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Etsy sellers are able to quickly list products on their store, while Etsy manages many of the technical details related to payment processing, shipping calculations, site hosting, and marketing.

    Nicolette Kier
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Nicolette Kier

Nicolette Kier

Expert Analyst & Reviewer
As a small business owner, contributing writer Nicolette Kier has been sharing her knowledge on all things related to freelancing and eCommerce since 2019. She earned a BS in Physics and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.
Nicolette Kier
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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.


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    The charges that Esty place on sales are outrageous. I pay nearly 25% as I am not VAT registered. I’m not sure why Etsy feel the need to subtract additional charges because of this. It is my responsibility to submit my own tax and if I don’t earn a certain amount because of this, then that’s fine, it is my responsibility to inform HMRC.


      Etsy is awful to their sellers. You can never speak with anyone that actually has the authority to help or do anything for you. Customer service is people that are outsourced. It is done through email & anything Admin does is final & you have no say. I feel that Etsy is all about the customers even if they are trying to scam or get their order for free without paying for it. Watch out cause any buyer can put in a case & Etsy automatically gives them a refund within minutes & the seller gets no chance to respond since Etsy says anything they do is final. I had a buyer that ordered a bigger quantity of items & agreed that I could ship a few at a time since they needed them for resale. After I shipped a few they put in a case that they did not receive their order even though there was tracking provided & Etsy gave them a FULL REFUND for all the items & they got to keep the items they already received also. I was out over $1200. I have also had several orders where the tracking shows the item is “in transit” & Etsy still gives a refund & customer ends up with the item without paying for it. Watch out as Etsy does what they want when they want. They are NOT in favor of a seller even though sellers is what makes their business money.

        Theresa Gabelhausen

        Organization Name: Rosalee Boutique

        Etsy was pretty good 2 years ago. The past 2 months have been horrible. The fees are crazy, if get charges $1.16 for shipping but charges the seller $1.38. After not getting support/help from etsy and 6 days going back and forth with the post office and customer, I refunded a customer her money even though I had proof that the delivery issue was not my fault or the post offices fault. Etsy immediately took the money out of my bank account. They also took it out of the money that would be deposited in my account on the following deposit day. On a $24 order, after fees and posting I made $10.11. I was also charged .20 when I listed it. Technically I made $9.91 and Etsy made $14.09. If you sell on Etsy watch your account carefully.

        • Organization Name: Rosalee Boutique

        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


        Thank you so much for sharing such useful and interesting information.

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


          Organization Name: Prettify

          Avoid it at all costs!!! We are a legitimate clothing business registered in the US. Etsy terminated our shop one day after we made an account with no notice and when I reach them out, (after like a week) they replied this:”After a comprehensive review of your account, Etsy has determined it violates our Terms of Service or House Rules. As a result, Etsy has permanently closed your account.Please do not open any additional accounts for buying or selling, as they will be closed without notice.This decision is final and we will not respond to any further outreach about your account. This email constitutes our final communication on this matter.”Could not be ruder than this to a customer!!! Not even said hi back to me!!!!

          • Organization Name: Prettify

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


          Organization Name: vintagecamerastogo

          Etsy, my experience as a former short time store owner, ABSOLUTE NEGATIVE !!!l  Etsy deactivated my store in the middle of the transaction !!  No warning no explanation no reason at all.. Etsy collected a couple of hundred dollars from my buyer and closed my store. I was unable to contact the seller or Etsy. There is no way to contact Etsy when your store closed.. Let me explain a couple of critical issues at Etsy, there is no such thing as customer service In contrast what you read in this article Etsy automatically signs you up for their own offsite advertising which would cost you an extra 15% of commission on top of the 8% of commission !!  All together 23% of commission you pay plus a lot of smaller fee at the end of your sale. You pay a commission on shipping cost to. Literally you have no choice but offering free shipping. In short I had a really bad experience at Etsy but, before you do business read Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot and their own Etsy community forum.  Then you decide.

          • Organization Name: vintagecamerastogo

          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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