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Merchant Maverick Contributor

Merchant Maverick Contributor

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We've done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them.


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    Organization Name: Vitruvia

    Worst rewards app! There refer a friend feature is hidden so nobody has been able to use it. Customer service is terrible. I’m supposed to get email notifications when someone posts a question and even though that feature is turned on I don’t get them. Save your money because this is worthless!

    • Organization Name: Vitruvia

    Flok has been nothing but a parasitic leech to our bank account. The service really did nothing positive for us since our customers found it difficult to use their app. We cancelled our account and sent their useless beacon device back, and they still continued to charge our account. They even charged $100 claiming that they never received the beacon back. If you want a parasitic leech on your bank account, sing up with flok. If you don’t, stay away from this useless company.

      Veronica Mijares

      I asked the manager to please cancel my Flok account. He said he wouldn’t cancel it until I send the white beacons back. We did send the beacons back and after they got it, we got charged again. They refused to give us the money back. They don’t tell you they will charge you auto renew even if you cancel with them. Do not do business with them, they have tons of bad reviews. When you call they just tell you it was something you agreed to, but can’t show you your signature or agreement at all and don’t respond.

        Lisa Cyrulik

        Flok charged me an annual billing for an account I deleted a year ago. I have tried to reach them via email to customer support AND their Facebook page and have received no reply. If I attempt to log in to my account it shows “suspended” because they are unable to process payment. That’s pretty interesting… since I’ve been charged the money!! This is terrible business conduct.

          Chris Ryan

          Lisa, we canceled your account as requested and even issued a full refund on your account – but you still felt it necessary to say that our service was poor? I’d hope you’d reconsider especially since we’ve contacted you, confirming the cancelation and issued a full refund.


            Can someone please contact me??????

              Skip Strong

              After reading such a slew of negative comments (all of which received a courteous explanation and rely from Flok), I felt it was necessary to submit my honest review. My business: Tubby’s Ice Cream has used paper punch rewards in the past with limited success. I spent a lot of time checking out the features and details of a great many mobile rewards apps, before deciding on Flok. We were offered very good promotional pricing which Flok would honor every year as long as we maintained our account. Since signing up the customer service has been top notch! I was helped with the initial start up phase, as well as the few follow up questions that we had shortly after getting started. My representative has followed up since by checking in to make sure that everything was running smoothly. We have enthusiastically and actively launched our reward campaign. A visit to our website will demonstrate my point. To date our success with the Flok app has been outstanding. If you expect to sit back and do little or nothing to promote your program, you will get just that; little or nothing. I love the back office data that we can access on our office computer, or right from my mobile phone. The program gives us great flexibility and allows us to contact our customers with specials that only club members can get. This flexibility has given us the ability to acknowledge our customers by making then feel appreciated and welcomed. Flok works especially well if you incorporate it with social media, such as Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t listen to all of the one star reviews, and remember there are two sides to every story.

                Katherine Minks

                Terrible customer service. App is too complicated for a small business. You’d need one person just dedicated to drawing customers in on the app. They auto renewed our policy without notice for the current year After our year was up. When we asked to be reimbursed since we were cancelling, they said no refund for a year we didn’t even use service! Augh

                  Chris Ryan

                  Thank you for the feedback – getting customers to join your club is the goal of every loyalty program – every successful business knows that getting members on the app is the only effort required for immediate ROI. And while we could have even helped market you to our massive ecosystem of users – the magic just doesn’t happen with no ones effort. Regarding your payment, your subscription renewed per the plan you selected but you never contacted us or went online to cancel, nor did you send back our beacon device. If you want to cancel and not renew – you just need to tell us! I hope this helps.

                    Doris Salicrup

                    This application doesn’t respond they offer. They didn’t full fill what they said. Finally the sales person was gone and noboby knows anything. They over charge in a month and didn’t return the deposit. I can tell the application don’t work at all.

                      Chris Ryan

                      Hi, we never charged you anything – you didn’t even sign up directly with flok.com. You signed up with your credit card processing company and they were the ones billing you. I’d hope you’d consider updating your review since we haven’t billed you anything, especially more than we were supposed to. And if you’re seeking a refund of some sort, again – you should contact your credit card provider – since we haven’t billed you. Hope you’d really consider revisiting this review since it seems to be a misunderstanding.

                        Debbie McMenemy

                        BUYER BEWARE!! I signed up for the annual subscription with Flok, and it includes an AUTOMATIC RENEWAL! If you don’t contact THEM before hand then they just run it on through without any notification whatsoever! And then you cannot cancel it until the year’s subscription has run out. Sneaky business practices in my opinion.Horrible customer service; very difficult to find a way to contact them on the app, completely unclear when your renewal is coming up, and they don’t bother asking. The rep made it my fault/responsibility to contact them before renewal without any notification from them. Best companies will send you a notification 30 days before renewal. That is NOT who these people are.Also, there aren’t enough businesses using flok to really drive any business my way. Not enough users for me. I would recommend checking how many businesses are really signed up in your area before you sign up with these guys.

                          Chris Ryan

                          You can contact us anywhere, perhaps at the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website. You can also call us directly since our phone number is published on the website. You can even contact us here per the conversation we’re having now. We send emails over the course of your entire life cycle with us, in fact – we sent you an email 25 days before you were billed. We hoped this was an indication that you’re still paying us but thank you again for the feedback.

                            Nancy Henrichsen

                            Worst customer service of any company I have dealt with. No follow-up at all after implementation or following that time to make sure you are getting what you need from this platform. No reminder that your annual subscription is about to renew and hit your credit card. No refunds once that payment has hit even though you cancel one day after the renewal anniversary. Not one ounce of compromise from customer service on refund of subscription even though you have not used the platform and certainly do not want to renew it, and failed to remember exactly when your auto renewal is going to hit. I would never recommend. If there was a negative star rating, that’s what this company would get.

                              Chris Ryan

                              Thank you for the feedback. You got a dedicated Account Manager (me, personally) for your annual subscription of just $199 for our PRO plan – which we gave to you at a 10X discount. We also contacted you to give you a personal tour when you first got started and followed up over the course of your whole first year with us. Customer service like this for just $199/year – but it sounds like you’re defining customer service as issuing refunds no matter the case. You have 365 days to cancel your service and you can do so with anyone, at anytime, for any reason, with no notice and no cancelation fees. The only rule being if you want to cancel your renewal, you just need to do so anytime over the course of that entire year. I reviewed your case and saw this did not happen – but wish you nothing but the best in the future.

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