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Credibility Capital Review


Credibility Capital Review

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Date Established
New York, NY


  • Suited for small businesses
  • Competitive terms and fees
  • Short application process
  • Typical time to funding: 2 – 7 days


  • Unsuited for startups
  • Stringent borrower qualifications
  • Not available in some states


Credibility Capital offers medium-term installment loans to eligible merchants. Launched in April of 2015, this lender has been in business for around two years.

This lender is partnered with a number of other companies; the most notable company is Dun & Bradstreet, with whom it has an exclusive partnership.

Credibility Capital’s rates and fees are more-or-less competitive with lenders that offer similar products. This lender’s maximum APR is a little lower than others, but it also offers shorter term lengths than you might be able to find elsewhere. Keep in mind, however, that your personal rates will depend on the strength of your business and how Credibility Capital evaluates risk.

However, if you meet the qualifications, Credibility Capital is certainly worth including in your comparisons. In addition to the competitive rates and fees, the company is transparent and communicative and has a positive reputation across the web.

Read on for the details!

Services Offered

Credibility Capital offers installment loans to qualified merchants.

Borrower Qualifications

These are the minimum requirements to qualify for a Credibility Capital loan:

Time in business:24 months
Credit score:Strong personal credit
Revenue:Currently generating revenue

This lender does not have any specific requirements regarding your credit score, but they do require “strong personal credit.” If your credit score is at least 640 or above, you will have a better chance of qualifying. The lender also does not have any specific requirements regarding how much your business makes.

In addition to the above, Credibility Capital will not consider businesses if they have filed for personal or business bankruptcy in the last five years. This company also cannot currently lend to businesses in Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Vermont.

Rates & Fees

There are the rates and fees for Credibility Capital’s loans:

Borrowing amount:$10,000 – $350,000
Term length:1, 2, or 3 years
Interest rate:7.99% – 20%
Origination fee:3% – 5%
APR:10% – 25%
Collateral:Personal guarantee, UCC-1 blanket lien

Credibility Capital offers traditional installment loans with term lengths of one, two, or three years. Repayments are fixed and made on a monthly basis.

This company charges a one-time origination fee but does not charge any other fees. For example, you will not be charged a prepayment penalty for repaying your loan early.

Application Process

Credibility Capital stands out from other lenders because you can check your eligibility without making an account. If you are not eligible, you are free to either make an account so Credibility Capital can hook you up with one of their partners, or you can go elsewhere to seek funding.

If you choose to make an account, you will have to provide basic information about yourself and your business. To complete the application you will have to provide these documents:

  • Tax ID number
  • Revenue or the last 12 months
  • Social security number

When your application is complete, a loan specialist will get in contact with you to continue the process. This person might request other documents, like bank statements and tax returns, depending on your business and what product you’re applying for.

Credibility Capital will also run a credit check. However, according to the FAQ, it will be a soft check, which won’t affect your credit score.

The time from application to funding normally takes less than a week.

Sales & Advertising Transparency

Credibility Capital is a signatory on the Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights, a bill that lays out the fundamental standards that should be upheld by business lenders, which includes access to transparent terms.

The company lives up to that promise — Credibility Capital provides plenty of information on their website that will help borrowers decide if this is the right loan for them. Additionally, because the company lets you check your eligibility without making an account and filling out a long application, potential borrowers will be able to quickly determine if a loan from this company is worth pursuing.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Customer service is available Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm EST. Most customers are happy with the level of customer service, claiming that the reps are friendly, knowledgeable, and proactive.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Credibility Capital has a presence on the Better Business Bureau; the company is accredited with an A rating. Currently, they have 17 reviews (most of which are positive) and one complaint.

Regardless, here are the reasons Credibility Capital may not work for you:

  • Not for startups or merchants with poor credit: Credibility Capital targets borrowers with businesses at least 24 months old and with strong credit. If you do not meet their requirements, you will have to look elsewhere for funding.
  • Short term lengths: Credibility Capital offers maximum borrowing term lengths of three years, whereas similar lenders offer loans with longer term lengths.

Aside from the BBB, Credibility Capital does not yet have a very large presence on any other review sites or the web at large. In a sense, an absence of poor reviews counts as a good review. However, we’d still like to hear about your experiences. Leave a message in the comments!

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

This lender has a few positive reviews on the BBB and some borrower stories on their website. This is what customers liked about the service:

  • Fast time from application to funding: While a bank usually takes months to fund a business, Credibility Capital only takes a few days.
  • Little paperwork: Credibility Capital requires much less paperwork than banks might.
  • Professional, friendly customer service: Reviewers liked that the customer service was informative, professional, and cared about their business.

Final Verdict

Credibility Capital is best for strong, creditworthy businesses which are not quite eligible for a bank loan yet. If you qualify, Credibility Capital is certainly worth getting a quote from; the application is easy, and the company is transparent and helpful.

That said, Credibility Capital is not the only lender that offers funding to merchants with over a year in business and strong personal credit; anybody eligible for this service will be eligible for others, and your rates will vary by lender based on how each lender evaluates risk. Because other lenders offer longer term lengths and lower minimum APRs, borrowers (especially very creditworthy borrowers) might be able to find better rates elsewhere. For this reason, it’s best to make some comparisons before setting on Credibility Capital (or any other lender).

Curious about your other options? Check out a comparison of our top-rated lenders or our full list of reviews.

LenderBorrowing AmountTermReq. Time in BusinessMin. Credit ScoreNext Steps

$5K - $500K3 - 36 monthsx1.003 - x1.04/mo12 months600Apply Now

$5K - $500K13 - 52 weeksx1.029 - x1.18729 months550Apply Now

$2K - $5MVariesAs low as 2%6 months550Apply Now

$20K - $500K1 - 4 years7.99% - 29.99% APR2 years660Apply Now
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Bianca Crouse

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Bianca Crouse
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