worth. Based on everything I’ve seen, I tend to agree.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials:

Much like their parent company First American Payment Systems, I couldn’t find any positive reviews or testimonials for Certified Payment Processing. To be honest, I have no real reason to encourage you to pursue using this company’s services. While I’m sure they have a substantial number of satisfied merchants on their side, CPP delivers very inconsistent sales and service experiences. With so many other truly exceptions providers out there, why settle for the lower end of mediocrity?

If you disagree, please let me know in a comment. I’m open to valid arguments in favor of or against any provider I’ve reviewed!

Final Verdict:

Bottom line – this is not a company worth giving your business to. The credit card processing industry is oversaturated with providers these days, making it a highly-competitive industry. That’s right – these companies must compete for YOUR business, giving you all the power in this market. So why should you settle? Why even waste another moment thinking about a subpar provider when a sizable handful of payment providers are really providing exceptional service?

Companies like Certified Payment Processing count on unsuspecting, inexperienced, trusting, uneducated merchants.  The truth is that CPP doesn’t offer competitive service and that any merchant who shops around and reads educational resources will definitely not use them. But if you did sign on with Certified, I’d like to quote Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting: “It’s not your fault.” Falling victim to a predatory sales agent makes you just that – a victim. But since you’re here reading this now, I think there’s a really good chance that your next payment processing experience will be much better.

Certified Payment Processing gets our lowest possible rating, one star, thanks to their extraordinary complaint volume, poor sales services, and non-competitive contract terms. For all of these reasons and more, I’d encourage you to look elsewhere.

Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts in our comments section!

Tom DeSimone
Tom loves asking tough questions and getting straight answers, so he has a lot of fun calling payment processors for Merchant Maverick to cut through their smoke and mirrors and find the real deals. He has run a full-time editorial business from his home in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2010 and could not imagine a better job. When not busy writing and keeping credit card processors honest, Tom enjoys backpacking in the mountains.
Tom DeSimone
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    Kyle King

    Just got a call from one of the reps, the rep told me last year they had bad hiccups and they fired all of us, he then said he worked there for 6 years, this is just one of those scams they cant keep up with, do not work for them, they lied before i even put in an application.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Cliz Marin

    This is the most obnoxious company. This morning alone, I got 15 calls in 3 hrs. They call me all day long every 10 or 15 minutes. I’ve repeatedly called and asked to be taken off their list – it seems to just make them call more often. Even though I have their number blocked, my phone still rings once and I see their # on called id. Would love to know how to stop them!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Natalie Lace

    They are the worst company to work for ever ..they tre a t you like crap they lie I would never buy or work for them . Hope they lose all there business

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I got a call last week about offering merchant services for my company, they asked what I currently accept and what company I used. I asked who was calling and they replied “CPP” as if I should know what that was. Never heard of them. I was polite to them. When they mumbled something in a thick southern accent, I just said “uh huh, yeah, goodbye” and that was the end……. till this morning at 9am. I was still in my pajamas when a nice saleslady came to my door. I realized my “uh huh” was an agreement to meet with their sales lady – I didn’t give them my address. I’m not tough to find, but still….. I didn’t sign anything, decided to do some homework first. I’m glad I came by this article, thank you!


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Christian Gomez

    As a past employee of CPP I can guarantee you should 1. Never work for CPP and 2. Never buy anything from them. From an employee aspect they promise you great pay from sales and 3-5 appointments face to face with an owner daily. Unfortunately this isn’t what you get. Someone calls businesses in the area telling them they’re going to have a salesman in the area and regardless of if they say yes or no they’ll still send you there. I’ve even been sent to residential homes before. Just a big waste of gas, time and money. They “train” you in a 4 hour online class that’s basically there to try and pull you into their lies then send you off on your own the very next day. No training with an “experienced” salesperson. I’d never work for them again and ill tell anyone I come across not to either. There’s a reason they have an F rating from the BBB

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jermaine Burrell

    Christian I have had a nearly identical experience with them. I got sent to a business that has been out of business for years. I looked at the building and the gas meter had been removed. My next appointment was with a merchant that I had already seen the week before who had already stated the he did not want our services. Lastly, I was sent to a barber shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the owner had sold the business to someone else six months before they even set the appointment. The apointments that they send you to are bogus as I found out on many occasions. I have been with this company for about a month and they don’t seem to be looking out for my best interest at all. The sales tactics that they use make me feel ashamed at my work. I feel like a fool for deciding to work for this company and all I can say is shame on them.So I totally hear you Christian.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Also had the same experience as Christian and Jermaine. I went on 5-6 leads and they were either flat out closed, the owner had no idea who I was, who I was with, or wanted anything to do with me when I told him my purpose for being there, AND the team leader was rude when they guy politely asked for us to stop contacting him (as he was trying to take a class). If your personal reputation doesn’t mean much to you, you can definitely get paid with this company. Once they start spreading the word about how dishonest the company is…they won’t attack the company, they will attack you personally. Be careful, it could close doors to better job opportunities. Don’t even put it on your resume.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    mark mclaren

    The worst wasn’t it?

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.



    Just quit today!!!!

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    I am considering applying as a sales
    agent with this company…any advice from anyother agents

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jermaine Burrell

    Yes. Run away while you still can. I am about to.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    A Birthday Place.com

    Harassing phones 30 times a day. We not stop after repeating told to.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    Jill Jester

    Summit Merchant Solutions is a deceptive and misleading company. They bury financial commitments in their 30 page “binding contract”. They have deceived me three times in the last 8 months, and have cost me a tremendous amount of money. Don’t let this happen to you.1) Summit debited my checking account for $ 124.75 without notifying me or acquiring my authorization. They referenced Page 9 Paragraph 3 as their right to do this. “CPP may make available a PCI DSS compliance program through a third-party. CPP shall have the right to charge an annual PCI fee of no less than $124.75 whether or not Merchant participates in the program.” 2) When I chose Summit as my credit card processing company, it was on the conditon that I was not locked into any contract. I was opening a new business and was not guaranteed that I would make it. When I was forced to close my business, I called Summit to cancel the service. I was told I would have to pay $595.00 in penalties for breaking the “binding contract”. When I told them I was not under a contract with them, they referenced Page 4 Paragraph 4 as their right to do this. “Any lease agreement is a separate agreement and not subject to the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement. Additionally, any lease agreement cannot be cancellled. If this Agreement is not cancelled withing the thirty day cancellation period, then this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect for a term of (3) years from approval by Bank and is subject to an early termination fee of no less than $495.00.”I referenced the Lease Agreement in the contract (which was an agreement to lease their equipment)where I had declined the lease agreement and purchased my equipment outright, and again stipulated that I was under no “binding long-term contract” with them, per my conversation and agreement with their sales rep. They responded with “they did not interpret that paragraph as referring to the Lease Agreement of the equipment”. I told them that was not how I interpreted that paragraph and asked them what other Lease Agreement in their contract did I sign (of which there is none) and they once again reminded me I was under a “binding contract with them and they would immediately debit my checking account for $595.00 if I chose to cancel.” When I asked them why they were charging me $595.00 instead of $495.00, they referenced the “no less than..” clause, saying they could charge any fee they wanted as long as it was not less than the $495.00. They then told me if I chose not to cancel, they would continue billing me over $50.00/month for “minimum maintenance fees”, regardless of the fact that I was not doing a single transaction with them anymore. They justified this action from Page 2 Section “Other Fees”: “Annual Fee $95.00 per year”… which was waived on the contract “Monthly minimum $25.00 per month”… they told me they were now charging me $30.00/month “Green Option Fee (on-line statement) $7.50 per month”… they are now charging me $8.50/month “Access Fee $2.00 per month”…they are now charging me $10.00/month ” Regulatory Compliance Fee $3.42 per month”…they are now charging me $5.95/monthI asked them why, if I was under a “binding contract”, were they charging me more than I agreed to. They referred me to another paragraph somewhere in the contract that gave them the authority to “raise their rates as needed.” I asked them since they raised the rates in April (again without any notification to me whatsoever), when were they planning on raising their rates again, their response was “probably October.”, again referencing the “paragraph” that allows them to raise their rates “as needed”.I once again told them that their salesman had agreed to and assured me I was under a non-binding contract with Summit. Their response…”We do not honor any verbal contracts. You have a legally binding written contract with us and that is all we will discuss.”This is a very deceptive and misleading company who has full access to all my monies in my checking account, and clearly has no issue in taking whatever they want whenever they want and I can’t stop them.


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    business owner

    Researching to see if i want to get involved with processing cards through this company. they now have an F rating on BBB and looks like they treat their employees pretty horrifically. I’m not interested in doing business with them. even though the rates have dropped from yesterday’s “$99 a month but we have a more than 50% off sale through tomorrow” to ” free terminal and $2 a month statement fee +8cents per trans. and .79% bank card/ 1.79% credit card” today. “I don’t know why they didn’t tell you about this offer. I want to help you,” says the phone rep.
    too good to be true, as I figured.
    Thanks for all the great writeups, people.

    Sounds like this one needs a new bank account. Fast.

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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