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Full Slate Review

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Date Established
Seattle, WA


  • Good customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for medium and large businesses


  • Buggy
  • Not suitable for small businesses


Full Slate was created in 2008 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs from the Seattle tech scene.

The team describes a vision of helping local businesses turn online advertising into new bookings, new clients, and repeat business through making booking easy for clients and managing clients easy for businesses: “All of which leads to a Full Slate.” According to their Facebook profile, “Thousands of businesses use Full Slate every day: Massage Therapists, Hair Stylists, Mental Health Counselors, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Automotive Centers, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Estheticians, Tutors, Music Teachers, Personal Trainers, Fitness instructors.”

The company has built an excellent reputation for its attention to clients, having developed an entire separate customer service web page and maintained a continuous responsiveness to feedback.


Full Slate subscriptions are month-to-month or annual with no cancellation fees or credit card required for the trial.

Rather than limit it by time, Full Slate allows the trial to extend until online clients book 10 appointments or staff book 100 new events in the system. (These numbers exclude appointments imported from an external calendar.)

Full Slate is available in three plans, each with no appointment limit. The annual plans come with a discount.

  • “Just You” for $29.95/month or $329.95/yr
  • “Up to 5 Staff” for $49.95/month or $549.95/yr
  • “Up to 10 Staff” for $79.95/month or $879.45/yr

If you want to add more than 10 staff, you’ll need to contact the company for pricing.

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Powerful appointment booking & customer management tool for smaller businesses

Web-Based Or Locally installed

Full Slate is entirely web-based and does not require any downloads to work.

Ease Of Use

Many users have cited Full Slate’s impressive ease of use. Most importantly, none (that I found) complained about unresolvable difficulties, limiting their gripes to quickly-fixed problems related to specific needs or the user’s impatience.

  • User Interface: Full Slate’s GUI represents the company: pleasant and simple, it focuses on making processes as specific and customizable as possible without overwhelming or confusing the user. Colors and spacing, buttons and drop-down lists, pictures and text, format diversity and consistency are all balanced to give the user a powerful tool in a non-threatening, fun-to-use package.
  • Set-Up: Early on, you’ll want to categorize and define the types of appointments your business offers. You can organize services and classes into the same groups by clicking and dragging in the master list. After configuring initial services, classes, and staff, the site leads you to a homepage with a clickable “getting started” checklist of suggestions (Enter Appointments, Block Time Off, Pretend You’re a Client, Invite Clients) for how a new user should proceed. It’s pretty straightforward and allows you to proceed at your own pace.
  • Scheduling: In the scheduling section, a small monthly calendar appears to the left, according to which the appropriate day, week, or weekday set appears in the main part of the screen. Simple features like color coding by staff, options to view the calendar full-screen or print the current view, and shortcuts for moving between weeks make interacting with the schedule very intuitive. Separate calendars for appointments, classes, or personal events make viewing each one less overwhelming (but also means that seeing them together is impossible). You can easily make recurring appointments (every 1-12 weeks, or by quarter, semi-annually, or annually) or double-book the same time slot (for services with usable downtime). You can also set one-off or recurring blocks of unavailability for when you have vacations, lunches, shot-putting lessons, etc.
  • Adding Staff: Additional users are simple to add, edit, and group. As the software admin, it’s easy to delineate staff access levels (such as read-only mode, schedule but not settings access, or access to only own schedule). This makes it possible to have a secretary who doesn’t offer services but can make appointments on others’ schedules.
  • Mobile Site: Full Slate is optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablet and is easy to use on those devices. This comes at a slight cost, as the interface is highly simplified. The only three buttons available are schedule (by provider), alerts (for the day), and client list. The schedule shows up as a clickable chronological list of days with summarized open times and highlighted scheduled times. It’s possible to view, add, and edit clients — but that’s about it.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Full Slate’s CRM tools are outstanding. Messages can be personalized with your own HTML design and templates designed with placeholders anywhere for client names or other information. Adding a client prompts you to fill in detailed information, though nothing but their name is actually required. Client information includes fields for “client since…”, formattable notes, source, referer, email CC, timezone, and status (active and/or no self-scheduling online). You can, of course, import and export client lists. If you notice that duplicate information exists on the same client, it takes two clicks to merge the records. You can invite and publish reviews from customers and even import customer testimonials from an external URL or file.
  • Customization: The main public site is only minimally customizable: you can choose font, style (austere, light, bold), size, and color, but can’t customize the page’s text or format apart from adding a logo or changing my business profile. It is, however, incredibly easy to create very specific buttons for reviews or for scheduling certain services and/or service providers. You can also make a widget either in iFrame or JavaScript for website and Facebook integration.
  • Customer Booking Experience: Customers visiting the public scheduling site can see the business name information, logo, hours, reviews, and services on the main page. Scheduling an appointment is a simple process started by clicking on the service, then choosing from the staff (or “no preference”) and the automatically adjusted available times listed on the calendar below their name. Booking an appointment requires a name, email address, and phone number, with the option of becoming a registered user for future bookings. All in all, customer booking is totally straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Confirmation Emails: Emails from Full Slate for both staff and customers are made up of a couple simple sentences in a bare-bones layout, with a link to view the appointment slipped in at the end. For customers, there also appears an option to add the event straight to their calendar.
  • Reporting: Recently, Full Slate has added some basic reporting tools that allow you to track bookings, appointments, values, and sales over time. It’s a much-needed addition with a fairly simple implementation that allows you to use a number of criteria (categories, employees, etc.) to filter your results.

Customer Service & Support

Full Slate offers a full swath of customer service options, which can never be taken for granted. Anyone can email the company through its public site and be automatically assigned an account in the independent support center, through which users can request help in multiple ways and even keep track of open and continuing requests. Emails are promptly answered (in my case, within 24 hours) by a customer service rep in a friendly, thorough manner.

From the home site, you can also request to chat with an agent online immediately. If one is not available, the pop-up window will change to a support request ticket without leaving the page. Channels of support include:

  • Free phone support at toll-free number
  • Email
  • Clear and thorough online help manual with a printable view (24 pages)
  • In-Depth FAQ page.
  • Real-time chat with an agent online

Negative Reviews & Complaints

There aren’t a ton of customer reviews of Full Slate floating around. The application is currently rated B- by Better Business Bureau, but that is based purely on a single review from 2015. More worryingly, the app gets a 3.5 on GetApp.

  • Quickbooks Syncing: Reviewers expressed frustrations with unresolved issues syncing QuickBooks and Full Slate, which seems to have a been a problem for quite a while. One writer noted that recurring appointments could not be made on a daily basis but had to be entered manually. Notably, these complaints were logged prior to 2014.
  • No Resource Management: Full Slate’s biggest flaws is its inability to account for resources, such as rooms in a spa or bikes in a rental shop. Also, while it’s fabulous that you can offer gifts and packages through the service, it could expand that function to include discounts and coupon redemptions.
  • No Customization of Reminder Emails: One user on Facebook was frustrated by the inability to finely tweak reminder and cancellation notices.
  • Lack of “Flair”: I came across a few reviews claiming Full Slate is under-featured and lacks the “flair” of their competitors. Full Slate doesn’t really try to break the mold of Scheduling software; it does a solid job, but look elsewhere for innovation.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

For the most part, Full Slate users are a dedicated bunch. This seems to be pretty much a love-it-or-hate-it kind of software. Full Slate has received over 2,202 likes on Facebook. One Facebooker said of the ten online scheduling apps he’d tested:

Full Slate is by far the smoothest and easiest to use for customers. Doesn’t require a log-in for customers to book appointments, is quick and easy to schedule on the back-end and their customer support couldn’t be better.

Many other Facebook users praised the company, particularly for their speedy responses to questions. (Some even received replies within ten minutes of posting.)

Full Slate’s customer support page features a few dozen 5-star reviews from customers. Customers also praised.

  • Customer Service: Interactions with customer service are exceptionally positive, with customers praising the speed, knowledge, enthusiasm, clarity, and patience of the staff.
  • Ease Of Use: Users praise the Full Slate’s smooth learning curve, streamlined features, and easy interface. This is by far the most praised part of the Full Slate experience.
  • Constant Improvements: Intuit frequent iterates on the product and, while the changes aren’t always a hit, most customers appreciated the improvements and the infrequent down times.


As I mentioned above, Full Slate has gained a reputation for being an easy to use, if overly simple program. Despite this claim, there are still plenty of good features to go around, including the following:

  • Double Booking: In a field where you need to handle multiple clients at once? Have more than one employee to handle several customers? No problem, thanks to this feature.
  • Class Scheduling: This seems most useful in the fitness/yoga studio world, though I can imagine other applications for it as well. Basically, this allows your customers to all sign up for one appointment slot: pretty handy!
  • Multiple Locations: Experiencing a boom in business? Thinking of opening a new location? Already have a few shops? Full Slate can handle multiple locations with ease.
  • Recurring appointments: I feel like this one explains itself. But Full Slate can do it, so if these are something you need, look no further.
  • Gift Certificates/Packages: This feature just screams usefulness to me and I am happy to see Full Slate adding support for this kind of thing. a recent update (2018) saw a significant facelift to this feature, making it look more modern and presentable.

Integrations & Add-Ons

  • QuickBooks connection
  • Gift certificates and pre-paid packages
  • Import/export clients from Gmail, Constant Contact, and QuickBooks
  • Two-way sync with Google Calendar and other hosted services that support iCalendar
  • Varying levels of partnership with bigger companies are encouraged – from private labeling to enterprise integration, Full Slate is capable of adjusting to a business’ needs (including corporate CRM or POS systems)
  • Free API

Full Slate is also integrated with payment platforms Stripe, Authorize.Net, Payflow, and PayPal (PayPal Payments Standard and Pro with Checkout Express). The company charges no extra transaction fees.


Under its Privacy Policy, Full Slate promises not to send spam or sell users’ contact information and to encrypt sensitive information using SSL. The company received a 100/100 score on Webutation and its partner payment platforms are PCI-DSS compliant. Additionally, Full Slate is GDPR compliant for customers in the EU.

Final Verdict

Full Slate is clearly the brainchild of a well-functioning team experienced in software development and in touch with its consumer base. The software is easy for admin, staff, and customers to use, and is constantly adjusted for even better functionality and appearance. The recent overhaul of the site has improved its look and functionality on mobile sites, which is great for those who are frequently away from their desks.

The incredible amount of dedication and time Full Slate’s team applies to their work and customers does come at a cost. If you run a medium (rather than small-sized) business, you might want to consider software that offers no limitations on the number of logins rather than unlimited appointments, as the cost of adding staff can quickly add up.

For most (very) small businesses, including those located internationally or serving international clientele, Full Slate offers a painless and powerful appointment booking and customer management tool. Incredible customer service and commitment to product enhancement and excellence make it by all accounts a wise investment. Any concerns about lack of features are probably completely allayed by how legendarily easy Full Slate is to use.

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Powerful appointment booking & customer management tool for smaller businesses

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Chris Motola

Chris Motola

Finance Writer at Merchant Maverick
Chris Motola is a writer, programmer, game designer, and product of NY. These days he's mostly writing about financial products, but in a past life he wrote about health care and business. He's a graduate of the University of Central Florida.
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    Since being sold, the software is CRAP! I have been trying to log in for 1/2 hour with no success. There are so many problems. When I try to change a recurring appointment, the appointment gets wiped out. FullSlate does not want to take responsibility for its flaws and blames the client. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a service that is “less bad” than FullSlate.

    Businesses depend on reliable scheduling software. I am at a loss with this company. If someone can recommend an online scheduling software company that they really like, with customizable templates and SMS texting, I would be “all ears!”


    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


    Organization Name: Evolo Spa

    I was a big fan of Full Slate for a very long time. I find it funny how they make it very easy for you to leave positive reviews about their business practices, but when something goes wrong, its almost impossible for the world to know about it. At this point in time I would advise for everyone to STAY AWAY. Our online reputation was damaged so significantly because of full slates “bugs” in their system. We have a 3 month waiting list – meaning no person should be able to book an appointment until after that time. Somehow, customers were booking appointments left and right, coming in for the appointments with a confirmation email and extremely pissed off that they couldn’t get a massage. I would be too, that sucks. Full slate at first pointed fingers at us, saying we must be scheduling people improperly. However I am extremely anal about the schedule, and knew that was not a legit explanation. Turns out, we were able to prove it was Full Slate by noticing that all theese people who were booking, we never received a confirmation email that they booked. Furthermore, they never showed up on the actual schedule. Finally when we cornered Full Slate with this information they realized they couldn’t pull a fast one on us and took the blame. Then the next load of bull crap ensued. A full week went by when they said “we are looking into it” in their email and chat boxes. They are impossible to get a hold of on the phone, and when we finally did, they had no explanation or no clue as to what was happening. We’d ask to speak to a manager, but were told “they are busy at the moment.” I gave them 48 hours to come up with a solution, as every day more and more people were coming in, finding out they didn’t have an appointment, and leaving negative reviews on our Yelp page. Very serious issue as this Evolo business is one of our newer ones and online reviews can make or break you. Finally they called us back on Friday (yesterday – 1.26.18) and again had no solution, no idea of what was going on, they are a complete mess of a company. There software is riddled with bugs and you really can’t risk your business name and reputation with this company. Also, their customer service is awful. It’s probably one of the worst I’ve seen in the scheduling industry. I highly recommend you to STAY AWAY, save your money and don’t risk your business’s reputation with this company. We are deleting all Full Slate software from our 5 different business’s and informing all our colleagues of their poor business practices.

    • Organization Name: Evolo Spa

    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

    anees farooq

    i was a loyal user of this software for over 5 years until this year! I think the problem is the new company who bought them- total trash. They were drummed up as some experienced company taking over yet they dont even know what Beta testing is? HAHAH LOL.I trired to give them a chance to fix my login and my messed up App- I paid for 3 months after having already gone to a different provider(there are about 6 that are better in features and support) .seeing that fullslate was full of excuses I had no choice but to leave! This so called new company who bought them was so disorganized I remember that I could not even login to cancel my plan! So I emailed them got no response then I tried to call them and got some answering machine where i left a message 3x with no responses- So I finally Emailed them saying I was going to report them to the Better Business BBB and do a Charge-Back with the bank as I had no choice- oh wow they suddently emailed me in 2 hrs! LOLsaying they will cancel the acct! Awesome … then I get an email about 2 weeks later saying they are working on fixing problems with Log-in ? I emaled them back and said to take me off their stupid list and that I had reported a problem about 4 months ago to get no responses except for this one which seems to be a general email not just to me.Have not heard from them since- (Stay away from this cooky company)research – they features and support from many companies is far better…..


      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


      Full Slate is well— brilliant!I’ve searched for 2 years and this is it as long as they improve the CRM going forward it will remain on top of the pileMyTime is also very good the the powers that run it have no foresight and it remains out of reach for us in Australia shame really it looks really good possibily better than Full Slate but we’ll never know Back to the question in hand Full Slate yes a no brainer trail it it’s brilliant


        This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


        Full Slate was amazing when I first started using it several years ago- the customer service was super and they were always able to resolve any minor issues and I’ve been super happy.In the past year they have done some “downgrades”. The most recent has made this system way to inconvenient for me to use any longer. Every time I need to log in to check the calendar- and i mean LOG IN- type email and password (do you know how many times a day I log in to check calendar ?!) It won’t allow computer to hold or prefill the fields. And I’m no longer able to import clients from google contacts- so that means entering each person multiple times. Their solution- do a cvs download each time- apparently they can’t fix it back to what it was before- even though it is part of the service I signed up for.


          This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


          The site seems to work and organize things pretty well. The problem I have is customer support and technical issues. I have had 3 or 4 times this year that full slate went down and I had no access to my online schedule anywhere! Needless to say that slowed down my day for all my employees to a halt since we do AC service and couldn’t see where to go. When it comes time to call them for issues, they have an automated hotline that doesn’t have a human operator. I have left messages and they have not gotten back to me on these issues. Navigating full slate is easy enough, its not super fluid and reliable on a smart phone platform (android to be specific) Always having to log in and refresh gets tiresome. Its unfortunate at this point because I have hundreds of customers info in their system and changing at this point will be very labor intensive for our company, I wish they would get with the times and try to solve these issues and respond to their long term paying customers like they matter. Tick Tock tick tock, cant wait around much longer for these issues to be resolved. 🙁


            This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

            Mark Cannon

            We have used Full Slate for more than a year and have been mostly happy. We like the flexibility and ability to customize most things to our needs. The ability to insert their booking widget into our WordPress website is also great – way better than linking out to some other site to complete the booking. One issue that has been problematic is the delay between when someone books on our website and when it syncs to our Google Calendar. In the beginning (early 2015) it would take an hour which leaves plenty of time for someone to book that same slot in person; resulting in a double booking. I gave feedback and the support team was great – when FS was still owned by Intuit. Intuit has since spun this business off, and I’m sad to report that we are having more issue than ever lately. In fact twice in the last week they have completely failed to sync appointments made online with our Google calendar (for days on end). Multiple emails to support have resulted in replies like this “Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll pass your concerns on to our team”, but no real explanation or timeline for resolution.Needless to say, we are thinking of jumping ship, but I hate to call it quits on Full Slate.


              This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

              Julia Wallace

              I’ve used Fullslate for more than 2 years. It is mostly a functioning service but it has a few problems:1. It is often faulty sync with google cal and so I’ve lost money and missed appointments because they didn’t show up on my gcal– which i look at primarily since I have a day of appointments, kids, second biz. I “know” I should check fullslate but since this problem is intermittent it is hard to be 100% when I need gcal so much more. This is my biggest complaint.2. You can’t send reminders to more than one email. When I’m working with divorced couples this is very problematic! They both need reminders.3. I’d like to be able to mark some appointments as getting text reminders– ADHD clients, etc.


                This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                Hi Mark,
                Did you change from FS to something else? what?
                Im concerned about the reviews looking bad after FS was sold off!
                Im in small business – health practitioner, need a system for bookings, online bookings, billing, CRM etc.

                  This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.


                  I saw your review on FullSlate in 2016, did U ‘jump ship’ ? If ‘yes’ to what? How is it going?
                  I too am concerned about the online booking not being ‘immediate’ any delay will potentially cause double bookings! Im also concerned about having to ‘log in’ every time I need to view calendar/bookings!
                  Can You recommend any other system – online!

                    This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

                    Eric Cooper

                    FullSlate is excellent. I have been using it for about two years.The appointment reminder email is easily customized. On small frustration is that it is not possible to have photos attached to the automatic emails.(Perhaps with some amazing coding knowledge, but not mine).It is not currently possible to have people sign up for a multi session class series and have it work with the calendar.Adjusting availability on the calendar is a little clumsy. Easy to mistakenly make a day/time slot available for every week, if you wanted to make it available just once. No ability to change hours of availability with the phone app.Otherwise, very excellent.-Eric Cooperechomassagetherapy.comBodywork for Pain Relief


                      This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

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