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Forte Payment Systems Review

    Tom DeSimone

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Tom DeSimone

Tom DeSimone

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Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Tom has written for Merchant Maverick since 2013. His work is cited by publications including TechCrunch, Washington Business Journal, and Bank Advisor. He currently serves as Product Manager.
Tom DeSimone
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    Tracy Jean Barkley

    Organization Name: Freelance

    I wanted to share my recent experience helping one of my clients for whom I do billing.My Client set up credit card processing with them on June 15. Our transactions were declining and I sent two or three support emails with no response. I called several times and each time they told me.A. the credit card numbers were invalidB. Our payment platform was the problemI called back for the 5th time and conferenced in a rep from our payment platform (Chargeover), so we could get to the bottom of it. The (Forte) rep interrupted both of us many times as we spoke and kept repeating the same two reasons above. Finally, we got him to just create a new API ID & Key and we tried again to run my own personal card with the same result.The (Forte) rep then said the issue was with Wells Fargo, their back-end cc processor and I should call them. I stated that they (Forte) had the contract with (Wells Fargo) to finish their processing not me. But he insisted that (wells fargo) would not speak to them (FORTE) only me.So fine, I called Wells Fargo Merchant Processing and they were very helpful and informed me that (FORTE) had turned off our backend processing and only they could turn in back on. The Wells Fargo Rep then said it was “so wrong” for (FORTE) to have me call and that this was a very simple issue to correct. I called (FORTE) to attempt to explain the issue and they reverted back to reasons A & B listed above. The rep interrupted and was condescending just like all of them have been. I did lose my temper and hung up. Upon calling back, I was told that because I got hostile with a rep, I would have to wait for a manager to call me back.I seriously doubt I will ever hear from them again and we are pulling our account. If I could give less than 1 star I would.


    Organization Name: MEGA GR

    Tried to pay my commercial vehicles DMV renewal registration fee from my business account on a suturday evening so that i can deduct it as an expense and it was declined from the DMV due to (financial account information received from the company FORTE PYEMENT SYSTEMS.)Called them on Monday 3 times and they told me they had to verify the account .I asked them why they did not do that with my phone,email or phone call when i tried to pay the DMV fees.THEY SAID THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT ABILITY?Asked me to clear it now on Monday and i said no since i did not want to double pay the fee which i paid it from my personal account on Saturday I Asked them where i can file a complain for them and of course they did not give me that information.Stay away from them.I wonder how companies like them are around so many years.If i was doing the same thing with my company i would be out of business.

    Christopher poirier

    We were connected with Forte through rentec, so far this company is NOT helpful. We’ve submitted the applications several times, each time declined, with not straight answer and we’re left to guess at what they need. Called the service center and same thing “only the credit team can tell you whats wrong with it” but of course we cant speak with them. Why is everything about MY/OUR info a secret from ME/US??? With the exception on one pointed question that still hasn’t been answered, their response times are not bad, they are just not helpful in resolving the issue when they do respond. So were are submitting app after app after app (good use of everyones time) as instructed, hoping by the grace of God we’ll hit just the right cord and MAGIC it will all work! unbelievable, just tell me what the heck you need me to fix and we’ll fix it. So far my staff had spent the better part of 6 hours trying to get this to work. Good use of payroll! NOT IMPRESSED FORTE!!!!

    Marshall Mullet

    Organization Name: Inbound Studio LLC

    Avoid! Unfortunately their sales process is a nightmare, and it took them from January until late March to decline my application. Of course they don’t tell you why they decline it, but I have processing accounts with other vendors and haven’t had a problem. I did make a stink about how they don’t have any secure method of transferring documents to their underwriters, who instead recommend that you email them (or slightly better, fax). So now not only did I waste several hours of time on the phone with them for no reason, but I also entrusted them with confidential information when they clearly haven’t thought through the security ramifications of transferring data in the 21st century…

    Dave G

    Organization Name: Loop Condo Management, LLC.

    While Forte works fine in collecting ACH rents from tenants, the slow turnaround has become one of the most stressful aspects on managing rental property. Rents paid on the 1st are still not in my account on the 4th. If I get them by the 5th, I can pay my clients (the owners) who won’t receive their rent until the 6th. This makes my collecting rent a slowdown in their getting paid and diminishes my value as a business. I owe this to Forte. If I had other options through my Property Management software, I’d exercise them by leaving Forte for a company who has a turnaround that adds value to my services for my clients. My other option is to leave six figures of cash to lay dormant in my client account to cover the gap in when the rent hits my account from Forte and when I can pay my clients. Neither of these scenarios are helpful.

    Theresa Irene Anderson

    Organization Name: The Gordon Property Group

    We use Rentec Property management software. It’s $45 a month they use forte and the turnaround time is 1-2 days max


    Organization Name: ExecuServices

    Charge fake “PCI compliance” fees to upcharge customers for payment gateway integrations Use Zoho Books to bill clients. Forte has a payment gateway through them. Average pricing, not awful. BUT they hit me with a PCI compliance failure fee, for $30 per month. When I reached out to them to see what that was about, and to let them know that I provide PCI compliance for MY customers, and that I only accept payment through Zoho, so only Zoho needs to be PCI compliant, they passed the buck to Zoho, and said they need to provide PCI compliance!!! Which is ridiculous, obviously they are PCI compliant, but I verified with them anyway. Of course they were. Forte just gives me a run around with people who do not even know what PCI compliance is, much less how you would comply with it, or who actually needs to comply, there isnt even anything I could do to prove that I was compliant through Zoho other than the fact that Zoho is compliant. It is clear that this company just hits everyone with whatever fees that they can get away with.

    Brittney Petties

    Organization Name: Forte Payment Systems

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concerns. My name is Brittney Petties, I am the Sr, Director of Support Services at Forte. I apologize that you had a challenging experience with Forte, and were not provided the insight you needed relate to PCI. I am interested in learning more about your experience, so that we ca better understand your situation and look into available options to assist you. Please feel free to contact me directly at 866-290-5400 ext 729, email [email protected], or our Support Manager, Jennifer Frazier, at ext 780, email [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you and working together to resolve any concerns that you may have.

    Brittney Petties
    Sr. Director, Support Services


    Hi Michael

    Are you still using Forte and have you had more issues? I am using Zoho books and am trying to figure out who to use for online payments. I primarily want to use the ACH/E Check feature of Forte…

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