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    Tom DeSimone

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Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

Expert Analyst & Reviewer
Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Tom has written for Merchant Maverick since 2013. His work is cited by publications including TechCrunch, Washington Business Journal, and Bank Advisor. He currently serves as Product Manager.
Tom DeSimone
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    William Bradford

    I’m free from Elite Pay Global at last! When I signed up with them I was assured that their cancellation fee was only $225, and in fact the contract was made to read that way. However, in the tiny fine print it was “$225 plus this, and that, and this, plus whatever is left on your contract, cancellation fee not to be under $995.00.” MY cancellation fee was $1800 per shop… so no other company would buy out the fee. I finally found a company willing to pay that $1800 per account. I gleefully called Elite Pay to cancel, and discovered that they’ve lowered their cancellation fee to only $335 per account! I’m in process of getting away from this wretched, dishonest company forever. I’m still expecting nasty surprises from them, but at least I have a change to get out. I’ll post if anything goes wrong, lol.

      Kristin Sandvik

      Cannot give them any stars… terrible company, really bad decision to go with them. I am 3 years into a 4 year contract and hoping I get out of it without having to pay all the penalties. If a class action lawsuit ever gets started, I would like to join. Tom, will you reply if you have any info regarding such a suit?


        Awful company. I canceled my contract and took Elite Pay to court. They owe me $5000 for their bullshit lies and contract.

        I feel bad for any small business owner who has fallen victim to their scam. The owners of this business deserve a sentence, maybe more…….

          William Bradford

          Hi Roger,

          Did you win your lawsuit against Elite Pay Global? How? What did you do? They seem to be experts at lying verbally, but having an iron-clad contract with all the surprises hidden in the fine print. Once a person’s signature is on that contract though…

            Roger Mills

            I cancelled my contract within 3 days and the law states, in New Hampshire that I have 3 business days to back out of a business contract. I brought Elite Pay global to court immediately and won my case for $5000, which they have not payed a dime of. I now have to summon them to court to answer. Northern Leasing now thinks it’s fun to call me and harass me, but they’ve received notice from my lawyer not to contact me. If they keep contacting me they will have a federal case on their hands.

            They tried to tell me that NY law states I can’t cancel, but any intelligent person knows that the contract holds true to the state in which it was signed in!!!!

            This company is founded by scam artists and frauds. They already have ponzi schemes and class action lawsuits under their belts. I’m appalled a company like this can exist with everything we know about them.

            Email me back as many times as you would like about these FRAUDS.


              Jan Nielsen

              Hi Roger,

              I’m also curious if you actually won your case against them? And whether you sued privately or via class action.

                Roger Mills

                I brought them to small claims court and explained what they had done. I also had email proof that I wanted my contract cancelled within the time constants of my States Laws, which was 3 days. Simple as that.


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